Oscars Unfug Or Fab: Zoe Saldana


This woman really loves bottoms. Wait, that came out wrong.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Sara

    On the red carpet I swear this looked like it was in the lilac family color wise but then inside under the lights it looked white. Did anyone else see that?

    • GFY Heather

      The ABC red carpet show didn’t white-balance correctly. All the men’s shirts looked pink too.

  2. valueofaloonie

    I’d have to agree…flowers *or* belt, but both is just too much. The tiers on the bottom are fantastic, though.

    • Art Eclectic

      Me too. It should be a cardinal fashion law like boobs or legs, but not both.

  3. Lisa

    This would have been my favorite of the night, if not for the flowers. Still, I thought she killed it. I also loved the green and white stripes. She is one of few who could carry off wide stripes (all over). Finally, her sister is adorable and I like her dress, too.

    • glee

      This should also be taken into consideration: she has left her neck bare, doesn’t have a clutch, very minimal jewelry (I want those earrings for my daughter!!!).

      The lack of the accessories really tones down this look to (IMO) something totally beautiful and in no way over the top.

  4. glee

    While I agree that there is ample decor (or decor galore) atop of her dress, it’s not overwhelming because it’s all monochromatic, none of the elements are outsized, and she is tall enough to basically carry this off. Total fab for me. Also – look at that face. Mona Lisa who?

  5. Caroline

    I love this unreservedly. I get that the bodice is a bit fussy but all the elements just seem to work. That said, I suspect her perfect face and body might have something to do with how well she’s carrying it off.

  6. qwertygirl

    Ditch all that stuff on top and let the bottom shine. It would be great if the top were completely unadorned, IMO.

  7. Gine

    I mostly love this, but I wish the belt was just a plain gray band. There’s no need for buckles and bows with everything else that’s going on.

  8. Anita

    My problem with her Oscar dress is its split personality. The bottom (and belt) look clean, sculptural, and modern. The top (scroll up fug indeed!) is all frou frou: decoupage (perfect description) bustline complete with something cabbage rose-like, and the totally unnecessary gift wrap ribbon at the side of her waist. Did the designer never hear the “remove one accessory before leaving the house” rule? Had the top been as clean as the bottom I would have loved it, because the bottom is awesome in its simplicity.

    • Squirrel!

      My thoughts exactly, Anita.

      As for the green dress, I’m not a fan. And those shoes hurt my feet just by looking at them.

      • Vandalfan

        Yes, it’s like the top of one dress and the bottom of another. Both pretty, but unrelated.

    • filmcricket

      Well said. A plain white bustline with perhaps a large but modern statement necklace would have been perfect.

    • Siouxi

      I was going to comment but you said it better than I could. ^5

  9. Esme

    Wow, I think if anything, this thing is a scroll-down FUG. Those tiers are hideous! And that green and white sack! Come on.

  10. MelissaW

    Since she’s not generously endowed I think she can pull off the flowers on the bodice without it being too much. I am not much of a belt person, so that element can go, IMO.

    Who’s her train-wrangler? He’s cute!

  11. Jessica

    I am obsessed with her face. Because it is SO PRETTY.

    • Lisa

      Me, too. I would take her sister’s face, too.

      • Morris

        Girl needs lipstick. As did more than half the women at the awards. I’m baffled by this apparent anti-lippie movement. It’s not a movement, is it?!?

        • Emma

          I think she’s beautiful enough to carry off a nude lip. The focus is on her eyes.

    • Nancy

      I was obsessed with that one picture because she doesn’t look like herself anymore – not like Catherine zeta jones and zerwlliger, who have botoxed themselves into new women, but because she is scary skeletal in the picture. She is a gorgeous woman, and has a lovely body for wearing clothes elegantly, I hope it is just the camera angle. I know, we are to supposed to comment on body issues, but what about when we can’t tell who the person is anymore? I hate our culture that promotes such thinness that Jennifer Lawerence said she is obese by h’wood standards.

  12. TonyG

    Actually, from the front, I loved the top of this dress more than I did the bottom. From the back, you really get why the bottom tiers were included. The sum of the parts were greater than the whole for me with this one. As always with her on the red carpet, the fit was perfect.

    The green striped dress I am not feeling as much as others are, but those green-trimmed shoes with that dress, are a perfect bit of styling.

  13. Charlotte

    I love it as is…but only on her. On anyone else I would ixnay the bow and change the belt to a simple, silver satin band. I think the dress needs the ruffles on top because the gray invokes the colors of the tiers below, and makes the dress feel more cohesive.

  14. Kris

    I was wondering what your take on this would be! My first reaction when I saw it was “Take the belt off, and that might be my favorite dress of this year’s Oscars.”

  15. Jules

    I love her Oscars dress exactly as it is.

    • rb

      agreed, it takes my bronze medal. she is gorgeous but looked very unhappy. damn you, polyglot bradley cooper!

  16. anne p.

    Agree with you, Heather, on the various elements of her Oscar gown. I never could see past their incongruity to something that worked as a whole, even a complicated whole.

    But her gown strikes me as a pretty perfect sartorial representation of that mish-mash of a ‘ceremony’, so that’s something … in its favor?

  17. Rayna

    Zoe is so pretty, she could practically wear a flour sack and make it look nice. Lucky for us, she doesn’t.

    I would ditch the eye roll inducing bow, make the belt a plain grey band, per Gine, above, and we’re good to go. That way, the frou frou decoupage would segue down to the minimalist elegance of the skirt and its tiers.

    That was more poetic than I intended, but the skirt is REALLY fab.

  18. Sarah

    I’m possibly the only person on the planet who LOVED her poodle dress. Love this as well. I just think Zoe has such an interesting sense of style. And that face! Crazy amazing.

  19. Medha

    I absolutely adore the minimalist bottom tiers and, like a few people have already mentioned, the top needs minimalizing. Get rid of that bow immediately and take away the belt too. Just the flowers leading down to the tiers would have been beautiful.

    Alternatively, I think if the bow had been gone on the red carpet, I could’ve dealt with the belt and not thought about changing the outfit. Both together was so aggressively cluttered, I needed it all to go.

  20. Tiffany

    I really don’t like this. Everything on the top kind of ruins it for me. The bow was the most useless decoration! Belt and bow and flowers? I don’t think the “feeling’ of the flowers really goes with dark layers on the bottom either. It feels very disjointed to me.

  21. Stefanie

    I love the bottom but Im unsure about the top.

  22. Kit

    Totally agree with scroll-down fab. I didn’t mind the bow, but all that egg carton crap on the top was ridic.

    LOVE the bottom and her shoes though.

  23. Shari

    Did you see her live? Actually, I mean moving in this gown? Everything was just right! No, correctly it was perfection! Especially with that statuesque body of hers.

  24. LJ

    I like the dress, but most of the photos I saw made the front slit look like it was off centre. Then I saw a full frontal and realised the slit was dead centre and I think I liked it better when it looked like it was on the side. Love the coloured tiers and agree with all above re the belt.

  25. Cat

    At first I wasn’t sure I liked it, but the more I look at it, the more I like. There is a lot going on up top (flowers, belts, bows) but somehow she’s working it without looking ridiculous. I can’t say it’s my favorite just because there’s so much happening, but I think she looks great.

  26. Stefan

    The dress reminds me of the time I threw a dinner party and thought layered napkins would be just the right touch of class. Instead I just had triple the laundry to do.

    But more importantly: Men need to learn that you do NOT ever sit while wearing a tuxedo jacket on the ride over, and that you should sit slightly on the edge of your seat with perfect posture. With countless women probably having to lie flat in the back of a limo and be propped up upon arrival, you think the guys could learn how to avoid wrinkles at least.

  27. Sara

    Get rid of the bow. Maybe the belt. Otherwise, yes.

  28. TaraMisu

    I’m in the “remove the flowers” camp…. the bottom of the dress is amazing and I think all of the fluffery at the top detracts.

    Zoe and her sister are gorgeous, good genes in that family.

    Those shoes make my feet hurt :D

  29. Kitty

    I LOVE this dress. Except for the bow. I wish it just had the belt. But seriously, otherwise? LOVE.

  30. Eli

    She can wear whatever she wants, because she was Eva Rodriguez, and I will love her evermore for that.

  31. Bella

    I don’t hate this. But I would like it better if the belt was a plain band of grey that matches one of the tiers. And just a plain bodice – no flippy/floppy things.

  32. Pouncer

    The bow was too much. Remove the bow, and I could deal with the decoupage and the belt. The hem is divine (and her shoes! Oh my!).

  33. G

    I’d take off the belt/bow nonsense, but leave the flowers- I like the contrast with the modernist tiers.

    As for the green outfit, I love it- except that LOOKING at those heels is going to have me limping the rest of the day!

  34. Ellie

    Ditch the bow and belt and this is perfect. I really hate this trend of belts on formal dresses. Stops the eye, disrupts the line of the dress.

  35. Sarah

    Totally agree. The top is a hot mess. Why a belt and a bow? That is silly. Get rid of the bow and the craft project on top and you’d have a sleek but still interesting dress.

    • Helen

      Yep. The top needs to be smooth and simple, and then this’d be a smash.

  36. Sylvia

    The bow and the belt keep this from being my favorite. I adore the bottom. And of course, her face is pretty flawless.

  37. Sajorina

    I would take off the belt & the bow! It is a beautiful and interesting dress, so I dig the decoupage on top and the gray & black layers of fabric on the bottom! The only thing that immensely bothers me is her insistence of not wearing a colorful lipstick… Red lips would’ve been perfect here! ½ FAB!

  38. R

    I know I’m in the minority on this but I do not like this dress at all. The bottom is very Moulin Rouge can-can dancer. I do like the bodice with the flowers & belt (sans bow).

  39. Vandalfan

    I really want Sister’s dress.

  40. Claire1

    Just get rid of the flowers. The rest of the gown made me so happy….

  41. Soapstef

    For the love of heaven…..why didn’t she wear lipstick! Her eye makeup was so pretty, but she had “dead mouth”. The dress is a homerun!

  42. Scanderoon

    You know, I think this picture of the dress is doing it a disservice. I originally saw it in a slideshow somewhere else, and from the angle they showed it at (and with slightly better lighting), it was perfection. Even though it has a lot of elements, they weren’t too much. Maybe only Zoe could pull it off, but in my opinion she sure did!

  43. Emma

    I loved, this, I thought it looked lovely on the red carpet. It moved beautifully.

    Love the green stripey dress, too.

  44. Franziska

    Looking at the shoes makes me think that her feet must have hurt after a while. These are so high! Love them though!

  45. Chrissy

    I think this one is my very favorite. I love the tiers on the bottom and the top doesn’t bother me.