Oscars Fugs or Fines: Helen Hunt

Sometimes I wonder if Helen Hunt sits at home pricking the larynx of her Anne Hathaway voodoo doll, muttering, “I was NAKED for WEEKS ON END, and it had to be the same year you cut your hair and ate oatmeal squares and did a one-take song with yellowed teeth? RAGE.” It might account for why every time Anne opened her mouth the past two months, Twitter cringed.

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  1. OH

    I didn’t even notice they were wrinkles until it was pointed out. I thought it was a crushed satin. Either way, the colour is lovely on her.

  2. MelissaW

    Considering this is an H&M dress (holy cats, a gown the rest of us could afford), I think it’s pretty. A bit wrinkly like all satin dresses once one sits down but it fits nicely and I like the back detail. (and, while I agree with you about the results of the oscar race, doesn’t HH already have one? from As Good As it Gets with Jack Nicholson?)

    • GFY Heather

      She does; I was just noting that her performance was a slam-dunk but for Hathaway’s brief songs.

  3. Helen

    Fashion Police really slammed her for the H&M dress, but my only complaint with it is that it could have used a little tailoring around the back and waist. Overall, I think she looks very good in it.

    And it’s nice to see another (of the whole two that night) strapless that isn’t in danger of exposing Things We Don’t Need To See if she waves at someone.

    Love the other two outfits!

  4. h² fashion

    This was one of the biggest fugs on the red carpet! The dress looks so cheap even without knowing it’s from H&M. It looks so wrinkly and that stupid pin in the back is just horrible.


  5. meggiemoo

    She was really great in “The Sessions.” I kind of wish she’d won instead of Anne H.

    • Chasmosaur

      No kidding. And John Hawkes not even being nominated was a crime. I’m sure he was also grumbling about this movie coming out in a year when DDL/Cecil Vyse came out swinging.

  6. maryse

    the pin in the back kind of looked like one of those things that keep you from stealing the dress out of the store.

  7. Sandra

    The teal lace would have been perfect if it was a couple of inches shorter. Trim it to just above the knee and the matronly-ness goes away.

    • Wendy

      I agree. Also, something is weird about that photo, maybe the angle or something, because her head looks unnaturally gigantic–like it was Photoshopped onto the body of a small 12 year old.

  8. Lisa

    Color is great, but it does look kinda cheap. She looks pretty, though.

  9. Dazie

    Loved it. Color! Nothing sheer! No danger of seeing bits I shouldn’t see! And the brooch- a great homage (hommage? How DO you spell that?) to Rosemary Clooney’s black gown in White Christmas.

  10. BrownEyedBetty

    I give her a lot of credit for this. So much fuss is made about who is wearing what and all that nonsense. I love it but it IS nonsense. And here she comes looking quite lovely in every way a woman can. It’s not too much. It’s not too little. It’s just-right-for-the-oscars. This is a well-played for me.

  11. Lisa

    She looks great in the casual black outfit. The last dress is meh. I think lace is often aging (to me anyway).

    • mary lou bethune

      When did the designer mania start? With Nicole, I bet.
      I like Helen so much and her back is beautiful ! The black blazer is so chic and she is one of the actors who looks relaxed – like Adele , Hugh’s darling wife, and Jennifer of course. I am tired of seeing stiff looking, haughty , scowling people- you know who they are. LIghten up, people, you are entertainers.. Even Olivier knew that…

      GFY gals-do you know if any of the actresses you spotlight ever read you all?

  12. tigers4us

    The gown is fine, especially the color. And I love her hair! IMHO, Helen shouldn’t have been gnashing her teeth; she should have been able to give an acceptance speech.

  13. Art Eclectic

    I like the dress, but what I really loved was her necklace.

  14. Sara

    I just can’t with all the wrinkles, I’m sorry. I appreciate the attempt, the eco-friendliness of the gown, but there are so many wrinkles.

    • Chasmosaur

      I thought it was a glorious color on her, and as I noted in the Reese Witherspoon post, I can forgive the wrinkles because this is an eco-friendly dress. Which means the fabric was not going to behave like something out of a high-end design house. It’s a give and take.

  15. AM

    I think she looks great in all the outfits, and I usually don’t like strapless–as in slipping strapless. I don’t think it looks cheap, any cheaper at least than some of the super not cheap dresses. I think it’s a win, and not just ’cause it’s H & M. She also isn’t one of my favorite actresses, but this is one of her best looks.

  16. Sajorina

    Her head looks great and the jewelry is gorgeous! But, although the dress is nice, it’s not Oscar-worthy in my opinion! I would’ve loved it if she had worn the second outfit with black patent leather or metallic stilettos to dress it up, since she won! Like these: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3jPePJwrjEo/UCqoUGJ4qhI/AAAAAAAABzY/tKn9rFHVCxY/s1600/stilettos.jpg OR http://thebestfashionblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Pumps-heels-_15.jpg Her body is bangin’, so good for her! ½ FAB!

  17. Rayna

    Helen is my homegirl. I adore her.

  18. Jules

    She looks good, but while Anne annoys me, I can’t stand HH. She always seems so smug, and for years she was voted worst celebrity for autographs. Get over yourself, lady. In short, I’m glad she didn’t win.

  19. Evalyn

    I love the blue dress – it fits, it’s a great color, it’s age appropriate and well accessorized. HH tends to go a little pale in the makeup, and so the teal lace is just a tad too dark. The blue satin is just the right color saturation for her. I like the the broach at the back, but someone should had re-pinned it after she exited the limo. Overall, well done, I say.

  20. Melly

    Helen looks really nice in these, but I give the most credit to the all-out bangin’ body the woman has. Did you see her in The Sessions? Completely beautiful, strong but not ridiculously cut, trim without the look of a specific kind of diet, her own breasts. Just gorgeous, and the column dresses always work great on her.

  21. Sally

    Once again, can we have some color on the lips, people?

  22. Maretha2

    Helen Hunt is not my particular cup of tea. I don’t dislike her look or her work, but I don’t get excited about them either. But I have to say, she has been looking smashing. I think she makes the H&M dress work — the color is great for her and she makes the bodice look flattering. The black pants/boots outfit looks insanely good. Even the teal lace looks good. Way to go, Helen. You didn’t win the Oscar, but you looked better than Hathaway.

  23. sandra

    she hasn’t blown me away with any of her outfits this awards season, but holy cats, SHE’S 49. she looks amazing.

  24. fritanga

    Nah, no voodoo involved; we hate Hathaway because she’s awful.

    As for Hunt – she has a Best Actress Oscar (and Sally Field has two) so I don’t think she was too disappointed at the outcome on Sunday. But yeah – she could have sent the dress out to be pressed and then had someone with a steamer in the limo. I don’t know why she didn’t, but then again, maybe she really just didn’t care (in that case I don’t know why she showed up).

  25. oohsparkley

    She looks great. I never would have guessed H&M. Doesn’t look any less expensive than those horriblly cheap-looking dresses Anne H. was wearing. The color is fab on her, the fit is good. The wrinkles in the dress aren’t that bad either. Some clothes wrinkle, just a fact of life. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with red carpets, I’d probably spill something on myself.

    • One of the Leahs

      Oohsparkly, that is a great point. She looks a whole lot better than many of the other women at the Oscars, and she deserves credit for using H&M.

  26. Squirrel!

    What is an eco-friendly dress?

  27. ThaliaM

    I like the blue dress a lot, but I think adding the brooch to the back was a mistake. I understand the idea of wanting to add some unexpected pizzazz to a somewhat bland gown, but I think that brooch not only looks like an inventory control tag (as someone has already mentioned), but just draws attention to the mild wonkiness with the zipper/fit/whatever is going on with the back.