Oscars Fug or Fab: Amy Adams


I did NOT like this when I first saw it on the telecast last night, but it (still) photographs amazingly and now I might love it.

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  1. thunderthighs

    While generally I think the trend for dishwater gowns can go suck an egg, the silvery bodice and fantabulous fit (and Ms. Adam’s general gorgeous looks) make it work for me. I kind of would love to wrap myself in that skirt while lying around watching TV.

  2. MKKS

    I just wish it was a color. I wish they all were a color. Maybe if some people had worn color I wouldn’t mind so much with the almost colors. But as it stands there was so little color that I end up lamenting the lack of it even when dresses are technically lovely (see: above. Also, Chastain.)

    • hoover19

      I said this all night long… PEOPLE COLOR SHOULD NOT BE DENIED. If this dress was in like a pale lilac even it would have been 100% more lovely. The fit was great and even though at first the bottom seemed like too much it grew on me too. JUST WHY NO COLOR !

      • buttercup

        And the colors people did choose tended toward primary colors that were too strong and unnuanced. Like Reese W. (blue), Jennifer Garner (purple), and Jennifer Aniston (red). It felt really unfocused, fashion-wise, last night. Like no one knows what to do anymore so they just chose what 12-year-old them would’ve chosen.

    • Sylvia

      This. So much this. Why did people run from color?

      I love the execution of this dress, and Amy Adams is generally awesome. But I think I wanted something slightly different for the hair. And I wanted it to not look like the color of mop water on TV. It photographs a LOT better than it films.

      • Alison

        I know. She looked so awkward and hair aweful on the red carpet

        • nicole

          yes exactly! Awkward and awful. I hated it last night, but it looks good in the photographs

      • Kate

        That’s funny, on my TV, I actually thought it looked better than in the pictures, haha. The color looked better on her on my TV than it has in pics.

        I liked this a lot, but I would have loved it in a green of some sort (even a mint green or something if she wanted to keep it lighter.)

  3. Jenny

    It needs a color . Also the bodice on Penelope’s dress in 2008 was so amazing, this is more meh by comparison.

    • Steph

      The first thing I said when I saw this dress was “Penelope Cruz already wore the hell out of this.”

      • Francesca

        Same here. It seems like we’ve seen this dress so many times already.

        • daphne

          .. I agree- sigh. Amy looks lovely.. and I’m willing to believe it on faith that the color is bewitching, in person (if you tell me it is!) BUT..

          instant Penelope-echo, for me.

    • Janice Marie

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Penelope did it already – and better.

  4. Fawn

    I love this dress, but I hate it on Amy Adams. The color is awful on her and her hair is not helping to sell me on this look at all.

    • Erin

      I’m okay with the dress, but the hair was too distracting for me. Too unkempt. Did everyone have to run a wind tunnel gauntlet prior to walking the carpet?

  5. Minda

    There is something very Grace Kelly about the dress in general, but I think the color on her skin is ruining it for me. She is pulling it off. But with the paleness of her skin and the particular gray of this it makes her look cold, somehow. Like actually cold, not mean cold- as if she is a beautiful princess who got lost in an ice storm. Although, actually, maybe that’s a movie she could do… lol

  6. Verlaine

    I kept seeing the tulle on the skirt as feathers, and envisioning Amy Adams in Swan Lake. Which is an idea I *love*

  7. Jennifer

    I did not like this at all. It looks dirty. Her hair doesn’t look that great. I was big-time disappointed in the whole ensemble.

  8. val.

    I don’t mind this dress, but her hair and makeup looked really drab, I thought.

  9. Jen from cincy

    I think it’s very pretty, but I just feel like I have seen it before. Several times.

  10. MelissaW

    It looks gray to me and appears to clash with her skin tone to make her look ill. :(

    She’s got the personality to pull off a dramatic dress so a more definite color would have been good here. And get her hair off her face!

  11. Stefanie

    Im not sure. It’s fine I guess. Pretty but fine.

    I feel like Ive seen it before and that’s why it’s just FINE.

  12. Esme

    The dress is gorgeous! More attention to her hair would have gone down a treat, but otherwise, I think she looks great.

  13. amys

    I’m sure this would not make a certain someone happy, but I thought this was Isla Fisher at first glance. I agree the gray is not doing her beautiful complexion that many favors. But, it’s pretty, and she’s a great actress.

  14. Amanda

    I really loved all the shots of the audience where you IMMEDIATELY noticed Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence and their giant dresses.

  15. Soapstef

    I LOVED this dress! She’s THE princess of the evening! This is what Cinderella should have worn when she danced with the boring prince.

    This dress didn’t get a lot of attention from the press that I saw last night. I wonder if it’s a bad sign & she ends up on someone’s worst dressed list. I hope not..she’s stunning. Her hair & makeup are equally stunning!

    • Ms Poopy Von Pants

      I agree, I loved it too! But I love grey, and as a dark hair/dark eyed person, I sometimes covet pale, willowy coloring like hers. I liked how princessy and delicate she looked in that subtle color.

  16. Mary

    It’s a total scroll-up. The skirt is amazeballs, the bodice, like they ran out of time and went, oh well…. and the hair looks like she had the flu and ran to the store for more Nyquil.

  17. Watts

    It photographs the color of a white bra washed too many times.

  18. Bottle Ginger

    I have the same hair and skin as Amy, and one of the first thing I learned as a redhead was: Do NOT wear gray! It’s frightfully unflattering to this coloring.

    It’s also frightfully unflattering to huge swaths of ruffles. I compared the skirt to a dingy old bathmat on another forum.

  19. a

    I wish Jennifer Lawrence had worn this. It’s so huge and dramatic and the pale blue color would have suited her eyes. J. Law’s dress was, of course, also huge, but in such a vague marshmallow puff way–I just feel that this dress is a bit more edgy and less sweet pink princess–it makes more of a statement

  20. gin_in_teacups

    I loved this. It’s similar to Penelope’s, sure, but I think that skirt is so gorgeous I can’t fault her for wearing something reminiscent of something from a few years back. And the color (which I also like) and bodice are very different from Penelope’s. Overall, I think Amy looked really beautiful.

  21. TaraMisu

    Color, where was all of the COLOR last night??? Again, very pretty dress, but it’s so pale and meh.

  22. h² fashion

    At first, it was just meh, but then the longer I looked at it, the more I loved it. And it fits her personality perfectly!


  23. kris

    My first thought was: seen it already on Penelope (which some commentators have already noted) and Charlize back in 2005.

  24. kitten mittens

    The color combined with her coloring was drab. I have similar coloring and the only pale color that works is blush or nude.

  25. Siouxi

    Meh. A lot. The color is boring, the dress has been done and I really hope it looked better in person. Maybe it didn’t photograph well?

    She’s so pretty, I’m just meh about the whole thing. Except the hair. Hate the messy do.

    • Siouxi

      Charlize wore it better.

      • kbear9945

        THANK YOU! I’d been trying to think ALL night of who wore the light blue dress this instantly reminded me of. Charlize Theron! And I agree, her version was SO much better!

  26. Grace Boone

    She looked so uncomfortable in her seat, though. Everytime the camera panned to her, she seemed to be perched at a strange angle on top of all of that skirt

  27. LissaNY

    Reminds me of the dress she wore in Enchanted minus the arm poofs.

  28. filmcricket

    I don’t understand why she’s so afraid of colour. This looks better in pictures than it did on TV, but honestly, grey is not your friend Amy.

  29. Charlotte

    Why oh why wasn’t this in a color? (This is my stock response to 90% of the gowns I saw; I seriously need to make a macro of it. Why so afraid of color, Hollywood?)

  30. Adriana

    Oscar de la Renta should come up with a new signature skirt style. As pretty as this is, I’m tired of seeing the same bottom pop over at least once per awards show since 2007.

  31. ChristieLea

    I love the drama. This is a Drama Dress…it just needs to be two shades darker!

  32. TonyG

    The silver/grey color ruined another wise impressive dress for me. I got a little sneezy when I initially thought the tulle was instead of feathers. So the color was boring and the tulle was distracting. But perhaps the tulle was employed because the color was boring. I don’t know. It doesn’t look bad, but the dress made me think a lot of how it could have been better.

  33. Helen

    I really love the dramatic skirt, but not on someone as petite as Adams – she’s overwhelmed by fabric, here. And the bodice just plain doesn’t fit. I also agree with most that the color is terrible. Then there’s the truly disastrous hair and make-up…

    Total fail.

  34. Tiffany

    For the past ten years, there has been a version of this exact same dress in a pastel on the red carpet. I am so bored by it.

  35. maryse

    i liked this dress but i don’t think the color worked for her.

  36. ellenderavenous

    I confess to loving it, particularly in that photo where she’s beckoning someone.

    I think more people should be wearing dresses that require their own handlers.

  37. olala

    Aishwarya Rai and Eva Longoria have both worn this to Cannes. No?

  38. Lori

    Whoa, looks to me like Ursula lost 150 lbs and turned away from dark magic. Lookin fab, Ursula!

    You Poor Unfortunate Souls!

  39. gryt

    She looks naked on top because of the non-color. Seriously, WHY?

  40. Betsy

    This should have been a color. If it had been, I think it would have been a show stopper. Otherwise I think it just washes her out.

  41. Mongerel

    Why is there a strip of matching toilet paper around her waist?

  42. Cynthia

    At risk of being a horrible human being… i have to say my first reaction was “she is too old for that dress” I get it, she was in some cartonn/live action movie about a disney princess, but is she seriously going to dress like one FOREVER? I would love to see her in something sleek, sexy and grown up!

  43. ok

    The photos are clearly color ‘corrected’ to bring out the blues. The red carpet was not magenta or a red with a deep blue undertone. This dress was much more dishwater than it appears here.

    That said, I think Amy worked the dress, and the structure of it is amazing.

  44. Sara

    I love Amy Adams and her head looked amazing so this is a total win in my book.

  45. McLisa

    I love this dress and that was me on Twitter thinking it was similar to the one SJP wore. Adams is rocking this dress. Love that last photo you got of her here. Beautiful!

  46. Lori

    I like it better in stills than I did on camera, but the blah color still sucks.

  47. Cat

    This too has grown on me, but I wish this was more of a color (say, blue) because I think it’s still too close to dishwater. However, I love how floaty this gown is, and it’s fitted well– so I can’t hate on it too much. And I hate how they did her hair– yuck!

  48. Sue

    This a fabulous dress. However, the pale gray is not a good colour for a redhead. If it was a blush colour, or some other warm based colour there would be no controversy, everyone would have said best dressed.

  49. buttercup

    I totally get what it’s like to put on a ridiculous dress and fall in love with it against your better judgment. But if I had a chance to go to the Oscars, there’s no way I would pick a pale imitation of a dress that someone wore better before. Penelope owns that silhouette, so unless you can best it, don’t even go there. And unfortunately, Amy didn’t.

    In general, I feel like Amy is too try-hard. I wish she would relax a bit and quit trying to be some fashion plate. That goes for you too, Poehler.

  50. sarah in nyc

    This dress looks like my bedroom floor when I have a bad cold.

  51. wordphreak

    Horrid. Looks like she fished it out of the bucket the dirty lingerie was soaking in. Grey and nasty.

  52. Aria

    P Cruz already did this (and better, even though I didn’t love it then) and blah color. Fug.

  53. Popcouver

    The grey dress on Zoe Saldana was stunning. On Amy Adams – dishwater. Neutrals don’t kill it for fair skin, in my opinion.

  54. Lauren

    I am with everyone about color. I am so over nude and light colored gowns on pale skinned women. It totally washes them out and the dresses look so drab. I think if this dress was a rich vibrant color, I would have loved it.

  55. lucy

    Drab and underdressed. Looks like Big Bird’s granny.

    The bodice doesn’t even fit! That roll of bunched up fabric at the waist looks unfortunate as do the air pockets around the boob cups.

    Amy is so pretty and has a great figure, it’s a shame she agreed to wear this poor fitting drab frock.

  56. Heather

    My problem with this is that it looks way way too much like Penelope Cruz’s dress from 2007. That’s the reference I got the second I saw it. My OTHER problem with it is that it’s too pale. Us redheads need some color. She looks depressed in this dress to me, no matter how exuberant the skirting.

  57. Sandra

    This looks like old-timey fancy undies that got thrown in the wash with some jeans by mistake.

  58. Sajorina

    That the dress is FLAWLESS as is her styling! And silver/grey is my favorite color, so she’s one of my favorites of the night! A Well Played for me… FAB!!!

  59. Amy

    Ugg. Why is she wearing a skirt made of deconstructed muppets that have faded from too many washings?

  60. KelseyA

    I feel SUCH a sense of deja vu about this dress. It isn’t SJP or PC that I’m thinking of, either. Are we sure Amy Adams hasn’t worn this before? Maybe in a different color?

  61. Mary

    Yes, it could have been in a different color but I can’t hate on this. She’s just too effortessly pretty and beautiful. Seriously. Look at her face. She has one of the most naturally pretty—not overly tucked or plastic—faces in Hollywood. Her skin is perfect. She never does the fake tan. She’s utterly and completely naturally pretty. I just can’t hate on that people. I can’t. Plus, she’s had like 4 Oscar noms in 7 years. If she wants to wear a princess dress let her wear the Princess dress.

  62. Elle

    This bitch looks gorgeous. Sorry, it’s true. I don’t care if it could have been a diff. color. She’s gorgeous.

  63. FuginB'ham

    When I looked back at Penelope Cruz in 2007, I looked at the rest of the dresses featured. The comparison makes it obvious how utterly boring, lackluster and unspectacular this year was. This post is way too many words and a non-word or two, but AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!

  64. Nina

    Seriously, this would have been perfect if it weren’t for the dishwater color. The floaty appearance is lovely. But color wise, she’s too fair to pull this off. And her hair is literally a mess.

  65. Menollie

    MISS. Why? It’s been DONE. To DEATH. Please can somebody leave that Oscar de la Renta silhouette at home next year….

  66. Cynthia

    It makes me think of a sheep dog. Or that she’ll begin molting at any minute.

  67. Kyasarin

    The dress itself is gorgeous, but I don’t like it on her. That silver-gray color does nothing for her. If it’d been in a different color, it might’ve been amazing. On another actress, it might’ve been amazing. As it is, I just can’t get behind it.

  68. Ellyn

    I liked Amy’s second dress (even with its flapper fringe) at the Vanity Fair after-party better–but am still not convinced that sparkly silver (or platinum) is really her color either. Jewel tones would have been much more flattering for both dresses.

  69. mepe

    No doubt it’s a gorgeous dress and she looks fantastic. It just seems like something we’ve seen before and therefore isn’t really a WOW moment. Also, ,feel like it’s probably way more stunning in real life.

  70. Chrissy

    Haven’t we see this dress 1000 times? And on her too? And in a very similar color? It might be a pretty dress but I’m bored with it.

  71. Anissa

    All I can say is that 3rd picture belongs in the gallery of perfect red carpet moments which includes that divine picture of Pacey holding the umbrella over Diane <3 Heart flutters!