Oscars Fug or Fab Carpet: Catherine Zeta Jones

As I said on Twitter, I love CZJ always.

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  1. BrownEyedBetty

    Not a fan of her r/c dress….but props for trying something new. Normally, she’s more understated and much more tasteful. Was blown away by her performance. She must be in unbelievable shape to perform a piece she did a decade ago to near perfection…as far as I could tell. Yeah, she was lip-syncing but I didn’t care too much. She was shakin’ it!

  2. BrownEyedBetty

    p.s. I agree she’s had some work done. Her eyes don’t look like they used to. Which means she doesn’t exactly look like herself. Which is a shame. Beautiful woman.

    • Nancy

      I agree 100%! I always thought she was one of the world’s most beautiful women, and now…I,really don’t recognize her sometimes. Reminds me of what Christie Brinkley did to her face. Something around the eyes really changes how,they look.

      Is a real,shame, to not age beautifully. But I did love her dress!

  3. AEMom

    It’s so funny to me that you mentioed C-3PO, because when the Oscar telecast came on, my son said “Oh look — there’s C-3PO. What’s all that about?”

    • Bottle Ginger

      Well, where else can a gal wear a 3CPO dress, if not at the Oscars?

      I love a gal who goes over the top at the right time.

  4. Sara

    Did you guys catch her getting shunned by Seacrest and the Mani Cam in the Red Carpet? It was extremely awkward. And her lip-syncing was too obvious in her performance.

    Oh, the dress? Meh.

    • susannestyle

      I agree that her performance was much too obviously lip-synced. This dress is a bit much, but I think she has the chops to pull it off! C3-PO kinda reminds me of Tim Gunn in droid form, which means I love him.

      • G

        OH WOW, you just totally said it and that’s all I can see/hear now.

        C3-PO is Tim Gunn!

  5. Lisa

    I hate this dress and I don’t like the fact that her face is partially frozen, it bu,gs me. She is a beautiful woman, please stop with the needles.

  6. frenchtart

    whatever she’s done to her face – i’m guessing Botoxed to the max, since she has that strange quality when she smiles that Dr. Will of Big Brother fame has – i wish she’d stop. such a lovely face and she’s eff’ed it up. makes me sad.

  7. Melly

    She never looks like CZJ anymore. She always seems to have one thing or another going on that robs her of her natural beauty. The dress is OK, better from the back. Damn I wish she would leave her face alone! (Same w/ Jane Fonda if you run her photo…dress, posture, everything seems to get stiffer along with her face.)

  8. Clare

    Wow, her face does not look like her face anymore.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      My thoughts exactly! She looks like Amanda Holden now. (Britain’s Got Talent judge)

  9. Mongerel

    I do not care for the dress. Between the old-bra color of the skirt and the corset-stiff bodice, it reads “embellished underthing” to me. And I also agree that she looks unrecognizable. Anybody who’s curious, the beauty she has traded on all these years is not exactly original, either. Here’s the true Before:


    • Helen

      Wow, it’s a whole different person.

      Still, the original work was terrific and looked very natural. Not so these recent changes.

  10. Helen

    I would actually like the dress better if it were MORE C-3PO, as in, gold all the way down.

    Loved the performance costume, hated the performance. Add me to those who felt the lip-syncing was far too obvious and very badly done, and also a lot of her moves were not sexy but trashy. I repeatedly wanted to stop her so I could maintain the illusion of class, just kept thinking, “Oh, noooo, don’t…” and then she did.

    And I, too, hate whatever she’s done to her face. The unique Zeta-Jonesness of it is gone.

  11. Daryl Singer Edelstein

    her face doesnt move and she lip synched that number …

  12. Sajorina

    I love her & love this dress because SHINY! I love metallics and think that gold works beautifully with her skin! Her face does look somewhat “refreshed’, but she still looks like herself and her gorgeous hair is otherworldly! FAB!

  13. Terri Watson

    She came dressed as Oscar. And, yeah, she sooo wanted to do the mani cam. Not sure it was a deliberate snub on Ryan’s part, I don’t think he heard her what with his earpiece in place. She’s a beautiful woman. Stop with the botox!!!

  14. Fawn

    She is starting to look an older Megan Fox. Not a good move CZJ.

  15. anne p.

    With apologies to Tom & Lorenzo: “Of course.”

  16. Tiffany

    I think she looked great, one of my favorite dresses. I thought her performance was great as well. Yes, she might have lip-synced, but she was dancing all over the place while the other performers just stood there. She moved very well, IMO.

  17. val.

    She is beautiful (even with the newish face) and in great shape. The cut of this dress isn’t doing her any favors, though, and I think the shiny is making her look bigger and wider than she really is.

  18. Jodi

    I have a Christmas tree ornament that looks just like this!

  19. MG

    I like when she says, “Frock”. I always forget she’s Welsh until she speaks.

  20. Sandra

    She was perfectly lovely before she decided she wanted Nigella Lawson’s face. Which is also lovely, but it isn’t Catherine’s.

    Dress is kinda underwhelming.

  21. Sylvia

    Picture four = Carol Channing. It happened before our eyes people. Mind you, that’s not a bad thing. It just is.

  22. Emilee

    Why is she wearing Kat VonD’s face?

  23. Eirwen

    Not the best dress and the face should be swapped for her lovely old ntural one. Ffs! She’s only 43!

  24. Ladyblahblah

    Oh my, she’s starting to resemble Kat Van D a bit (without the tattoos).

  25. sarah

    this dress gives me a very xena warrier princess vibe. not that that’s either good or bad, it’s just i can’t look at it and not think “hey, formal xena!”
    also, i loved her performance and want her to be in many more musicals with high kicks and hijinks.

  26. filmcricket

    The dress is okay, but she’s done the full-length gold thing before to better effect. I love “Chicago” but I didn’t understand why she was performing last night and really didn’t need to see a tired version of what she did so well in the film.

    • Esme

      I SOOO agree. I don’t understand why we had to sit through a watered down version of an act from a film that’s been in wide circulation on cable channels. And she has been messing around with her face for a while now, to the extent that she is increasingingly NOT looking the unique way that I loved her for. She’s got to stop. Plus–hate the overly done, rococo dress.

  27. KelseyA

    I think I wish the beige was a little tanner? Or some other color? It feels clashy with all the bronze shiny.

  28. Jane

    The dress is too Texas-pageant-queeny for my taste. Really sad about what she’s doing to her face and the pressure that makes her feel she has to.

  29. ash

    I would have loved this if it had been all gold, but as is it’s pretty meh. I think the gold swirls on the skirt make it look kind of cheap.

  30. Art Eclectic

    LOVE. If I had her face (frozen or not) and her body, I’d wear this to the grocery store.

  31. Cat

    When I saw this, two things crossed my mind: warrior princess and C-3PO. The bodice looks a little bit like a breast-plate to me, but I still love it (and her). I’m not in love with beige/nude skirt part, but CZJ is gorgeous.

  32. Susan

    My first thought was WTH happened to her face? She don’t look the same. I am sure she had some bad work done but, any work done on such a beautiful face would be really, really BAD. I just don’t understand why such beautiful women want to screw up such beauty. They all start looking like freaks. I am afraid that very soon Cathrine is going to look just like Cher in her after awful plastic surgery photos. TOO BAD….

  33. Soapstef

    Sorry…me no likey.

  34. Grace

    Ooooh, what has she done to her face?

  35. googler

    She’s a goddess and she’s wearing gold, so it works.

  36. Jessica

    It looks like some sad attempt at a Xena warrior princess cosplay

  37. Lori

    I really like it; I only wish it had been a column dress that was shiny to the floor.

  38. Fanzina

    Love love the dress. The hair, makeup everything perfection. No one rocks a red carpet like La Zeta. I wish her performance was longer. The best part of the show. All That Jazz! Sing it girl, what pipes! She looks ahhhhmazing. I want to be her when I grow up.

  39. Vandalfan

    A bit much, but I’d have been swayed if the gold decorations on the skirt were not the exact same shape as her artfully curly locks.

  40. Mia

    OMG, in that first photo, she seriously looks like a wax mannequin at Madame Tussoud’s

  41. Squirrel!

    Oh, you guys, I just figured out whose face she looks like she’s wearing: Jillian Michaels’.