Oscars Weekend Fugs or Fabs: Jennifer Lawrence


In awesome Jennifer Lawrence style, our girl found a way to humanize herself even further by falling up the stairs when she went to get her Oscar (this, about three hours after she hilariously tried to stick her face in the dreaded Mani-Cam, on a bet with Emma Stone, to say, “YOUR ASS IS MINE, STONE”). But in the end, despite the tripping and our initial reservations that were as massive as that skirt, I’ve decided that beyond loving or hating this, I respect it. Jennifer Lawrence was one of a small handful of people who decided to go big or go home on Oscar night — presumably because she figured when she did go home, bruised or not, she’d be bringing with her a bitchin’ new gilded doorstop for her home office, so who the hell cares about the rest of it. I love her moxie.

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  1. jay

    This was definitely her night, I love how she brought the drama but still kept it classy, and I think the added touch of the backwards necklace was genius. And she’s just so damn endearing.

    • Annie S.

      That necklace was kind of sexy, right? So delicate and pretty, but falling down the back made it edgier than expected.

      • Mongerel

        Yes…but on the other hand… I half-expected there to be a pair of reading glasses swinging down there.

  2. Annie S.

    One thing I respect is her ability to wear MAJOR gowns like this and not look overwhelmed by them (minus the whole, you know, falling up the stairs thing). It’s figure-flattering despite its volume and looks beautiful with her skin tone – serious props to her hair and makeup team for keeping her from looking a) washed out or b) too heavily made-up.

    • TereLiz

      I totally agree! She’ll learn how to walk in major gowns eventually. And she looked so good in it the entire rest of the time, none of that mattered to me. Didn’t they used to have ushers at the stairs to prevent this sort of thing?

      Loved the dress and makeup. A red carpet personal best, imo.

    • Kate

      Agree. Her hair and makeup are the best they’ve looked in AAAAAAGES. The look is still bold without incredibly overwhelming eye makeup. And her hair looks finished instead of only partially thought out.

      I wouldn’t have minded seeing this dress in a bit more of a color, but I’m okay with the pinky white look too = )

  3. Gigi

    She looked really beautiful hair/makeup/skin-wise and I respect and maybe love the dress. Like you say, go big or go home. I was hoping Emmanuelle Riva would win, but JLa was terrific in SLP and hopefully had a blast at all the parties walking around with her gold statuette. The expression ‘youth is wasted on the young’ could not have been more invalid last night in Hollywood.

  4. Mouse

    If I was a 22 year old stunner nominated for the biggest acting award – I’d totally go full-on princess too. She looks absolutely radiant!

    …and when the parties were over, she could unfold the back of her dress and curl up in it like a big fluffy princess canopy bed comforter, snuggle up with her oscar statue and sleep! :)

  5. Brenna

    I don’t love the dress, but I do love her. I liked that she acknowledged that she fell down in a funny way, and I thought it was nice that even though he was further away, Hugh Jackman came bounding up alongside Bradley Cooper to help her up.

    • Kat

      Can you imagine? You just tripped, and THOSE are you knights in shining armor. Lucky, lucky girl! I’d trip more often.

  6. AEMom

    She is only 22 years old and this was the biggest night of her life. So good for her to get a dress to kill all other dresses. I found the dress totally age appropriate — on an older actress it would have looked ridiculous. It fit perfectly, and she looked lovely in it. Thumbs up in my book.

  7. Gine

    I don’t love this–it’s SO not my style–but she looked really pretty and seemed to be having a great time. And I love the hair and makeup.

  8. TaraMisu

    I think she wore the hell out of this dress, well done! And tripping over it only makes her more human, I think she is my new girl crush :D

  9. pantsonfire

    Love her. This might sound twisted, but I was actually fairly bleh on this dress until I saw that photo of when she fell up the stairs — it’s actually kind of beautiful. The light is shining through the bottom and the dress is draped perfectly, and her back and shoulders etc. are posed beautifully.

    Anyway, she is so endearing and straight-shooting and lovely that I always view her outfits with rose-colored glasses. Also, her hair and makeup are gorgeous! (She struggles with the hair at times.)

    • Nate

      Totally agree! Well, I liked it all along, but when she sort of half-laid down on the stairs, one hand covering her embarrassed-giggling face, she and the dress looked like they came right out of an Annie Leibovitz-does-artsy-Disney-princesses portrait. I’ve never seen a train more gloriously suited to stairs-tripping.

  10. Art Eclectic

    I love the shape and fit of her dress, although I’d have liked to see it less bridal. I agree that a BIG COLOR might have been too much, but edging more towards the metallic tones (bronze, gold, silver) would have made it seem less like she was going to be throwing a bouquet later after the champagne toast.

  11. Athena

    I really love this dress, it looks gorgeous on her, especially the back with the big train is beautiful. Maybe a bit bridey, but it’s the Oscars, so who cares if it’s poofy. My inner little girl would freak out with glee if I got to wear something like that. It fits like a glove.
    And her make-up and hair are perfect with it.

  12. gin_in_teacups

    She looked stunning! She went big and I think it totally payed off. Kind of princessy, which works for her age, but the necklace detail and her hair and make up looked very chic. Perfect combo. I love when the winners have gown to match. Plus she was adorable all night, and even though she was expected o win, she still seemed genuinely emotional when her name was called.

  13. h² fashion

    She looked great! Even though I’m not a huge fan of big ball gowns, she still looked gorgeous. And the reverse necklace was so delicate and pretty….and that was the most graceful fall I’ve ever seen when she was walking up to accept her award!


  14. Chasmosaur

    While this wasn’t my favorite dress, her makeup and hair were impeccable, which helped her carry it off. The creaminess was also great against her beautiful skin.

    I do think Dior could have put her in something better from the Couture collection, though. I would have liked to have seen her in this one – or has someone already worn it?


  15. Kathleen Trail

    I wish I could have heard her conversation with Deborra-Lee Furness (Hugh Jackman’s totally awesome wife), who was seated beside her and unable to rise for any of the standing ovations because she was being blocked by the magnitude of the skirt.

    Also, JLaw’s post-Oscar press room responses to utterly idiotic questions were just as awesome as you might imagine them to be. She rocked the whole night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQNj-gF9bfE&feature=youtu.be

    • GFY Heather

      She is so cool that I bet she’d have been like, “It’s your night, not mine — if I can’t stand because of your skirt, SO BE IT.”

  16. Charlotte

    The dress is gorgeous and fit her like a dream. My only wish is that she’d worn a more major necklace (front facing, please) with it – something that would provided a punch of color and broken up that large expanse of skin. An emerald or aquamarine necklace would have killed it. But as it is, I feel like she’s not quite fully dressed.

  17. Other Emily

    She’s the best. I love this big princess dress on her, and I love it especially much because she has yet to play a princessy role. She’s this down-to -earth, real actress who takes on a variety of interesting and challenging work, yet on her big night, she’s a 22 year old who wants to look how she feels. I love it. And I love the men stumbling over to help her up the stairs, then she just waves them off like, “I’m cool, guys.”

  18. Stefanie

    This grew on me as I watched the show. I loved seeing her sitting in the front row with the skirt spread out all over B.Cooper’s mom and whoever was sitting next to her. And then she stumbled and was so endearing about it that I ended up loving the entire thing. The necklace was awesome too – Unexpected and I loved it.

  19. Esme

    Love her, love this dress, love the necklace. Love it all!

  20. xene

    Clearly, she said, “Yes to the dress”. Bride.

  21. JillC

    I loved her mini-fist pump during the boobs song, when Seth M sang that he hasn’t seen her boobs.

  22. Callie

    She could wear basically anything and I would love it, but I genuinely think she looked knock-out fabulous at the Oscars. Agree a necklace might be the icing on the cake but she looks great anyway. Her facepalm when she fell over just sealed the deal on the level of affection I have for her.

  23. scone

    I saw a comment on another site, which I kindof agree with, that JLaw looked SO hot in her red Oscars dress from the Winter’s Bone year (such that that was all anyone said about the dress) that she maybe wanted to try to go a totally different path this time around. I actually liked it better once I realized it was two-toned.

    And I just love her.

  24. Heidi

    I like the dress better now that I see that it’s pale pink and not just white. I agree that something a bit deeper/more sophisticated would have worked better (but not something too in your face).

    It’s also a great point that it’s very age appropriate. Can you imagine if she had worn Nicole Kidman’s dress? So much better for her to err on the side of more “innocent”.

  25. Soapstef

    She hasn’t gotten it wrong yet. She picked the red dress for the year of the Va-Va-Voom and this year went full Princess. She was brave enough to call the fall for what it was and not try to play it off as being overcome with emotion. BRAVO!

  26. junaitatres

    I love her, but didn’t love this. I actually liked what she wore to the Vanity Fair party more.


    • Bubba

      seconded. The afterparty dress is beautiful. I love her, but felt her Oscars dress was too much.

    • Sara

      Wow, yeah the afterparty dress is fabulous. But, yes, I respect she wanted to wear this dress for the big event and something a bit more fun for the actual party.

      • pantsonfire

        I’m pretty much here. I respect this dress (and like I said, in the stair situation, it was mesmerizingly graceful), but as for my own personal tastes, I am all about the after-party Calvin Klein. She looks out of this world.

    • Hima

      Oh wow. That post-Oscar Calvin Klein is amazing. While I didn’t love the Dior Oscar dress when I first saw it, I think I love HER too much formulate an unbiased opinion. Besides, who doesn’t love her a little bit more now that she fell on her way up the stairs (and how amazingly she handled it)? Without that giant dress, that moment would not have happened.

  27. Helen

    Like almost every heavy strapless dress, despite being so well-fitted overall, this did start to slip downward and I wanted to tug it up.

    So did Lawrence, evidently, because she started to do just that after falling (which dragged it down more), then, endearingly, caught herself, realizing where she was, and stopped. I thought it was going to slip the rest of the way down every time she took a breath during her acceptance!

    But in spite of that, it was beautiful on her, and I loved the necklace. Overall, I give it a thumbs up. It looked to have a lot more color on my TV than in the pictures here, and the shading was gorgeous.

    I like the Lanvin, too, frankly sexy and there’s nothing wrong with that! At least not when you look like Jennifer Lawrence.

    • Susan

      I was terrified that it would slide when she was giving her speech. I know that if I was to ever win an Oscar (yeah, hold my breath for that one), I’m all over the thickest straps ever.

  28. jerkygirl

    I don’t love the big white poofy dress, but I love Jennifer Lawrence, and the dress isn’t ugly (just. . .weird?) so, I call win. I don’t really like the black bathing suit attached to the fancy dog collar dress, but I love the funkery of the 3rd dress. She really can do no wrong with me though.

  29. Tiffany

    It wasn’t the color I hated. When I saw her from the waist up, I thought it was gorgeous…especially the backnecklace. But the skirt, so bad! It looked so thick and heavy, like a down comforter. I really didn’t like how thick it was in the folds at the bottom.

  30. Cat

    I love it. It’s walking a fine line between being too bridal and also possibly a duvet cover, but she’s working the hell out of it. It fits beautifully, I like the play between the pink and the white, her hair/makeup/jewelry was gorgeous. Plus, if you’re going to trip on the stairs, this was the dress to do it in!

    I think she looks freaking sexy in the Lanvin too. Yowza!

  31. Betsy

    I love her, and I think you hit the nail on the head with the “respecting” thing. I wasn’t in LOVE with the dress, but she looked dynamite. I have to know where that last picture was taken. It looks like they are in someone’s house just pre-partying or something. You know, gathering for pictures and having some cocktails. It’s cracking me up.

  32. narshkite

    LOVE this. The only time this could ever be worn without being ridiculous would be to the Oscars by a nominee under the age of 25. She took advantage of the moment and I think she looks splendid. Her hair and makeup were perfect as well. Also, I completely adore her.

  33. What what

    Someone on Twitter (I’m so sorry I can’t remember who) mentioned that they thought small children might burst out from the bottom of the skirt and start dancing to The Nutcracker, and from then on it’s all I could think of when I saw this dress.

  34. Kate

    I’m ambivalent on the dress, but is that a Real Housewife in the background of the last slide? They are everywhere. I expect to find one in my kitchen tonight.

  35. Miamigirl78

    Just loved her and the gown, though it was a little bulky at the bottom of the train. The necklace was perfect for her age and the dress–this old lady remembers that statement jewelry is NOT for 22 year olds. Here’s wishing her many more years delighting us on red carpets!

  36. Aria

    I love her but I just hate this dress – the color, the volume, all of it. I don’t get the overly princess look for young actresses over the age of 15 or 16. Do love her after party gown!

  37. kirsty

    Not a fan of her red carpet look but I am still drooling at what she wore to the Vanity Fair party!

  38. Sylvia

    At the end of the day, I think Jennifer Lawrence makes this dress work for me…barely. I voted that I respected it. I don’t love it. I love that she took a risk, but I think I wanted more color. I think she’s big enough personality wise that she could pull it off with more color.

    I’m surprised this isn’t as divisive as the Lucy Liu dress for the GG. Maybe because she’s 22? Maybe because there were more “wow” dresses at the GG? I’m just not sure when someone should or should not go big.

  39. Sandra

    This gargantuan swath of fabric needs some serious bling. Despite the size of it, it’s really pretty dull. If it were a bolder color, she wouldn’t need the sparkle, but as it is she needs some major jewelery to balance it out and add some interest.

    She herself looks lovely, but the overall style looks about two-thirds finished.

  40. loonytick

    I don’t like the details of shape on the skirt–the angle it takes at the top of the flare, the point where the flare begins, etc. seem very awkward to me–but I like the idea of it, the dual colors, and I can’t imagine anyone carrying it off as well as her.

  41. Vandalfan

    I missed the show, and this really looks like a fancy mattress pad, or enormous blancmange. But her face, hair, and accessories are beautiful.

  42. Sajorina

    She is so endearingly awesome that I can’t help but to love her! She was so amazing in “Winter’s Bone” and “Silver Linings Playbook” that I screamed when she won because she deserves it!

    I love her red carpet dress, which she carries beautifully! Its drama with the simple hair & makeup and minimalist approach to jewelry was DIVINE! One of my favorites of the night! The 2nd outfit took my breath away… She looks gorgeous and I covet all of it! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Julia

    While I didn’t LOVE the dress, the fact that her hair and makeup is flawless, and she’s wearing lipstick for crying out loud, makes up for any misgivings. It drove me crazy to see everyone’s lips so bare-naked.

  44. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    I didn’t love the dress but she looked beautiful; flawless hair and make-up. And she seems like such a genuine, funny person. She seems like someone I would want to hang out at the Oscars with and make fun of people (if she wasn’t a nominee in a gigantic gown, of course.) Did anyone else watch the E! coverage of Jennifer when she first got out of the limo? It almost looked like she was telling off her “people” …I’m guessing she wasn’t, and was just nervous as $#!@&, I don’t see her as a diva.

  45. LouLou

    I wasn’t sold on this during the broadcast, but the pictures have totally won me over. Someone said that it is the kind of dress you can ONLY get away with as an Oscar nominee in your early 20s, and I totally get why she’d want to wear it. Also, I read somewhere that she wanted to go high fashion for these Oscars, as opposed to the sexy, hot but comfy look she picked last time. And despite what we can all think of the design of the dress, I think we have to agree the execution is impeccable. That fabric, the texture, it’s so heavy and rich. I just wanted to touch it and stroke it and maybe lie down and cuddle up in it. And I love the back necklace too.

  46. Kyasarin

    Yeah, I saw her, and I said, “Now, that is a DRESS!” Good for her, I say.

  47. googler

    Is it weird of me to say I want her back? I’ve never really paid attention to backs before, but now I’m inspired to do cardio and pushups or something…eventually.

  48. Ashley

    We were a house divided on this one. My mother hated it, but I, my dad, and my husband (who REALLY loves JLaw, it should be noted) all loved it. I think it’s beautiful, but also quite cool, with its flare below the hips and the two tone color. And her face and hair are perfection.

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  50. una

    Since when do actors wear wedding gowns to award shows? I just didnt get it. And especially after she already had a wardrobe malfunction, why on earth would she wear a dress that was almost impossible to walk in???? She would look gorgeous in anything but this dress was a poor choice.

  51. mepe

    She totally wore the hell out of this dress. It would have overwhelmed many but she nailed it…especially since her hair, make-up and jewelry were perfection. Plus if you’re going to fall while going to accept a major award this is the dress to do it in…how dramatic and perfect! Especially with Bradley and Hugh running up to rescue her…sigh. Btw, did anyone else think that in the winners pics Jennifer looked like a bride and Anne her bridesmaid?