Oscars Obviously Red Carpet: Sarah Silverman and Helena Bonham Carter

Two women who will never be mentioned in the same sentence again, unless it’s “Helena Bonham Carter drove her car through the front door of Sarah Silverman’s house this weekend, in a bizarre traffic accident the British legend blamed on forgetting which side of the road she was supposed to be on,” or “CAA represents such varied celebrities as Helena Bonham Carter and Sarah Silverman.” But in this case, I’m lumping them together because neither one of them looks particularly good, but they look bad in the way that they ALWAYS look bad and therefore your reaction is going to be much the same. Namely: “OF COURSE.”

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  1. anna s.

    I actually thought HBC’s red carpet dress was significantly less Miss Havisham-esque than a lot of what she wears. Yes it’s drapey and black, but the color gradient on the skirt is new, and there was zero tattered lace on that dress. I can’t remember the last time I saw her on the red carpet sans tatter or ripped lace.

    Silverman, on the other hand, needs to be sat down and told that schoolgirl chic might have been trendy when Britney Spears did it fifteen years ago, but a) that was fifteen years ago; and b) she wasn’t wearing it to the Oscars. Grow up, Sarah. In every sense of the phrase.

    • Candy

      You said pretty much exactly what I was going to say :) I think HBC look great.

    • Maria L.

      I agree, HBC looks fine. Silverman looks like Wednesday Addams, though she is far less interesting than Wednesday.

  2. Ines

    hm, i liked the red carped dress hbc was wearing. not so much her ever-the-same-hairstyle.

    and for number 3: wow! nice back view.

  3. Orange Clouds

    Normally I would be all for “Dress whatever age you feel like!” but yes “Dude you are 42.” hits the nail on the head. Sexy convent school girl is all kinds of wrong on her.

    • LT1

      She was on Graham Norton a couple of weeks ago wearing short short jean shorts, over-the-knee tights (like these but striped) and a hoodie. It was horrifying.

      • Dora K. (@omg_dora)

        Ooh she was so annoying on Graham Norton. For better or worse, her look completely matches her personality (or at least her persona). She was only barely outdouched on the show by Mark Wahlberg.

  4. Moa

    Silverman looks absolutely ridiculous. I have a dress like that in my wardrobe and even I feel it may look a bit too schoolgirl, and I’m 24. The socks make it even worse and it just reeks of desperation. Granted, it’s not Heidi Klum-esque desperation, but desperation nevertheless.

    As for HBC, I agree that I think she looks nice. The red would have been better, or something other than black and that type of cut, but it was also better than many other styles she’s worn before. I just wish she’d brush her hair once in a while.

  5. Rayna

    I liked HBC’s RC look, but think the red, especially with that glam black overcoat, was fabber. Would like to see THAT in close up.

  6. becca

    i can’t fault HBC – she is too awesome, and i kind of love her crazy look.

    Sarah Silverman: I like her, but yeah, not an okay look. I’m 43 and still in good shape and I struggle with the “is this to young for me” question on a regular basis, and yes, sometimes i probably cross the line. BUT. COME. ON. schoolgirl dress??? over the knee socks???? who is that helping?

  7. Sarah

    Sarah Silverman’s outfit would look bad on anyone of any age. And it’s super event-inappropriate. She looks like she should be part of the catering staff or something, not a guest.

  8. gryt

    I assume Sarah Silverman is wearing that thing with some kind of comedic intent, but even as such… It’s not working. She should have borrowed Jim Carrey’s feet or something.

    Would love for Helena B-C to mix it up just once and wear the hell out of some polished couture gown! It could be a wacky one! Just something different. I do adore her though, and this gorgeous mess she always presents. :D

  9. qwertygirl

    And dude, you’re at the OSCARS.

  10. val.

    Sarah Silverman’s dress could be saved with tights instead of socks and black heels. It would still be a little twee, but at least more age-appropriate.

  11. Bailey

    Oh dear. I’m 21 and I admit I like over-the-knee socks (it’s cold up here!), but I still would never touch that dress for fear of looking like an eight-year-old.

  12. margaret

    I’m actually writing because finally someone shows Jessica Chastain’s ridiculous curls. They were the one downside to her foxy outfit–reminded me of the mean girl on Little House on the Prairie.

    • amys

      Yes, Nellie Oleson. My OCD wants me to fingercomb the crap out of the curls.

      • Joy

        Although, does she have any natural curl or wave? If so, in her defense, I have naturally loose curls and whenever I bring them out with a diffuser or use curling iron/rods to even my curls, they always separate like that regardless of finger combing. I’ll get them spread out and ten minutes later I’m back to Shirley Temple definition.

    • Penny

      Thank you! I agree; I hate that look, and I”m seeing it on more and more people–not attractive.

  13. meggiemoo

    I’m thinking HBC’s wardrobe in Les Mis (as the tattered innkeeper’s wife) actually came from her own closet.

  14. Bottle Ginger

    If we dared HBC to wear a dress made of actual Hefty bags on the red carpet… do you think she’d do it?

  15. Bella

    “Helena Bonham Carter drove her car through the front door of Sarah Silverman’s house this weekend, in a bizarre traffic accident the British legend blamed on forgetting which side of the road she was supposed to be on. And Sarah Silverman is no more, to which we can all applaud!”

  16. Katharine

    I really like HBC’s red carpet dress, much more than the red satin. I think if she’d just done her hair up “properly” instead of the way she always does, we would all have loved it a lot more. HBC in Les Mis, on the other hand — why? Her thing, Tim Burton, blah blah blah… I realised a while ago that I no longer take her seriously as an actor, even less than Johnny Depp — they’re both being overindulged in their personal idiosyncracies, and they’re both much too talented to have any need of a cult of eccentric personality onscreen. By all means, show up on the red carpet looking like expensive indigents — but stop letting weird hair and wacky clothes do the work in performance. Blah.

    • Mair Mair

      This ^

    • Miss Louise

      Katherine, youa re bang-on in your observation re HB-C. She needs to do non-Tim Butron projects for a while and get some cred back. I adore her, but she’s becoming a caricature.

      • Art Eclectic

        Co-signed. I’ve always been a big HBC fan and I get her style, but…sorry, bored now. I’ve seen every possible variation on artsy designer bag lady and it is no longer charmingly artiste.

    • kuhopp

      I kind of think the same thing, but then I see her in something like The King’s Speech and am reminded that she is a phenominal actress.

  17. Pam

    I can’t stand Sarah Silverman. Her jokes are awful and her style is even worse. Ugh.

  18. Cecilia

    Who is behind Sarah in the coral dress? Far more interesting than this horror.

  19. Lisa

    It would be fun to see HBC in something completely out of character, like something super modern or sultry. Just once.And a new hairdo, too. Silverman should work a tux, that would be a nice change.

  20. Callie

    My flatmate and I were both saying that it would be amazing if one day HBC – who I love, clothes included – turned up one day wearing something Jessica Chastain would wear, with straightened hair. Just to completely throw everyone for a loop. And then go back to normal.

  21. Helen

    Sarah Silverman is FORTY-TWO? Quick, someone get me her dermatologist’s number!

    I agree, it would be a lot of fun if HBC showed up looking straight-up glam sometime, for a change of pace. Especially with her baroquely beautiful face! And in addition to being so lovely, she’s also famous and well-respected enough that, you know what, I’ll bet even fairly established designers would compete in a debasing reality show for the opportunity to dress her well, even if it’s just once.

    And I’ll admit it, I would watch that show.

  22. Soapstef

    HBC is totally boring at this point. I’m sure she doesn’t care.

  23. Kris

    I think maybe voicing a 9 year old got to Sarah Silverman.

  24. Siouxi

    I adore HBC and always look forward to her cracktastic looks but I actually thought this was rather pretty next to what she’s worn before.

    Silverman? No. World of no.

  25. jean

    Um, I really want the fake conversation of that grouping–Jennifer, Chastain and HBC!!!! With drinks! Hee. Maybe Jennifer is secretly bitchy?

  26. bee

    Okay people: we may be all over Silverman because of this lame excuse of ‘wanting to stand out’. But is this really worse than, say, Klum (and numerous others who needed to show us their bodyparts)?
    I think Silverman looks silly, obvs, but at least she doesn’t look like a tart (at least on this occasion, on Graham Norton last week, well…)

    HBC: any variation of awesome crazy would be most welcome.

  27. brookemopolitan

    HBC does the crazy thing on red carpets on purpose, guys. There’s no point offering a criticism of what she wears because she dresses like a loon by design (she’s said in interviews… people are going to bitch regardless, she may as well give them something to talk about). She’s not accidentally missing the mark a la someone like Morena Baccarin… she’s doing this to herself quite deliberately.

    I agree, she does need to stop working with her husband for a while… but my golly was she fabulous in The King’s Speech. She was also my favourite bad guy of all time as Bellatrix Lestrange.

  28. oohsparkley

    Sarah isn’t dressed too young for the event. I don’t care how young she wants to dress. She’s dressed inappropriately for the event. (too casual). I wish HBC would shake it up a little – I’d be bored dressing the same all the time. I wonder if she wears jeans or yoga pants ever?

  29. Vandalfan

    If HBC would just change her hairstyle, that would suffice.

    The Silverman gal is wearing a performance costume, so I guess she thinks she’s constantly performing, 24/7? Because that get real tiring, REAL fast.

  30. Squirrel!

    Is Sarah Silverman dressed as Mary Katherine Gallagher?