Oscars Fug or Fab: Dianna Agron

It’s been a very gown-filled week, so my judgment might be faltering, but I might like this?

The print, if you can’t tell from that distance, is little red mushrooms, which feels whimsical, and the cut (and this hairdo) are flattering. I also think this one hits the sweet spot for an Oscar viewing party: Fancier than those of us who watched in sweats, but not so fancy that you look like you think you’re going to the ACTUAL Oscars. Yes, now that I’ve worked out my feelings on you, Fug Nation, I’ve decided I like this.

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Comments (38):

  1. Jill

    The neckline reminds me of a nightgown and that’s a little too casual even for a viewing party. I do like the red mushrooms!

  2. Caroleena Stantonova

    I own a nightgown just like hers!

    • vandalfan

      I SEWED a nightgown like this in 9th grade Home Ec. It was flannel.

  3. CAT

    It’s a gorgeous dress… but for that event – Ehhhhhh. This baby needs to go to the derby races alongside one fabulous hat.

  4. Amanda

    Her face is just so beautiful! I do like this dress on her.

  5. Anj

    I think this would have been great if the Oscar’s was a beach event but it’s not.

  6. linda

    it looks like a night gown…ick

  7. Clara

    The dress is so-so,maybe needs to be a bit more tailored? it seems too “cocktails by the pool” for an Oscar party. Her hair and make-up are very flattering.

  8. Mair Mair

    I really, really like this dress. What’s more, I would actually wear this dress in my actual life. Having said that, I agree that it’s maybe not the right dress for this event.

  9. Mikki

    It would look lovely as a shorter length, and if she were wearing a big floppy hat with it to a garden party. This looks too nightgownish…

  10. Rosemarie

    I was going to say “Cute nightgown” but Mikki beat me to the punch on that one.

  11. Rosemarie

    Oh wait, everyone else did too, sorry.

  12. Annie E

    I love the dress, but I wish her hair were a little more formal to fancy up the look a bit.

  13. Lisa

    I like it and she looks beautiful.

  14. christine

    what a good dress, how much is it?

  15. BrownEyedBetty

    definitely NightGown.

  16. gladly

    Wait, you have to get this dressed up just for a viewing party? These folks are doing it wrong.

    • Softwear

      Ha! Let’s hear it for sweats, nature’s most under-rated item of clothing. Yes. I congratulate you, sir/madam/human.

  17. Leah

    Where can I get one??? I love this.
    That being said, it is more beachy/pool-side than Oscars party.

  18. AMS

    I love how fresh and summery this is, which leads to my only real complaint about an otherwise lovely look: it’s February. Even in Los Angeles.

  19. Erin

    Love the dress, but it does feel like it should be worn to a spring bridal brunch or baby shower. But she looks beautiful. Also, I am worried Quinn died on Glee.

  20. Eileen

    It’s a little too caftan-adjacent for me to be totally happy.

    PS.-Erin, Quin isn’t dying but there will be “consequences” when Glee returns. . .

  21. me

    This dress *is* Spring (albeit premature, but welcome nevertheless) ! I see all the night gown comments and I did have a nightgown aeons ago that was the same color combo (I think mine were flowers and balloons though, not mushrooms!) Anyway I just loved this gown…so floaty and dreamy and making me nostalgic in a niiiiice way :)

  22. Softwear

    It’s a *touch* too casual, and I don’t like the hair or the clutch, but the dress wins on its own merits – it is adorable!

  23. Jen S 2.0

    I was never going to be on board with this, but you lost me ENTIRELY at the word “mushrooms.”

  24. Laucie

    I tend to cut the young ‘uns a little more slack, assuming they avoid looking like showgirls in very low-rent clubs. I generally prefer my mushrooms sauted, but Diana looks so pretty, I’ll just imagine they are butterflies, nice red butterflies.

  25. :paula

    Although doesn’t she suddenly look exactly like Rebecca Romijn?

  26. Cranky Old Batt

    She looks fresh, young and beautiful!
    Her honey blond and the pastels, pinks and roses love each other.

    She looks absolutely perfect for a wedding, a formal tea party, afternoon gala, but not this.

  27. Jacq

    It’s too Abigail’s Party for me. I think that it would be better without those floaty cap sleeves.

  28. Sajorina

    It’s fine for the parties and she looks beautiful in it, but I have an irrational fear of mushrooms and I’m disgusted by the mere sight of them, so I would never wear it myself or look at it if I was near her!

  29. mepe

    Love this dress and adore the mushroom print on it! I think it looks perfect on her – fresh and young – and seems appropriate for an Oscar viewing party. Why does one have to be spangled to go to a party to WATCH the Oscars.

  30. Sensible Sea Monster

    It IS lovely. Just not for Oscars night.

  31. Soapstef

    She’s been hitting it out of the park with her makeup lately! Her face is stunning and finally…a star who knows how to control shine!

    I love this dress on her. I starting to appreciate that she can actually surprise me. Most of these girls are too predictable.

  32. Shiitake

    Too nightgown-esque for me.

    Hair and makeup are flawless.

  33. TinaG

    Ummm, nightgown anyone?

  34. Josephine

    This falls somewhere between Fabulous Picnic Dress and Fancy Nightgown, and neither of those places is a good bet for the Oscars. Resounding fug for inappropriate deployment of an otherwise charming garment.

  35. NYCGirl

    I think the issue for me is that the mushrooms are not so little. And that, as many have mentioned, it’s rather nightgown-y.