Oscars Fug Carpet: Jennifer Garner

Do we think this is the last time we see these two clutching at each other glowingly on a red carpet? I mean, until he’s nominated again, assuming they are still married? I don’t mean to be a pessimist nor a cynic, but… I think I’m a pessimist, and a cynic. But let’s discuss the dress. The short version: I love the color, but the back looks like a wedding decoration.

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  1. Other Emily

    I was very sad about this dress. She is so beautiful and athletically built, and this just kinda…was there. Pretty color, weird ruffles, boring front. Her face looked pretty, though.
    I wasn’t bothered by Ben’s thank-you. Marriage is work, and he has admitted that he’s hard to be married to, and she doesn’t give up on him. I thought it was fine. I hope it’s not the last time we see them together, because being married to her has obviously helped him get his shit back together.

  2. Betsy

    I actually love this. The color is phenomenal, and I don’t mind the ruffle. I think she looks great. Also, I know that maybe the whole work comment was not as appropriate in an oscars thank you, but to me, it was so real. Marriage is work, and celebrities never seem to admit that. It might not be true (what do I know), but it made their marriage and life seem down to earth, and I loved it.

    • Tiffany

      I completely agree, Betsy, with everything you said. I love the color of the dress, and dont mind the ruffle. It made it more fun than a boring column dress. I also liked his comment about their marriage. A REAL compliment is far more meaningful than a saccharin cliche. Marriages are work, and I think he was just appreciating all that they had been through together.

      • Sajorina

        WORD, girls!

      • Heather

        Celebrities admit that ALL THE TIME. It’s pretty much the only thing they ever say about relationships in any of their magazine profiles. It’s the most common sentiment. Seriously. There is a time and a place, and getting an Oscar is not it.

        • Tiffany

          Would you rather he have said, “By far the greatest moment of my life was the one when you walked into it,” ? ;)

        • Kate

          @Heather: Totally agree. My jaw actually dropped and I looked over at my husband and he was doing his horrified “this is awkward and so uncomfortable to watch” face. Doesn’t help that Ben has said this sort of thing in more than one interview. Don’t care if it’s real, not appropriate, but I’m glad she seemed like she was happy and okay with it (that’s all that matters in the end.)

          If MY husband ever made an acceptance speech like that… YIKES.

          @Tiffany: yes, that’s EXACTLY what I’d have liked to have heard him say, haha. Granted, those words are very true for me and my husband, so maybe I’m just spoiled (though our relationship IS LOTS of work, haha.)

        • SinnerMolly

          This. Exactly this. I bet he and his new Oscar slept on the couch that night.

        • loonytick

          Was it great? No. Was it so awful? I really don’t think so.

          She didn’t seem to mind, and that’s really the only opinion that matters in this case.

      • Julie

        “A REAL compliment is far more meaningful than a saccharin cliche.” THIS. I loved what he said–”It’s the best kind of work” because that was truer and sweeter than all that “You’re the center of my universe, babe” BS that so many of the others were spouting.

    • KarenG

      I loved the dress and thought she looked perfect. And everybody who has a real marriage, it’s work. He was fine.

    • Steen

      Totally agree. I thought it was a humble admission and very public acknowledgement that a) she’s been there for him in a way he probably didn’t reciprocate and b) that he’s very grateful and happy she did. After all, he didn’t just say it was hard work, he also said marriage is the best work there is.

  3. julyol1972

    How glorious does Jessica Chastain’s hair look in that pic. Her red hair is magnificent, and that “Jessica Rabbitesque” body is to die for in both pics. Well done Jessica!

  4. Helen

    It must have felt very weird to sit in this, but I like it. It’s different, and a little crazy, but beautifully constructed and the color is great on her. She does need lip color though.

    I really wanted Ben to hear me thinking, “Shut UP, man! Quit while you’re behind!” But of course he could not, and kept digging that hole deeper and deeper…

  5. Sue

    I almost thought I liked it last night, because it’s fun and she’s fun and movies are fun and the Oscars aren’t the Nobels so let’s have some darn fun etc., etc. But after reminding myself that my overall love of her might be affecting my judgment a little, I now think of The World’s Fanciest Stegosaurus when I look at this.

    But I still love the color.

    • Morris

      Hahahahahaa I was so thinking she’s a ruffle stegosaurus!!! It’s a bit much. Like his beard. We get it, you’re a “serious director” now…

      • Sue


        I know. I know. I can’t help it. My husband has serious beard envy, as he can’t grow one and he knows I sorta dig it.

  6. Edith

    She looked okay, certainly not great, and I wonder how comfortable it was to sit on all that fabric, BUT I come here specifically to say DAMN, Heather and Jessica, you are posting machines today! And it’s all thoughtful, and funny, and engaging, even when I disagree vehemently. I am blown away by how many posts you’ve gotten up today, and I’ve been around this site for years. Pour yourselves something stronger than a Diet Coke at the end of this day!

  7. Beth

    Speaking of putting a dress on backwards: Every so often, it seems that a starlet shows up to an event wearing a dress that’s on backwards. How does that happen? Don’t the designers include a little note, like “This dress ties together in the back, not the front”?

    • LoriK

      I feel like I can totally see why she chose this dress. It’s a fantastic color and it is fun. Unfortunately, as noted, it doesn’t quite work for her, which is too bad. It’s far from the worst thing we’ve ever seen on the red carpet, but it’s not as flattering to her fabulousness as it should have been. She looks unreservedly great from the neck up though, and that counts for a lot.

      • Kate

        Yep. It actually looks way better in pictures (though still not all that awesome). When she moved or bent at all, it did really terrible things to her midsection. Much better from head on and standing still.

  8. Gine

    I love this color, but it looks like she has a giant sea cucumber stuck to her back.

    • Bottle Ginger

      Hur hur hur… I am so OVER ruffles, I’m going to remember that the next time I see a wad of ruffles on something!

      Love the color, and wish the dress gave her more shape. Because she might have wanted something that gave her a shape at the after-parties, her husband was such a babbling mess on the podium that she might have wanted to see who she could meet.

  9. Iris

    I don’t know – I don’t hate this, although it isn’t my favorite thing she’s ever worn. I think that I might be biased though because I really like her, and overall the dresses last night were so blah and boring, so I appreciate that she brought some color and detail.

  10. Sarah

    I’m so distracted by Jessica Chastain’s hair!! What a bombshell.

  11. cathy

    she obviously needs something give her some waist (she has a lovely body, but we all have our issues and problem spots) . this dress has no belt, no gathering around waist to create illusion of hourglass. but color is gorgeous on her. and i love her and ben . they are beautiful and seem like good people and they have those adorable kids <3

    and i don't understand how those beige and powdery dresses became such a trend. those neutral colors are so unremarkable and to most women they do nothing for their coloring. look how gorgeous she is in purple. she could never looks so good in something beige.

    • Joemama

      I know! I was all like, “At least this dress has some color. THANK YOU!”

  12. Mongerel

    I absolutely love it. An elegant, disciplined column in front, and a completely exuberant surprise on the back. In addition to the glorious color, have you ever seen such an exquisitely layered cascade of ruffles? Gorgeous.

  13. Christine S

    I liked the dress. Gorgeous colour on her! The ruffle didn’t even really bother. I have to wonder though: was it very uncomfortable to sit on?

  14. Sajorina

    I love this! I think the dress is pretty and fits her beautifully, plus that color is gorgeous! I also love her hair, makeup and accessories, especially that necklace, which I covet! My sister & I thought that his beard makes him look so handsome that it deserved an Oscar of its own! I say Well Played to both! FAB!!!

    • Jenny

      I agree- as soon as I saw Jennifer, I thought, “Well, that is the best dress of the night”. I loved it!

  15. Kate Sobraske

    I loved it when she walked towards the camera: it was like she was leaving a glamor-wake.

  16. Lorna

    I quit coming to this website about a year ago because of the increasing cattiness. Thought I’d stop in today. What greets me first? Mindless whining about a great dress, coupled with stale gossip. Well, now I remember why I don’t come here any longer.

    • Sandra

      Did you drop in specifically to say “Still hate you, Buh-Bye”?

    • Heather

      I’m sorry you feel that way. But I think we are allowed to have differing opinions about a dress, no?

  17. Claire1

    I liked the idea of the ruffle ( same issue, from different angles it changed my mind). However, I love the color enough to get over it. Then again, even in jeans and a t shirt I think she’s fabulously pretty and fresh.

  18. Jen S 2.0

    I give this a 7 as is. If it were a slightly brighter shade of purple, and it had a banded waist and the skirt were all ruffles (and I’m indifferent to ruffles; it’s just that if this dress was going to do them, it needed to go all the way) instead of just the ruffle spoiler it currently has back there, I’d give it a 9.5.

  19. Jane

    I absolutely love it too and was very surprised to see it labelled “fug”. What a beautiful colour, so refreshing amid a sea of vomitous nude/blush. Exquisite craftsmanship and fits her like a dream. Sure, the ruffles were a bit OTT but it’s the Oscars and your husband is likely to be the night’s big winner – if you can’t go OTT then, when can you? Ben is so lucky to have her and those beautiful children, and I kept willing him to shut the hell up when he was going on and on about their marriage being “work.” Yeah, I bet it IS work- for her to deal with a raging egomaniac like you, buddy. If he needed to flap his gums, how about setting the record straight about the whole rescue thing being 90% due to Canada? Why yes, I AM Canadian and we’re a little peeved, why do you ask? Anyway, Jennifer looked spectacular and I hope he realizes just how lucky he is and arranges to buy her that unbelievable necklace she was wearing last night.

  20. KelseyA

    I actually love this dress, but, bridesmaid shoes :( (((

  21. Sandra

    How did she sit in that thing? I really do kinda love it, though.

  22. Heather

    I really waffled on it, but in the end I just felt like the entire thing didn’t work. The column would’ve been boring without the ruffle, but I think the ruffle ends up being unflattering (although the dress’s cut isn’t great either).

    • Vandalfan

      Less ruffle, erupting from the popliteal area, not the thoracic vertebrae.

  23. Sara

    This is a wonderful color, but I wish she’d experiment with a different type of silhouette. All I ever remember her in (from this awards season, at least) is these monochromatic, strapless sheaths.

  24. Kim

    Two words: Matchy. Shoes.

  25. BrownEyedBetty

    Lovely person. Beautiful color. Some great shots from the front but not so great from behind. She looks like Purple Big Bird.

    It’s a shame, given all the time he had to prepare a decent speech, that BAff chose his words so poorly last night. What I found alarming was that he said, “all the work YOU’ve put into our marriage” Not WE. Very cringe-worthy and really not cool from the Oscar podium. She seemed to accept it graciously, however. What a class act.

  26. pantsonfire

    One of my worst of the night. The shape does her no favors –it’s not that it’s super unflattering so much as it does absolutely nothing to emphasize the positive…it just lays there, limply. And the massive butt ruffle is giving this a decidedly matronly air. The color is ok, though, and her hair/makeup are lovely.

  27. moi

    Stunning woman, great color, fine from the front, hot mess from the back. Kind of like her husband’s movie.

  28. Maura

    I like this one, but it seems a peculiar choice for a dress that she was required to sit in for several hours.

  29. me

    I love the color and her hair, makeup and jewelry are just right. But that dress reminds me of this description of Kate Gosselin’s hair – “a gorgeous waterfall of human hair in the front and in the back … an exploding hedgehog” (courtesy SNL).

  30. kikichanelconspiracy

    I love this dress, I just hate it on her. She has a great figure etc, but she’s not a high-fashion kind of woman and she doesn’t do the gown justice.

  31. Karen

    In that 3rd photo, she looks like a ruffly purple triceratops. And I think we all know that purple dinosaurs don’t lead to anything good. That 5th picture is just dreadful: like her dress exploded.

    Also: bridesmaid shoes! Urp.

    But she looks so pretty from the front, and that necklace is amazing.

  32. AnneHill

    Never heard of a marriage that wasn’t a lot of work. :D

  33. TonyG

    I so loved the color of this dress and from the front it’s spectacular.

    The back….

    I did not know quite how describe the offense offense, but my partner captured it, and I quote: “It looks like she’s trying to regrow Godzilla’s spine.”

  34. Sophia Loren

    Gee it would be so fun to be married to Ben Affleck. Said no woman. Ever.

  35. Susan

    I think she looked gorgeous in the dress. I don’t think the ruffle was all that bad either. I sure do hope Ben realizes what a fantastic woman he has the luck to bo married to. I have a very strong feeling he does. Maybe he had a temporary laps in his speaking capabilities. She probably understands that and will forgive him. But marriage is hard work and anyone who says it is not is out and out LYING. I sure hope they stay together. They seem to be happy and have such an adorable bunch of children.

  36. Soapstef

    I loved her for wearing this color! Nobody else did it and she rocked it out.(not that I saw anyway) The ruffle was a happy surprise.

  37. Cat

    I actually really like this. The color is gorgeous and usually I hate those fluffy giant ruffles but I don’t mind it her. Plus, her head looks great and the 250 million worth of diamonds ain’t bad either!

  38. Kristan

    Love it, love her.

  39. Siouxi

    Loved the color, she totally rocks the clean, simple line.

    And then she turned around. Exploding vagina on fire. *facepalm*

  40. Jennifer

    I think the next time they walk the red carpet together will be for her nomination. She hasn’t had her Erin Brokovich/Monster/Blind Side movie yet. And, she’s my girl crush, he’s my boy crush, and they’re my couple crush. Can’t help it, don’t want to change it. :-)

  41. KB

    I thought she looked perfect – I especially loved that necklace. Daaaang.

  42. lindad

    For me, the cringe moment of the Oscars was not Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs (though I felt so bad for her). It was Jennifer Garner having to sit there and smile while Ben said their marriage was work. It was a bad night to be a Jennifer of any stripe.

    That being said, J. Garner looked fabulous. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in a color that flatters them to that crazy degree. I even like the couture vomit on the back. Well done, Jennifer. You were beautiful and it didn’t look like 10 Christmases of hard work — effortlessly gorgeous.

  43. buttercup

    This concept would have worked a lot better if it looked like the fabric of the dress was being gathered in the back to make the ruffle, but instead, it just looks tacked onto a column. It’s a lot of drama without any finesse.

  44. Crystal

    I must respectfully disagree, Fug Girls. I cooed when I first saw her, and I think the color, cut, and ruffle all work well together on her. I also thought for a supportive spouse, her dress was appropriate. There were some other dresses that were distracting in all the wrong ways…case in point, Amy Adams. I was always distracted by her over-the-top gown when they would pan the audience.

    And not to be catty, but since you the Fug Girls mentioned JLaw dressing to win, maybe Amy and Anne should have swapped outfits. Anne, you KNEW you were going to win. Dress to claim your prize, girl!

  45. Pouncer

    This was my favorite of the night! I saw her in this color, and the ruffle, and I can’t explain why, but I love everything about it. (And hope that she made Ben work his way back into her good graces later, heh.)

  46. lola

    I love this dress. It’s a nice break from everything else– I get so tired of looking at the same 4 frocks – just slightly switched up here and there- for 3 hours. Last year wasn’t it a sea of mermaid hems? this year it’s sheer lower skirts, slim fitting metallics and/or slim fitting lace dresses and traditional ball gowns.
    as for their marriage… I though Ben looked miserable for years – and being a daddy seemed the only job he could get….. his acceptance speech pretty much laid it out there that he indeed was gutted and fighting from a deep hole— giving a nod to his wife for working through the hard times was just being a really honest guy. He struggled to get through it and she struggled with him. Good for them. I hope it makes them stronger. Both deserve to be appreciated.

    • lindad

      All that may be true, but is there anyone on earth who thinks an Oscar acceptance speech in front of a billion (literally) people is the place to express this sentiment? I notice he didn’t thank his hairpiece, probably for the same reason I cite. I think Jen was saying, “Well, at least I’m wearing this awesome dress. And our sofa folds out.”

  47. D

    I loved the color but that’s really it. The front silhouette is a yawn for me, and not unflattering but also not flattering. And I HATE the ruffle. I had the immediate vision of a dinosaur with spikes running down it’s back. I don’t get it and I don’t like. One of my least favorite of the night. But the color is gorgeous.

  48. Bella

    That’s a lotta dress. I can’t imagine what sitting in this feels like. Weird! But the color is gorgeous and she does look beautiful.

  49. Laura G

    Her face was so beautiful, but the dress? Particularly fancy squirrel.

  50. Roisin

    I like this color and the cut of the front, but I love the train. It’s hard to really pull off a train when you have to actually walk. The only thing I might have done differently with the dress is start the ruffle a bit lower or tame it a bit more on the top. because I suspect that the back of the bodice has a cute little decoration that totally gets overlooked because of the froufrou below it.

  51. Teresa

    I’d actually like to see Jessica in Jen G’s color…I know there are plenty of opinions in re: redheads shouldn’t wear red, or pink, or adjacent colors, but I think she’d be stunning in this shade, especially with that pale skin.

    (And I’ve seen gingers in red AND pink look amazing. Can someone please discover and clone/transplant the gene that gives us Chastain hair color?)

  52. Anna

    Beautiful color, beautiful woman, but the cut of the dress is just not right for Jennifer Garner… Why would you want to wear a dress that gives you no waist? A column dress that literally makes you look like a column. I don’t get it.. and the whole business in the back..

  53. luxsword

    I don’t care about whatever comment he made in his speech (didn’t watch), and this dress is a FAB !

  54. Yasemin

    What I find odd is that both Jennifer and Anne Hathaway had really beautiful “Oscar-worthy”dresses on to the Golden Globes and other events yet wore totally ‘blah’ dresses to the Oscars..

    I like the colour of Jennifer’s dress but that’s about it unfortunately

  55. PocoRabbit

    I can forgive the ruffleyness simply because the colour is so glorious and by this point my eyes were craving any shade, any shade at all. Plus I like the contrast between the simple sheath and the back – a fishtail (the obvious choice) would not have been as elegant or balancing. I also love the jewels with it.

    I think (hope?) Affeck was quiet on the red carpet because of the fact that he clearly should have been nominated for Best Director, and not because of any marital issues. I imagine it was pretty hard to rock up all-grins a-plenty.

  56. chris

    Especially in the last photo the back looks like a droopy squirrel’s tail.

  57. Dee

    Loved everything about this. The fit, the color, the ruffle…everything. She looked spectacular!

    • mepe

      I agree…she looks radiant!! It’s not my favorite of her award season dresses but it fits well, is a great (and interesting color) and she is wearing the hell out of it. On a separate note, how is it okay to talk about a couple’s marriage like that but we can’t talk about actresses looking skinny…on a “fashion” site. It’s very confusing to me.

      • lindad

        We’re talking about what he said about the marriage in his speech, not the marriage. I can promise you if Anne Hathaway got up for her speech and said something like, “I’m not the skinniest chick here, but I was skinny enough to win this award,” everyone up in here would be all over it. It might break the Fug server.

  58. Mia

    I’m really hoping that Ben’s speech just got away from him. But why, why can’t these people prepare a little something?!? Extemporaneous is usually not good.

  59. Esme

    I like the dress, and I do love her. And I hope the cynicism re the marriage is misplaced since they keep popping out children.

  60. tigerstripes

    The color is lovely, as is she, but I don’t get column dresses. I know they have their place in history, particularly on women with little to no curves. I can only imagine that Jennifer wants to send the message, ‘Look! I’ve had three kids and my belly is still flat as an ironing board! Give me a job!’

  61. Aria

    I loved it and still do. I think the back may have been over the top [and can't imagine sitting for 3+ hours in it] but I think she looks great! And I didn’t see his speech but they always seems so cute and normal together so I hope they are happy and stay together a law Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

  62. Aria

    “a la” not “a law”

  63. Allyn

    Love the color, not crazy about the cut.
    My husband and I watched the Oscars a night late and were prepared for some terrible moment based on the overwhelming reaction to Ben’s speech. However, we really didn’t think it was that bad. Ben appeared nervous as heck (which is understandable), but it truly was not this terribly insulting thing that people have made it out to be. He is an ass, but at least he’s acknowledging how hard it must make life for her and how much he appreciates her efforts.
    Also, their kids are the cutest/happiest/most normal kids in Hollywood, so obviously something works.
    Side note: I hate the “sleeping on the sofa” thing. Husbands are not dogs. If I can kick him out of bed, he has just as much right to kick me out.

  64. Ellie

    You are stoned. This is AMAZING!