Oscars Fug or Fab: Rosamund Pike


Y’all know I love a pattern on a formal gown:

I’m just not entirely convinced this pattern is the key to my heart. I’m pretty sure I spied it most recently on a Barbie doll.

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  1. Clara

    I don’t care for the feminine skirt paired with her dad’s sleevless sweater.

    • Helen

      Same here. Either might be fine on its own – in very different contexts – but together, it’s such a clash, I can’t even tell whether or not I do think either is fine on its own.

  2. BrownEyedBetty

    Barbie for President! And it looks like separates. Don’t this this can be saved. Shame.

  3. qwertygirl

    I have a list of things I’d love to complain about, but in the intrest of not boring all of Fug Nation, I’ll pick my top pet peeve. FANCY DRESSES DO NOT NEED POCKETS. Sorry. Pockets in formal dresses are one of my CAPSY triggers. I think it makes them look too casual. I know not everyone agrees. That’s just my ALL CAPS $0.02.

  4. Lizzy

    Looks like a late 80′s/early 90′s bridesmaid dress. She’s beautiful, though.

  5. Lisa

    Don’t like it at all. She is lovely, however,

  6. Sara

    This could be fixed with a different skirt. Or is that too much to fix? I like the concept, but not the execution.

  7. tigers4us

    The skirt looks a bit like a shower curtain. Perhaps smaller (much smaller) flower print.

  8. Sara B.

    What if it had a great belt?

    • mary lou bethune

      or a pink satin skirt? Anyway, when you are that beautiful, it hardly matters.
      She and Lilly Collins , Diane Kruger and CHanning’s wife are the only ones in that category in my humble op.

  9. Marph

    The skirt needs to be black. It might look more boring, but at least it won’t look like 80s shower curtain. And I have to respectfully disagree with qwerty girl – pockets in formal dresses are awesome, and so useful for stashing tissues, breath mints, snacks, etc.

    • qwertygirl

      But that’s why you have some really awesome little clutch or minaudière! If I went to these events (which in all fairness, I am unlikely ever to do) half the fun would be picking out the gown, and the other half would be picking out the fantastic jewel-encrusted little doodad that I would stick my lipstick and mad money in. Accessories are where it’s at!

  10. Fawn

    I’d say either add a lot more roses (cover the skirt in them), or ditch the roses all together. Either would be an improvement, but I think more roses is the answer.

  11. amy

    while I’m not loving the fabric, I do think it would be improved if the top were the same. Maybe with ruching (sp?) so you would get an idea of the roses without the full impact of the pattern.

  12. Lisa Bryant

    Go with a lighter colored top – maybe even in a complementary pattern – and she’d have something.

  13. Sajorina

    I love the skirt, but I don’t get why the top is black! If the top was a soft pink, I’d be sold! Her hair & makeup are pretty! ½ FAB!

  14. CJG

    She is so lovely and was utterly amazing in Barney’s Version. I think I have to give this a “Feh” vote. She looks adorable, the cut is cute. The issue is the fabric used for the skirt. I am not majorly offended by it, but it just makes me ask ‘why?’ With all of the beautiful fabrics out there — even with the option of plain ivory — why big roses and why is there no black in the bottom to tie the two together? I just saw Sabrina again, so if I were to “fix” it, I would do plain ivory on the bottom with black embroidery/beadwork like that gorgeous Edith Head gown Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie.

  15. Courtney

    I think she pulls this off. It’s certainly not a print that would work on anyone but she looks so natural and glowy. Maybe I’m experiencing awards season burn-out, but this is refreshing to me.

    • CakesOnAPlane

      No I like it too. I feel like I shouldn’t with the mismatched top and skirt, the frouf, the shiny and the pink…but I like it! I think because it’s not too much of anything, and call me crazy but I love her soft hair that looks slightly undone.

  16. Ody

    It reminds me of those oily stickers from my childhood and on that basis alone, I love it.

  17. Cheryl Doby Stauffer

    for me it’s the hair and lack of jewelry- I think an updo with some amazing ‘drippy’ earrings and a couple of bangles would have added a lot…

  18. Mary

    This looks exactly like a rich lady’s summer dinner dress circa 1966. Which is why I absolutely adore it. Retro simple chic.

    • ceecee

      Me, too! It reminds me of a cocktail dress my mother had in the 60s that I always thought was elegant yet fun.

  19. Rayna

    Rosamund is fab, but the dress needs………..something. Maybe not such ENORMOUS roses. As is, the scale is just daunting. And the top needs to be more Oscar party and less office casual, ie, look like it is going to the same event as the skirt.

    And SOMETHING with the hair – not full on prom do, but a jeweled clip or such like.

  20. MissTee

    My biggest problem is with her very casual “going-to-the-laundromat” hair. Come on, lady. Fix it up. That’s every day hair. Not fancy party hair.

  21. Bottle Ginger

    Pike has an amazing figure, but you’d never know it under that sack. Or “those sacks” plural, since the top and bottom have nothing to do with each other.

    Okay, she’s not making a big deal out of the night, she can be more comfortable than the big names who did the red carpet on national TV. But it’s possible to be comfy without looking like you’re wearing a shower curtain over a casual summer top!

  22. Orange Clouds

    UGLY! sums it up pretty much.

  23. Sue

    This is Dior. There is a picture floating around of Helen Mirren in the same skirt, different pattern, and what looks like a long sleeved leotard top – AND IT IS AWESOME. Amazing how the same garment can has such different effects on both. Rosamund is pretty. Helen Mirren looks freaking amazing.

  24. witjunkie

    I would love this if the skirt didn’t have the iridescent pink gift ribbon sheen on it. And if the top were more fitted. Some earrings, too, but overall, she looks very comfortable and confident.

  25. Cassandra

    I think the proportions are off. Raise the skirt to her natural waist and lengthen the hem a little and I think we’re in business.

  26. Vandalfan

    Barbie wearing this fabric? She’d barely have it on the powder room walls of her Dream Home.

  27. Jen

    She looks great, as long as it is still 1999 and she is about to attend the prom in “10 Things I Hate About You”.

  28. Squirrel!

    It’s not the skirt that I have a problem with; it’s the top. The black is too harsh against the delicate tones of the skirt. I think a pale pink top, possibly with a belt, might be lovely.

  29. Nina

    The skirt isn’t bad, but her bedhead and that sweater vest are just making me sad. And count me in for the “no pockets in dresses” party. It makes the whole look casual when it’s not supposed to.