Oscars Fugs and Fabs: Best and Worst Reds

Yet again, the default hue for everyone who wanted color was red. In fact, there was an interesting article in the New York Times before the Oscars about Jennifer Lawrence’s stylist, in which she asked the folks at handbag guru Judith Leiber whether they’d heard about much red, and the answer was — as of five days prior to the telecast — that only one other person had mentioned it. Lawrence’s stylist replied:

“See, this is the reason it worries me. [...] There have been a lot of red dresses out there in the past season, so it seems a little obvious, it’s annoying. It’s always an Oscar color, but it’s maddening.”

And here we are, with no fewer than thirteen people in the shade (and Hathaway did it twice). A lot of them did it really, really well… but not all of them. Let’s take a tour through the options and then pick a definitive winner and loser. The winner gets bragging rights, and the loser has to wear a hat made out of Melissa Leo’s “CONSIDER ME” ads.

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Comments (37):

  1. DanerKebab

    I went with Jennifer L for the best red – she was one of the few that brought pure BOMBSHELL to the carpet. It was a perfect color, well-styled, and a perfect fit.

    Zoe S got my vote for worst red, because I just simply cannot get behind red and pink together. Ever. EVER.

  2. Jess

    I voted for Anne Hathaway, but I voted for her FIRST red dress as the best! Just wanted it to be known. :-)

  3. Bella

    Best: Should be noted that it’s Anne Hathaway’s Valentino. Anna Kendrick was a very close second.

    Worst: Hard to choose between Ginnifer Goodwin and Zoe Saldana.

  4. sarrible

    I can’t get behind red and pink together either, but that dust ruffle Selita Ebanks is wearing makes me think of a cheap whorehouse that gives its clientele all manner of itchy pestilence.

  5. Adriana

    While J. Lawrence’s red was fantastic, I don’t think it was Oscar-worthy. I went with that Annie Hathaway. As for worst, Zoe had at least a smile and some panache. Ginnifer FTW.

  6. Annabeth

    I wish we could have voted for Anne Hathaway One (back bag) and Anne Hathaway Two (burgundy) separately. I’d have voted for Anne Hathaway Two. So flummoxed was I by this that I instead voted for Penelope Cruz as best just for sheer moxie.

    Ginnifer Goodwin’s dress was just … not on. I could almost see Michelle Williams pulling it off, because we all would have been like, “OH THANK GOD A COLOR AGAIN,” but even then, it would only be a relief, not actually good.

  7. Jenn

    I really thought that Selena Gomez’s dress was pretty — but I think she’ll lose votes because of the sad puppy love hanging off of her.

  8. Do

    Best: I actually really like Zoe Saldana’s dress, and Jennifer Lawrence looks spectacular. I wish I could see Selena Gomez’s dress better, it looks really good (but there’s a Justin Bieber spoiling the picture).
    Worst: As much as I love her, Ginnifer Godwin’s dress – no, just no.

  9. Billie

    I really, really wish there was an Anne Hathaway 1 and Anne Hathaway 2. Because, 1 is a hot mess, and 1 is gorgeous. Wouldn’t it be great if she won best AND worst reds?

  10. Billie

    Brain fart, 2 is gorgeous.

  11. Jay

    If Ginnifer Goodwin ever needed a good stylist this was the time and STAT…Odette Yustman is stunning and oh yeah so is her dress.

  12. Sally

    My biggest problem with Hathaway 1 is that she kept tugging it up and I HATE that. Don’t wear a strapless that doesn’t stay put on your boobs.

  13. Anne B

    Jennifer Lawrence for the best red-carpet red — and also, the best save. This simple look of hers is light-years from her last red-carpet effort: that bustier disaster with the bad hair. Brava, kiddo! May you grace our screens (and red carpets) for years to come.

    Worst? It’s close, but Bigelow knows this business. She should really have brought something closer to her A game to the red carpet.

    Honorary mention goes to Hathaway’s ass bag. I think I’ll have all my skirts altered to include those, come to think of it. Save me a fortune on purses.

  14. Anne-Cara

    Anne Hathaway’s second is gorgeous and got my vote for best. Poor Katherine Bigelow got my worst vote.

  15. Kate

    It was really hard to choose the worst, I was torn between Kendrick (which looks like she wrapped herself in those ribbons with which they decorate gift cars in commercials), Bigelow (flashdance linebacker), Ebanks (dust ruffle) and Saldana (fancy guest towels).

    I actually chose Yustman for best because I think the shape is unique and interesting and also she is very, very pretty.

    Also, noting that it usually gets pointed out on this site when it appears that peoples’ crotches are raining fabric, I wonder why it wasn’t mentioned in Mann’s slide.

    I was also wondering if anyone else thought Sandy’s mouth looked a little…tampered with…?

  16. aa

    am i the only person who LIKED ginnifer’s dress? it’s her hair i have a problem with. and her face in that photo. sigh. she didn’t wear it right, i suppose.

    anyway, i am tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired of anne hathaway. so i voted odette. how beautiful is she?! although i also really liked jennifer’s look. selita hands-down for the worst. poor thing… it takes WORK to make a rail-thin supermodel look like a bag lady. but she did it. yay! or… not.

  17. Lisa

    Ginnifer’s dress is not worse than Kathryn’s baggy sweatpants shoulder cutouts.

    i preferred Leslie Mann’s red to Anne’s

  18. casey

    I voted for Sandra Bullock for best – I loved the detail on the back, and she really showed how the ass thing should be done (I’m looking at you, Hathaway) Plus, I just love her and I thought she looked gorgeous and classy and fabulous

  19. Babs

    I too preferred Leslie Mann’s dress to Anne’s – crotch rain or not, I want it now.

    It’s also interesting how much Jennifer Lawrence divides opinions. She does indeed look very sexy and I hope she wears this to the bedroom to get things going, which they will. But since when is the Oscars about dropping a bombshell? For me that dress looks like what you’d wear to the bar at a seaside resort in order to pull, utilising your swimsuit as a basis for your outfit.

  20. anny

    Hathaway 1: It’s not really an assbag … more of a posterior thigh goiter.

  21. lala

    That pic of Selena’s dress doesn’t do it justice. I’ve seen ti on other site and it’s beautiful, elegant and sexy at the same time. Pretty amazing feat considering she’s only 18.

  22. business writer

    Hathaway’s #2 dress was Versace, not Valentino. Just FYI :-)

  23. vandalfan

    Thinkin’ Leslie Mann did it better than Anne H #2, because the sequins on Anne#2 gave it a Wonder Woman kind of vibe.

  24. Anne

    Anne Harhaway’s second red dress (and definitely the best red dress of the night!) is Versace, not Valentino.
    Also, note to G. Goodwin: There IS such a thing as trying too hard to be edgy. Is it me, or Has she stopped smiling for photo ops since her haircut?!

  25. Anne


  26. Dorothee

    And I voted for two people I never think of…

    Odette for the win.
    Ebanks for the lose.

  27. NINA

    Selena the most beautiful- even though I’m too old for Bieber

    Ginnifer is just hideous in that get-up

  28. Fuh Ugh

    Sandy FTW

  29. fritanga

    Kendrick had the best red dress: short, cute, appropriate to her body and age. I have no idea why people vote for Hathaway for best because 1) she’s so tiresome and overexposed, and 2) ANY dress she wears is unfortunately topped off by her awful, rubbery-featured, Liza Minnelli-in-training HEAD. Bleh.

    Lawrence’s dress would have been beautiful at a beach resort dance but was too plain for the Oscars. Still, bangin’ body. Ditto Penelope Cruz, only swap “beach resort” for “Vegas showroom.”

    The worst was Kathryn Bigelow. Really sad.

  30. NYCGirl

    Best: Ginnifer Goodwin. No, that isn’t a typo. (Nor is it an endorsement of The Hair.)
    Worst: Kathryn Bigelow’s curtain.

  31. Diana

    Jennifer’s dress on anyone else would not have generated the same effect: basically, the dress looked fantastic because it’s simplicity brought out the gorgeousness of the woman wearing it. However, my vote still goes to Anne Hathaway, because the dress itself was more special while looking equally stunning.

    Ginnifer’s was the worst for me

  32. Anna

    Anna, Anna and Anne Mk II and Sandy all float my boat.

    I hate Penelope’s dress, it looks cheap, but she still looks amazing thanks to the cleavage, happiness and Javier. Goodwin deffo needs a stylist asap.

  33. Cleeeeo

    I was gonna vote for Anne Hathaway’s SECOND DRESS, the art deco-ey burgandy one.
    But then I didn’t want my vote to go to the bum one.
    So I vote Odette. Simple yet beautiful.

    Worst – Kathryn Bigelow. Nahh not feeling it.
    Anna Kendricks – I don’t get why people wear short dresses like that to the Oscars, it’s one of your only chances to have a beautiful opulent dress, use it!

  34. Cristina

    I loved that dress on Ginnifer Goodwin.

  35. kimmy

    jennifer lawrence. that dress melted over her body. it was an amazing fit.

  36. TereLiz

    I voted for Anne both times. ;)

    LOVE the darker red Valentino.

    HATE the butt bag one. Made her look older than she is, or like a bridesmaid. The darker red with the sequins feels so much more age-appropriate, makes her body look FAB, and is just plain gorgeous.

  37. Sajorina

    Best: Anne Hathaway’s 2nd red dress!

    Worst: Kathryn Bigelow’s red mess!