Oscars Fug Carpet: Salma Hayek


I guess it’s good to know that you CAN get a formal neck brace in this town if you need one.

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  1. Sarah

    I like this! It’s not amazing or anything, but its pretty. I would nix the tiara tho.

  2. Sweetsinger

    Only Salma can carry this off with such grace. Spectacular!

  3. Mongerel

    She looks like a goddess. I actually trembled a bit, with awe. I think she was born to wear that dress.

    ps. I can’t see any fabric puddling around her feet or dragging behind her, either. How refreshing is that!

    • Kate

      Agree totally. This looked amazing on TV and in pictures. I think it’s great for her, it just seems right for her shape and her general attitude. She can go slightly severe and pull it off, I think.

      I meeeean, how amazing does she look, whether you like the dress or not? Amazing. Yes, maybe a smile, but as someone below said, perhaps she was still feeling a bit under the weather.

  4. Rebecca

    I love everything about this dress. The only accessory it lacks is a smile. Why so serious, Salma?

    • Wendy

      I watched the IFC awards Saturday night and she was presenting best supporting actor, I think. She said that no matter how excited the winner was they should probably refrain from kissing her because she was “sick as a dog.”

      As I typed that I realized it sounds like she was being rude, but she was charming. Even made a reference to her husband being French, so he wouldn’t actually mind if the winner kissed her, but, you know, germs. Anyway, maybe she still wasn’t feeling well.

    • Rebecca

      Oh, well now I feel like a jerk.

  5. margaret

    Remember those special versions of European liquers that came in tall, flocked bottles?

  6. greena

    i love her, she can do no wrong in my book

  7. Melllllzy

    This is in no way a fug. She’s amazing and the dress makes her look even MORE amazing. One of the best of the night.

  8. Wade's missing shirt

    I liked the dress – reminds me a tad of Audrey Hepburn- but agree, she looks too stiff.

  9. Katya

    I adore this. Maybe it’s just closer to my personal taste in fashion than most people’s, but if I ever went to a red carpet event, this is what I would wear. I would say her head looks photoshopped on, but I will even say I like that about this photo, because it will make it easier for me to photoshop MY head on her body and hang it above my treadmill

  10. Mints

    she looks amazing! Doesn’t look like a neck brace at all!

  11. Charlotte

    I simultaneously think this is great, *and* think it’s giving her a weird bobble-head affect. (I’m willing to blame that on the hairstyle, though.)

    Seriously, though, she looks amazing. This is what Giuliana *thought* she looked like at the Globes.

    • Bottle Ginger

      The bobblehead effect was due the the dress, not the hairdo – although the hairdo didn’t help.

      No, the dark velvet column dress the covered her boobs and de-emphasized her hips basically diminished her entire body, and blended in with the dark stage behind her. The eye took in a giant floating head, and could barely see the body. That’s a terrible thing to do to a body like Salma’s!

      • Fletcher

        I completely agree with this comment. The overall effect made her look tiny tiny and yet her neck just keeps on growing with the hair piled up so high. Very odd proportions indeed. That being said, she is a beautiful woman and the colour is gorgeous on her.

  12. Jeanie

    I love this! So elegant!

  13. Larkspur

    I actually really like this. I think the dress is beautiful and that she looks gorgeous. Maybe my love of Salma is carrying over onto the dress.

  14. DW

    Oh, come on.


    She looks amaze. She could not look more regal.

  15. kirsty

    Noooooo! This was one of my favourites!

  16. Louise

    I thought she looked gorgeous. The dress makes her look statuesque.

  17. Megan

    I think she looks like Deanna Troi, which is a compliment (really).

  18. Mikki

    I like this too – it’s elegant, and nice not to see acres of bare skin nearly falling out of the bodice of the gown.

  19. AnniLau

    She’s gorgeous, but the gown looks cheap and costumey to me. I don’t like the hair either.

  20. Lois

    I 100% agree with Jessica. She looks amazing in that she is Salma Hayek and she can’t ever really look BAD, but she is married to a freaking BILLIONAIRE. She can get a dress that isn’t this stiff and boring. And she can afford a nicer hairdo than that.

    However, it could be that this seems to be velvet, and I shudder at the thought of wearing velvet, so I may be automatically biased against it.

  21. Sue

    Wow, I’m in the minority here. I don’t think she looks bad, because I don’t think she’s capable of looking bad, but I hated how high / stiff the neck was. it made her neck look thick and squat and the heart shaped line of the fabric reminded me of every velvet dress I had in 1991 – and that was a lot. The shape is excellent on her – her body is amazing. But a less severe neck would have improved this a great deal.

  22. Jillian

    I LOVED THIS! It doesn’t seem neckbracey in all the photos and I love her hair and that deep blue velvet fabric is gorgeous. And it’s different for her. She usually goes curve-hugging, vamptastic (because she is Selma Hayek so why would you not do that 99% of the time?) and this is cool and so different from every other gown worn at the event.

  23. Squirrel!

    I give this an unqualified “love.” All of it!

  24. Sylvia

    I saw her on stage and screamed “the dress is eating her NECK! Does no one care?” Also, she’s thinned out a bit. It’s not scary or bad, but it’s different. It’ll take time for me to adjust.

  25. Eirwen

    I like it but isn’t she dinky?

  26. DP

    While we were watching at our house, everyone Loved this… I thought it was pretty great. But I KNEW you guys weren’t going to be into it.

    I love you all. Have been reading for years now. Been hitting refresh all day. Sentence structure breaking down…

  27. Shelley

    LOVE! I think she looks beautiful and classy!!! She could have titted it up, but it’s wonderful that she didn’t. A+++

  28. glee

    Add another LOVE to the score board! I think she looked beautiful, very glam – and not deploying her breasts for once (they are spectacular, but it’s nice to have a palate cleanser).

  29. Other Emily

    I think she looks incredible. She’s invisibly short, and yet here she magically looks statuesque. It. Is. Magic.

  30. Jaye Valentine

    I love me some Salma Hayek, really I do, but this get-up makes her head look freakishly huge.

  31. Sajorina

    I like it, but would’ve preferred it if the dress’ neckline was lower instead of a mini turtleneck becuse she’s too petite for that! But, her body looks bangin’! ½ FAB!

  32. R

    I love this unreservedly! This was actually one of my favourites and I think it’s spectacular on her.

  33. Lexi

    It just looks like she is feeling self conscious about her neck.

  34. becca

    ugh, i hated this. she is so beautiful and this is not worthy of her.

  35. Helen

    I think it would be great if only the sparkly part went up no higher than a jewel neckline. The fabric drapes beautifully and it’s a swell fit. The designer just didn’t quite know when to stop, is all.

  36. Ellie

    I think this is wonderful.

  37. Edith

    I thought she looked divine. It’s different, yes, but it really suits her. With the beehive, she looks delightfully 60s Bond Girl, which is a fabulous look for her.

    Also, bonus points for complimenting her figure without going Christina Hendricks on us.

  38. Gabi

    I really like this as well – I can see where the Fug Girls make the connection to a neck brace, but for me it is one fabulous, shiny, gold neck brace! I love it, especially compared to all of the snoozeville gowns so many other actresses were wearing.

    That being said, I do think that only Salma could pull this look off. As much as I hated Anne Hathaway’s dress, she would look ridiculous in this ;)

  39. Joemama

    I do believe you lauded Kate Hudson’s fancy neckbrace…Why no love for this one? I love this dress and thinks it makes Salma look even more caliente than normal. She’s what I look like in my Liz Lemon-esque daydreams where I’m married to astronaut Dex Mikester.

  40. Jane

    I think this is gorgeous and am thrilled that, for once, she put the girls away.

  41. Kim

    I know she’s not tall, but this dress made her look super-short and the neck detail, while sumptuous, exacerbated that. (Only “statuesque” when shot up from the ground!)

  42. BrownEyedBetty

    I thought she looked like a goddess in this! One of my faves of the night.

  43. pantsonfire

    Yeah, I can’t understand why this dress is getting so much criticism on the blogs…I think she looks great. It’s not really to my personal taste, but it IS exactly her. It fits her, and her spectacular curves, perfectly.

  44. Ine

    I didn’t know she was so tiny! I actually like this dress, it fits her perfectly and the colour is lovely. Just imagine it with a smile and a better hairdo.

  45. TonyG

    I really hated the neck. It is fugly.

    It looks like shards of gold and various semi-precious stones were thrown at her neck, stacked on top of each other haphazardly and held together by some magnetic field.

    The idea of the gold neck portion is not what’s bad here, the execution of the gold neck is just horrendously over the top.

    On TV it looked very, very restrictive too. Definitely a fug for me.

  46. Nina

    I think it’s just too much, the hair and the neckbrace thing. And she looks really stiff and short.

  47. Siouxi

    Hideous. The worst she’s ever looked. The dress doesn’t celebrate her petite and gorgeous figure, the golden neck brace is strangling her, the hair is a mess and her makeup is overdone and smudgy. Call La JLo imediatamente!

  48. shadylady

    Y’all are nuts. She looks gorgeous. Period.

  49. Sarah

    One of my friends said “I wore that dress on my cruise in 1989, in red!”

  50. Soapstef

    Oh no. I’m in the minority, but I just don’t like this at all. She’s stunning because she’s Selma, but this dress just doesn’t do her justice. The neck brace is terrible. Her head looks huge! At least the shape is flattering.

  51. house mouse

    It’s a formal neck brace, but it’s a REALLY PRETTY one. And the shape of that dress is just divine. I think she might have been corseted underneath it? She was holding her arms like someone wearing a corset, all far away from her body and resting her hands on her hips.

  52. Nancy

    I think she looks great!

  53. Jade

    I loved this from the minute I saw it. She looked amazing. The dress really fit her and I loved the hair and make up.

  54. Polly

    Although I kind of want to pick her up and pop her in my pocket. For all the drama and glamour of the dress, it accentuates just how teeny she is. Hee hee hee! So cute.

  55. Tracey

    I am mixed. I love her. I don’t feel this is cheap-looking at all. I love the idea of it – she looks regal… but I do find the neck to look constricting and a little too high. Perhaps if she lifted her chin a little higher it would be fine but she did not. It is a gorgeous gown, 90% of it looks amazing on her. I also have to disagree with a lot of people. This seems to accentuate how diminutive she is, it doesn’t make her look statuesque. (Neither is a bad thing, by the way!)

  56. Jo

    I think she looks amazing and it was one of my favourites of the night, if not the favourite. It reminds me of audrey hepburn in my fair lady.

    • Deenie

      Yeah, she looks like a kid going out as Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady for Halloween–as Oscar wear, epic FAIL.

  57. Esme

    I despise that neck contraption, just as I hated the neckery of that thing Kate Hudson wore, which everyone thought was great. She’s far too short to wear this get-up.

    • Deenie

      Yeah, she looks as much like Hepburn in MFL as a kid going out for Halloween dressed as her.