Oscars Fugs and Fabs: White Gowns

And this doesn’t even include the ones we’ve already covered — Kim Kardashian, Charlize, Jennifer Lawrence (well, her back, anyway). It was a bridal kind of night, albeit in some cases (okay, really mainly one), slightly more Hussy Bridal than is usual.

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  1. Liz

    Queen Latifah – another woman with an ample bosom not mushed up to her neck. Well done.

    • Helen

      The Queen just about always looks great. She really knows what works on her.

      • CE

        The QUEEN was one of my best of the nights. I looked at her, and then at Octavia Spencer, and then back again… THAT’S how you dress a lady with curves. She looks bangin’ and classy and sleek and poised and perfect.

        • Wendy

          I don’t get the dislike of Octavia Spencer’s dress. I thought she looked great. She and Queen Latifah BOTH look great.

        • Wendy

          Forgot to add . . .
          It’s Melissa McCarthy who should be taking notes from both of these ladies.

    • Jenny

      She almost always looks amazing at these events. Cristina Hendricks needs to get Latifah’s stylist on speed dial stat!

      • steph527

        2nd this^

      • hoover19

        My friends and I have a running theory that Queen Latifah wont share the stylist bc she wants it all the good looks to herself… which is really just us trying to start a ladies with curves stylist war…

  2. AM

    Queen Latifah – another woman with an ample bosom not mushed up to her neck. Well done. Agreed. One of my faves of the evening. Emmy’s dress I love as a wedding dress, and I’m thinking more the early 1900s dress of the Russian royal family.

  3. One of the Leahs

    Lucy Alibar must not have gotten the memo, because her skirt is fully lined. The dress is lovely!

    There are a lot of great dresses here.

    • Cucina49

      The dress is lovely, but she’s so pale that she looks washed out to me.

  4. Annie S.

    Not only is Allison Williams wearing Valentino, she’s wearing a Valentino that looks a LOT like the one Hathaway rejected at the last minute: http://www.peoplestylewatch.com/people/stylewatch/package/article/0,,20658247_20677487,00.html

    Why, Anne, WHY?!

    • Maisie

      Well, according to Hathaway herself in that link to People that you thoughtfully provided, Annie, she rejected the Valentino dress because Allison Williams was going to wear one “remarkably similar” (Hathaway’s words) to her original choice. Too bad since it’s absolutely gorgeous! (Which is not something that anyone would say about that blah. ill-fitting Prada.)

      • Annie S.

        Another article (which I didn’t link to) insinuated that it was Seyfried’s dress that caused the anti-Valentino kerfuffle. Which…is weird, since you’d think two costars would be better at coordinating outfits for these things.

        I was just wondering if Williams didn’t end up with Hathaway’s leftovers rather than being the actual impetus for the dress switch.

        • julyol1972

          I heard that Anne and her stylist (Rachel Zoe???) found out on the day of that not only did Anne’s dress look really similar to Seyfried’s but that Jennifer Aniston’s dress (which was also Valentino) was identical to hers. So she and Jennifer both switched their dresses at the last minute.

  5. Erin

    MY EYES!

    • Carol

      My reaction as well … never mind the need for the vaccination, what on earth is going on with her feet … double bronzed hooves!

  6. CakesOnAPlane

    what’s up with Emmy Rossum swaddling her chest lately?

    • Ailatan

      If it didn’t have that stupid thing on the chest and the silly tiara, she would look so much better (and not half so boxy) Also, maybe some nice jeweled hair combs would serve the purpose and not look quite as childish.

      • pantsonfire

        This ^ I have no problem with dresses evocative of that era (what is it 1920s? Edwardian? Both? I need a fashion history lesson.); HOWEVER, this is super unflattering. She’s a slender wisp of a thing and this dress has some kind of blood-magic fueled thickening and stumpefying powers.
        Her face is crazy lovely, but crown or whatever it was was too much with the muchness. This was less an outfit and more a costume.

  7. proudmary

    Mamie Gummer: Tiers for Fears

  8. Annym

    Kelly Osbourne – I’m sorry but i was hoping she would be over the friggen PURPLE HAIR !! Especially for the Oscars.But no still hanging on to the god awful regrowth. Time for a change sista

    • KB

      I concur. She’s come so far to make a name/career for herself and seems to have committed to a healthier lifestyle. Now if she could just fix the dingy lavender hair …

      • Snarkypants

        Agreed! No matter how dressed up or put together she is, that dirty lavender hair feels very grunge/Manic Panic.

        • ChristieLea

          I don’t know, on her I like the hair. Yes, she’s a grown up now (and a decade ago, she irritated the hell out of me on The Osbournes) but…must EVERYONE grow up to be normal and boring?

        • AmandaD

          I don’t think everyone needs to be boring, but I think that color on Kelly Osbourne is just dingy and is the same lavender shade as the old lady at the retirement home playing shuffleboard. If it was maybe a darker shade of purple, I don’t think it would be so bad.

  9. KB

    Rose Byrne was the best-dressed of this group in my opinion. Queen, Allison and Lucy receive honorable mention.

    • Val

      A really pretty dress: why didn’t Anne Hathaway pick this one ??

      • Morris

        Rose is so stunning. Allison and the Queen look so fab also. As an aside, I’m totally irked by Nicole Ritchie always posing with her mouth slightly open, it’s such a porn thing, and what most fash mags make models do in EVERY pic. Over it! It turns me from a normal feminist to a raging lunatic feminist!!! Plus men are rarely looking at these pics, us chicks are!! Aaaaarrrrggggg!!

  10. momo
    • Ericajeanine

      Oh, goodness….it is the actual dress her sister is wearing in the pictures in the link! I thought the link would show a similar dress, or maybe just that the dress looked liked it belonged on someone younger, but no, she is actually wearing her sister’s dress.

      • Fiona

        I think it’s cute that she wore her sister’s dress! Not everyone has to wear straight-off-the-runway dresses.

        • LT1

          I’d really love that outfit if the mini skirt part of it was still fitted but floor length without the floaty stuff over it–I really like the blousey/sleeveless top.

        • Wendy

          I think it’s kind of cool that they share clothes. I don’t care for the dress myself, but it suits the image I have of her personality.

  11. BrownEyedBetty

    I love the cool elegance of a well-constructed white evening gown, provided you’ve got the skin and hair for it. Queen Latifah & Sofia Milos are stand-outs for me. Timeless and Stunning. Love it.

  12. Tracey

    So many people could take style lessons from Queen Latifah. She wears beautiful gowns that suit her figure. Is that so hard? Apparently yes, for a good chunk of Hollywood. I guess she’s the Queen for a reason.

  13. Edith

    Last week I was whining about nude lips, now I’m going to complain about the opposite. If you’re wearing white – especially if you’re pale – you can’t overdo the makeup or you look like a clown, KELLY OSBORN and MAMIE GUMMER.

  14. Erin B

    I love Queen Latifah, unreservedly.

    Re: Sandra Lee, you forgot the mayonnaise — also white, and also in ALL her recipes.

  15. Kathleen Trail

    Holy crap – I honestly thought Sandra Lee was a Fatal-Attraction-era Glenn Close. She does always have that bunny boiler look in her eyes, so I may not be too far off.

    • Melinda

      Shhh, @Kathleen – don’t mention boiling bunnies; you might give Sandra some cooking ideas.

  16. Nina

    Oh, Aisha. Lana Kane would never wear that monstrosity.

    Queen rules, as always. Hendricks and McCarthy should be taking notes, really.

    That sash on Natalie Portman’s dress is just so unnecessary.

    I really like Nicole Richie’s dress, actually. It puts me in the mind of Halle’s with the shape, but a lot cleaner and less severe.

  17. Guerra

    Rose looks amazing!!

  18. lori

    Oh crikey – Emmy Rossum goes all historical reconstruction with a tribute to 1st Century sarcophogi portraits: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fayum_mummy_portraits

  19. Elle

    Sofia Milos-WOW!!

    • Maisie

      Agree 100 percent on Sofia Milos. Especially love love love her hair. Now, if only Juliana Margulies would remember her gorgeous curly (yes, I’m going for it) roots. . . .

    • MaryAnne

      DItto – Sofia Milos wins this group IMO … the hair, the figure, the gorgeous dress. Just stunning!

  20. Tamburlaine

    Emmy Rossum’s hairdo reminds me of the swans in ‘Swan Lake’. All she needs is a tutu. Love Queen Latifah’s gown, and her in it. Smashing.

  21. anna s.

    The name Paz is like fashion kryptonite. First there was Paz de la Huerta, who managed to look like a hot mess for her 15 minutes of fame, and now Paz Vega is making consistently abysmal choices.

  22. h² fashion

    I really don’t like any of these, but if I had to choose, Sofia and Allison were the closest to getting it right. White is so hard to pull off, I feel like most people should just steer clear of it!


  23. wordphreak

    I guess it’s true. Just anybody can get a ticket to the Oscars.

  24. TonyG

    “Vag Fifth Avenue” — Loved that one!

  25. Sajorina

    I love, Love, LOVE Queen Latifah’s, Natalie Portman’s, Rose Byrne’s & Allison Williams’ outfits! They all look AMAZING and absolutely GORGEOUS! FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Cynthia

    I actually totally love Natalie Portman’s gown. That shape is tough to wear unless you are SUPER skinny, but I think she looks gorge in it. Queen and Rose also look RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL, but the other white gowns are all meh to me.

  27. pantsonfire

    So I really love Portman’s dress. I will unreservedly not like it if it turns out she’s hiding a bump. For some reason, I ONLY like that dress if it isn’t being used to camouflage something…like, I want a non-pregnant person to rock a full empire waisted situation — that takes confidence. If you’re just doing it to hide something, I respect the dress less. I’m weird.

  28. Bella

    Latifah for the win.

  29. Josh Dunning Madsen

    Queen Latifa… More like Burger Queen!