Oscars Fugs and Fabs: People Who Changed Clothes While We Were Sleeping

It happens ever year: Nominees and guests change their outfits for the post-parties so that their trains don’t get trampled, and we don’t get the pictures before bedtime. Maybe I should just start writing through the night. Can you imagine how much MORE delirious our posts would be? We’d have the Royal Wedding times fifty. I’d try it if that didn’t sound perilous.

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  1. Gigi

    Anne’s lack of brassiere/boob shelf in that – you’re right, great color – blue dress made me divert my eyes during the Entertainment Tonight re-cap. They were like Cookie Monster’s googly eyes. Oy! But congratties, Anne, on them still being more outwardly rather than downwardly oriented.

    • Snarkypants

      Cookie Monster googly eyes, I love it! Thank you for the morning giggle!

  2. CakesOnAPlane

    The two dresses that actually made me GASP with glee/envy were Michelle O’s beaming-in dress and Amy Adams’ afterparty dress. MYGOD those are gorgeous. And to think Amy chose that dishwater loufa over this marvel for the actual ceremony.

    • Cucina49

      Amy’s dress in these photos is unbelievably figure-flattering.

    • Bottle Ginger

      Lorody, you’re so right, this silver/fringe dress is SPECTACULAR, and the big gray fluffy thing looked like a bathmat with a bodice! If Amy had worn this on the red carpet, she’d be winning all the “Best Dressed” awards!

      I do adore her, but she really needs some good girlfriends to advise her on what to wear.

  3. susannestyle

    Amy Adams looks truly marvelous here! and Jennifer Lawrence’s dress is gorgeous, just maybe a smidge too tight?

  4. Charlotte

    Is Amy allergic to color or something? That dress is gorgeous, but I’d like it a lot better if her Oscars gown hadn’t been 50 Shades of Dishwater Grey.

    Jennifer’s dress would be perfect if she went up a size or two. Come, on, Jenn, you’re the last person I’d expect to be insecure about numbers on a tag.

    My mind continues to boggle at how badly La Hathaway choked. She’s pulled it out before for the Oscars; what she wore the last time she was nominated is still one of my all time favorite Oscars gowns. I really don’t understand where she went wrong.

    • Annie E

      I bet Jennifer’s dress was just sized to her tiny waist. Whoever made that dress probably thought a tiny waist corresponded with tiny hips, as it often does in Hollywood.

  5. Sara

    Yes, Amy Adams looks fantastic. Love her dress – she’s usually a lot more conservative I feel like, but this was fun and kind of funky (for her).

    And Jennifer Lawrence looks great. I kind of wish she’d worn this one to the actual ceremony but I read she couldn’t really walk around in this gown (ironic, since she stumbled in that big Dior…).

    • Lisa

      I love Jennifer Lawrence’s metallic, maybe snug tight, but so much more youthful than that giant pink thing she was wearing and I do appreciate the irony of the stumble.

  6. Amy

    Two things: That silver dress is the best thing Amy Adams has ever worn – she looks gorgeous. And, the way that Anne Hathaway has been growing out her hair is GodAwful – it is like hairy muppet is swallowing her face.

    • Katharine

      It’s not like you really have a choice, growing out hair that short. It’s either Muppet or mullet.

      • Sarah

        I get that the awkward stage is unavoidable when growing out your hair. By why not wait until after the Oscars?

        • Scanderoon

          EXACTLY. It was so cute a couple of weeks ago – why not wait to grow it until after the night when you’re going to be viewed by millions? Which leads me to conclude that she thinks this looks good, which… sigh.

    • CJ

      Dude, as much as I hate Anne Hathaway, I feel her pain. I am currently growing out a pixie cut and it SUCKS. Especially when you are in that place where it’s not quite to your jaw and it’s kinda like, mid-ear length and you might as well have a grown out bowl cut… or a mullet… or look like Jeff Daniels in Dumb & Dumber.

  7. JMo

    Do we know for sure that Hathaway’s not pregnant? i posited on Tom and Lorenzo’s post that the last minute change to the Prada might be explained by a bump if the original Valentino was at all body conscious. And this fancy nightgown she changed into would hide all manner of bumpness, would it not?

    • Trace

      Her BAFTA and Oscar luncheon dresses were pretty snug-fitting and there was absolutely no sign of a bump there.

      • Heather

        My theory is: Perhaps she WAS back in January, and she had this custom-made anticipating that she’d need the room… and then things didn’t end happily and she didn’t have a backup. It might also explain why she ditched the Valentino — perhaps it was ALSO too roomy and they couldn’t make it work.

        I hate that theory because it’s sad. But it’s my theory nonetheless.

        • Morris

          Or: she chooses ugly dresses.
          Jennifer and Amy and Naomi look so beautiful.

        • Ericajeanine

          She’s put out an official statement that she changed her red carpet dress last minute because the original one looked too similar to another star’s dress.

        • Trace

          That’s very sad if it’s true but let’s hope it isn’t. She’s been wearing droopy dresses for a while though – even back at all the Batman premieres she went to last year.

        • Elizabeth

          Although I know it’s coming from a good place, I don’t think it’s appropriate to openly speculate that someone has had a miscarriage. This has the makings of a very painful rumor, whether it’s true or not. If we all agree that it’s unkind and unproductive to make assumptions about someone’s mental health (see: the debate that raged on about Lindsay Lohan last year), how is this any different?

    • TereLiz

      I read at the reputable enews.com that she thought the white embroidered Valentino she had planned looked too similar to Amanda Seyfried’s lilac embroidered Alexander McQueen, and ditched it within hours of arrival for the pink Prada.

      I’m willing to bet THAT was her original Vanity Fair party dress. Apparently this blue Saint Laurent was pulled out of Rachel Zoe’s ass at the last second. Too bad there wasn’t another Givenchy in there instead.

      • Heather

        Weird! I swear I heard it was custom. I know nothing.

        • Jessica

          I want to hear Rachel Zoe’s take on all of this. She must have been having a stroke.

        • BooRad859

          E! online has side by side pictures of both dresses.

        • Elizabeth in SF

          Maybe it was custom, just not custom for Anne. (Which would explain the wonky fit.)

          I think I like that idea more than the decidedly depressing idea that she was planning to need more space and now doesn’t. Don’t hate her, don’t love her, but now I want to give her random hugs too, just to cover the bases.

        • Trace

          Well if she had a dress pulled out of her ass then yes, she’d be quite shocked!

    • Tiffany

      They have the dress she was going to wear on Eonline, and it is veeeeery similar in shape, color, and pattern to what Amanda Seyfried wore. I think that is why she changed it up.

      • buttercup

        Okay, if that’s true, why wouldn’t Amanda cede to the NOMINEE?

  8. Caroline

    Naomi Watts seems to be really proud of her left shoulder. Love Amy Adam’s dress.

  9. qwertygirl

    Zoe Saldana clearly changed into her nightgown.

    • Pouncer

      The nightgown of an Old West saloon madame. I don’t get it, at all. Her Oscars dress was gorgeous, even if a bit too festooned for my taste. This is just wretched.

  10. h² fashion

    Jennifer and Amy looked amazingggg in their second gowns! I wish I could have either one! I’m not a fan of Zoe’s though…leather is on trend, but not when you wear it like that.


  11. lori

    The one word I’ve come to associate with anne Hathaway is droopy, and I don’t know if it is her taste in clothes or the way she carries them. But there’s always a hint of great-aunt Ethel, violet pastilles, tea sets and twinsets.

  12. gin_in_teacups

    Love Jennifer’s and Amy’s. Especially Amy’s. It’s just flapper enough to evoke the 20s without going full on retro costume. Plus shiny!

    Zoe’s is awful. She has such a great figure, why would she wear a dust ruffle?

    And Naomi’s without the sleeve I think might have been awesome.

  13. beth

    Did Zoe anticipate just going home and falling into bed after the party? Why else would she have worn her nightie?

    • rowynn

      Ha! I was going to say the same thing! All she has to do is kick off her shoes, wash her face, and fall into bed. Smart!

  14. Jules

    Hathaway just totally bombed all night long. This is the worst I’ve seen a winner look since Gwyneth’s horribly ill fitting pink dress. That after party dress is totally a “drinks on the lanai” get up.

  15. Esme

    Good god, what is it going to take to get Hathaway to wear a damn bra?

  16. Lisa

    Thud, indeed. I like Naomi’s gown the most out of all pictured.

    • Helen

      Huh. All I can see is a big gold triangle. Watts is completely eclipsed by this, for me.

  17. Helen

    Adams looks great here! Too bad she didn’t wear that to the awards ceremony.

    Lawrence, well, it’s a little tight, but it’s a definite, complete Look. And of course the glow of youthful happiness makes everything better!

    The rest I think are terrible, except, I like Hathaway’s simple column. There’s another that I wish had been worn to the ceremony instead of what was. Even if you hate it, it beats Nipplegate any day!

  18. Kris

    Amy Adams’ dress – that’s what she should have worn to the awards.
    JLaw’s dress – LOVED the awards dress. This one sits too low on her chest. It gives her acreage of chestal region. It’s not that I would want her boobs all squished UP, but that the whole thing is just too low.

  19. Mair Mair

    Amy Adams has got to be one of the best looks I’ve ever seen on this site. Not just her dress, but her hair, makeup and jewelry are perfection.

  20. EB

    For Hathaway, I choose to believe that after making the award season rounds she wanted to celebrate with some delicious snacks and a roomy dress.

    • filmcricket

      That’s what I’ve decided too. Maybe Vanity Fair has better catering than the Governor’s Ball. And the colour’s gorgeous on her.

  21. ChristieLea

    Were it blue floral chiffon, Zoe’s dress would be remarkably similar to the bridesmaids’ dresses my mother chose for her wedding. In 1973.

    LOVE J. Law’s and A-Squared’s.

  22. ErinE

    Amy Adams is definitely wearing my favorite dress of the night. I wasn’t blown away by anything until now!
    And also, now I’m worried about Anne Hathaway. But …. she’s Anne Hathaway – she probably could have gotten new things/tailoring if that were the case? Which gives me hope it wasn’t the case.
    I kind of thing she’s just putting on weight after her Fantine days and (at least for me) weight gain goes straight to my stomach, even healthy weight gain?

  23. Maggie

    I actually really like what J Law’s dress is doing to her pelvis. I’m totally jealous of her thighs and butt, and her second dress really emphasized them.

    • Jill

      I agree. It’s hugging her pelvis because her pelvis is luscious. God I love that girl.

  24. tracy

    I feel like Anne changed into that to make her Oscar gown look better in comparison.

    I wish Amy Adams had worn this dress to the ceremony.

    And Jen managed to hit the sleek/sexy and princess/romantic buttons between her two gowns.

  25. Tamburlaine

    Gosh, they really do posh it up for the parties: nary a cocktail frock in sight! Love Naomi Watts’ dress (so sparkly!) and Amy Adams’. Jennifer Lawrence’s is a tad too low-cut, but she’s 22 and she has an amazing figure, so I give her a pass. Zoe Saldana is indeed wearing a nightdress, and not even a very pretty one. And Anne Hathaway’s dress I kind of like, but agree that it would look better if she was wearing a more supportive bra.

  26. nicole

    considering how hungry Jennifer Lawrence kept saying she was before the ceremony. I’d wager that girlfriend ate a burger and then zipped up that bad boy. You go, you burger eating badass.

  27. erin

    JLaw’s rear end makes me so…envious. I don’t know that the dress is 100% flattering from the front, but she’s making it work. She is earning the hell out of that Oscar with these dresses.

  28. Cat

    Love Amy and Jennifer’s dresses, which are amazing. Meh on Anne’s, though I like the color. Naomi definitely couldn’t top her red carpet gown, so this is a let down. And Zoe? Yuck!

  29. TonyG

    Even though it takes away Naomi’s waist, I am kind of digging her dress.

  30. Heidi

    I think JLaw’s dress is lovely but it’s sitting too low, the cup parts finish well below her boobs, if they shortened the straps a bit so it sat higher it would be a total knock-out.
    AA looks faaab! Two stunning gown’s in one night.
    I don’t know what is going on with Hath – maybe she expected to have put back on more pre-LesMis weight than she actually has and that’s why all her clothes are sacks?

  31. AM

    I love both of Naomi’s dresses, but this is my favorite, and I usually don’t like one shouldered. They look off-balance to me, but I kinda wish she had worn this to the ceremony, because I really think she looks good. I definitely think Amy should have just stuck to this dress all night.

  32. AM

    I love both of Naomi’s dresses, but this is my favorite, and I usually don’t like one shouldered. They look off-balance to me, but I kinda wish she had worn this to the ceremony, because I really think she looks good. I definitely think Amy should have just stuck to this dress all night.

  33. Chasmosaur

    JLaw should have talked to Cammy D. Her post-oscars gold/silver metallic was so much better.


  34. H.C.

    With all the fringes on Amy’s dress, wished there was a shot of it in full-twirl action.

    Ditto to pregnancy rumors & Anne, but maybe after all those crash diet acting – she decided it’s her night to SANDWICH.

  35. buttercup

    I have to say, I’m surprised that these ladies would change into something as serious and high stakes as these dresses. I feel like I’d rather opt for something fun and more comfortable.

    That being said, Amy Adams looks amazing. She totally should’ve worn this to the big show.

    And as for Hathaway, an interesting, but sad if true, theory. Everything seemed so off for her on Sunday, even her hair didn’t look as good as the previous few weeks. Both of these choices seem so out of left field compared to everything she wore leading up to this. I would’ve preferred her in that black, slit-up-to-there dress with aggressive black strappy-up-the-leg shoes she wore when she flashed everyone getting out of that limo. At least it was interesting and fashion-forward. Bummer.

  36. witjunkie

    Amy Adams needs to wear that silhouette forever.

    And at first quick glance, I thought that was Nicholson peering around the shrubbery at JLaw, and I thought, jeez, she really does have a stalker now! Did you guys see this, so cute:

    When Jennifer Lawrence Met Jack Nicholson

  37. mepe

    Naomi: I loved the Oscar dress so much…this one can’t compare.
    Amy: She is a total knockout in this dress and probably could have worn to the ceremony.
    Zoe: Changed into her (very fancy) nighty.
    Jennifer: Great dress…looks like a fun party dress. And good for her if she left her spanx in the car(?) (where do they change into the 2nd dresses?).
    Anne: Terrible…reminds me of a long version of a Romy & Michelle dress…but you really had to go there with the baby rumors?! WOW…that is low.

  38. CJ

    I really like Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. She’s so pretty.

    Anne Hathaway… MAN. Her ceremony dress AND this dress were both horrible. Both of them looked like they were made from patterns and material bought at JoAnn Fabrics.

  39. Bambi Anne Dear

    For me, Naomi should win BEST because she wore two stunning gowns. I almost prefer this one to the Armani. And why the hell didn’t Jennifer Lawrence wear that second one for the awards. It’s so much more starry than that confection she tripped in.

  40. Scanderoon



  41. Vandalfan

    Anne- Fancy Wine Bag times two. Snack on, sister!

  42. Cynthia

    OMG, that dress on Amy is SO FAB I can not believe she saved it for the after show only. Side note: I am 100% convinced Hathaway is preggo. That is why the Prada fit poorly, and why she wrapped herself in a fancy mumu to go to the parties!

  43. Sajorina

    LOVE & COVET Amy’s & Jeniffer’s dresses with all my heart & soul! FAB to the 10th power to both!