Oscars Fug or Fab Carpet: Lily Collins


I always love seeing how people dress for the Vanity Fair party. People who went to the actual Oscars usually change into something less uptight, whereas people who DIDN’T go to the Oscars sometimes dress as if they had. To wit, Miss Lily Collins:

First, I enjoy her serving it so completely for us. Second, I think SOMEONE has taken Lily’s infamous brows down a notch. Now, listen, I LOVE a strong brow; I love HER strong brows specifically. And so it’s a relief that they still look like Brow Brows, just….having been put on a wee diet, the kind you go on when you wake up and realize your jeans are a bit too snug and MAYBE it’s because all you’ve eaten for six weeks is potato chips. But her face is really quite lovely. How about the dress? Let’s look at the front:

Is it wrong that I just wish the entire thing were striped?

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  1. Snoskred

    Gorgeous. :)

  2. Nanny

    You are not wrong but then it would have looked like a blue version of Halle Berry’s dress. It’s a lot of look but I like it.

    • jerkygirl

      Agreed. The floral top part sets it apart. This dress is kinda strange, but I love it. The color is a gorgeous shade of blue.

      • mepe

        I love it too! She looks fabulous…her hair, make-up and black nails all rock! She manages to make this dress look cool and glamerous,

  3. susannestyle

    random query for the Fug Girls: why don’t you list the designer on most of your posts? just curious. you guys are awesome and i read you every day! and as a fashion-phile, I am always interested in who designed what.

  4. BrownEyedBetty

    I think it’s waayyyyyy too old for her.

  5. house mouse

    PRETTY! *grabby hands*

  6. Alessandra

    The color is faaaabulous.
    As a gal with a natural strong brow, I miss her stronger brow. They looked better than the diet-brow……..oh no, losing meaning of brow…

  7. Fawn

    I actually think it would be best if the stripes covered her bust and then you kept the lacy pattern to the neck and for the sleeves.

  8. Sara


  9. Mongerel

    The contrast of patterns really works here; I don’t think stripes on top would be the answer. I think the problem is all those competing focal points. Face! Jewels! Lace! Stripes! Train! Nudie back! Tattoo! (well….scratch that last one, it’s just become such a habit).

    Anyway, in conclusion, I would like to see this dress with a solid blue top (the darker blue color). Then again, the lace actually works with the stripes, because the tone on tone effect is balanced perfectly with both. I am defeated. It’s pretty darn good as it is.

  10. h² fashion

    I sort of like it. I’m not sure if I like the two different prints together, but it doesn’t look bad on her


  11. Helen

    I have an alternate suggestion. I’d like to make the top a solid, sparkly deep blue, matching the darker stripes. And sleeveless. With a V in front, not too low, shaped to echo the way the stripes flow over her hips.

    Love it from the waist down, and the back is gorgeous, but that lacy top part is old-lady-ish, and to make it all stripes I think would overwhelm her. I say simple up the top.

  12. Esme

    I kind of like this even though she looks like a piece of hand-painted porcelain.

  13. Chris

    I’m afraid if it had been all stripes, it would have looked too much like a purple version of Halle Berry’s Oscar dress.

  14. Mair Mair

    If someone described this dress to me, I would be horrified. And yet, inexplicably, it works.

  15. Bree

    I love it the way it is (also love her), but I think it’d also be great all striped or all floral. SO MANY OPTIONS.

  16. Rayna

    I get it, GFY Jessica, but as Mongerel says, it’s the contrast that makes it all work.

    And FINALLY someone who understands what LINING is and how to use it! Or, how to bring the sheer, but leave the nekkid.

  17. Julia

    Love it from the back, adore the colour, but too much going on on the front.
    All stripes would be too much, so either Fawn’s sleeves suggestion or Helen’s simple top suggestion. I wonder if the stripes around the waist could go and then we’d just have a marriage of floral top and striped skirt, or that would look weird?
    This, completely floral, would make a pretty but much less striking dress.

  18. emster

    I’d say keep the two patterns but bring the neckline down a little bit in the front; do a little more cover on the back then if that’s needed for balance.

  19. witjunkie

    Yes, I liked the back view, but was disappointed that the front view of the top was just an uninterrupted blah of lace. Something breaking it up would have been better.

  20. Eirwen

    I find the bottom half makes it more suitable for Dame Shirley Bassey or a lady of similar maturity. Great colour though.

  21. Ef

    On that second picture, she looks so much like a younger Emily Blunt.

  22. Bambi Anne Dear

    I didn’t really notice this on another site but it is gorgeous. The blue is amazing.

  23. Emma

    Love the dress. Love the brows. All as is.

  24. Vandalfan

    A bit more brow-wrangling, a bit less lace over beige lining on the bodice, but I don’t know if stripes are the answer.

  25. Sajorina

    I love it so much it hurts! FABULOUS!!! One of my favorites of the night! Just GORGEOUS!

  26. Miranda

    I want it to stay the way it is in terms of patterns, but I want the cummerbund-y part in the middle to be a wee bit narrower (with its top edge landing at a lower point on her waist).

    Personally, I miss the old brows, but I’m not mad about it.

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