Oscars Fug Carpet: Eva Mendes and Sofia Vergara

What was in the water in L.A. last weekend? If it wasn’t red, it was black transparency or peekaboo or illusion yada-yada or whatever you want to call it. Eva Mendes was one of the victims.

Eva Mendes

It kind of looks like she tucked it up into her bra, so that hers would be be the sexiest abdomen at Witch Prom.

Sofia Vergara also got sucked into the vortex:

Eva Mendes

And apparently, the vortex chewed her up and then ejected her with such force that it turned her dress inside-out.

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Comments (19):

  1. jerkygirl

    Okay, down in the Julia Ormond thread I said I couldn’t resist a lace overlay–and then Sofia Vergara showed up in a disciplinarian hooker’s wedding dress and made a big fat liar liar pants on fire outta me. That is not just bad, it is SCARY and I might have a nightmare starring it, with Eva Mendes’ dress in a cameo as the villain’s spunky sidekick. Why do these gorgeous women dress themselves in such frightful things? I want to admire their clothing, not have to take a pill to calm down after seeing pictures of them.

  2. ddukes

    this post was hilarious.

    didn’t Halle Berry start this at the Globes, then Jen Aniston at her premiere, then like an avalanche they came

  3. Lina

    Dear lord, people’s stylists need to learn to communicate. And the transparent black thing needs to be OVER, stat.

  4. Shae

    Really, just…. no, ladies. No. I don’t care if your stylist likes it – a brief glance in the mirror should be sufficient to keep you from leaving the comfort of your bedroom in this.

  5. Willow

    had Sofia Vergara had the drapey/wrap-y fabric covering up the whore-ishness of her dress it would have been gorgeous

  6. Anne B

    Which of the foundational rules of couture is this? “Just because you can wear something, doesn’t mean you should.”

    Sorry I mentioned foundation. It just slipped out.

    Again. DAMMIT.

  7. Phoebe

    Umm, I actually kind of love Eva’s. Don’t hate!

  8. Bee

    Witch Prom, very much so. Although I have to admit, Eva rocks her Sexy Witch look (sorry Sofia). Imagine the commotion if they showed up at the Hogwarts Chrismas Dance!

  9. Bee


  10. Lisa

    EVA’S WAS ZOE APPROVED she probably didn’t have the stones to tell a pregnant lady she was out of her mind!

  11. Laura

    With Sophia Vergara it’s less a matter of being sucked into the vortex and more a matter of her being like “ooh! I thought I had stretched the allowable boundaries of cleavage and excessive vampy-trampiness, but apparently now underwear is acceptable. I’m going to ride that train as far as it’ll go.”

  12. Julia

    I’ve got Gloria!

  13. Sara L.

    This reminds me of those horrific wedding dresses on Say Yes to the Dress that are inexplicably popular. Why would you want everyone to look at the boning in your bodice? Why why why??

  14. Gigi

    Sofia always looks prettier because she smiles and seems happier. Eva just looks HARD.

  15. Rayna

    @Anne B – don’t worry about “foundation” slipping out. Now you can wear underwear as outerwear. Everybody’s doing it.

    @jerkygirl – I used to like lace overlays, too, but somehow this season they’ve been run into the ground. Yuck. OTOH, disciplinarian hooker wedding dress – ROFL!

  16. IRME

    At least Sofia looks stunning in hers

  17. vandalfan

    My, Eva is lambing. And whatserface didn’t get the memo about black lace overlays being done to death and then some.

  18. jenny

    @Sara L YES!! I’m always so confused when I watch those girls fawning over those awful, tacky, see-through-bustier dresses for their weddings. I start to think, is that actually pretty to everyone else in the world and I just can’t see it? Is it truly worth that woman’s down payment on a car that she said she wouldn’t spend on bridal wear? But no. It is not. Thank goodness.

  19. Sajorina

    Oh, Eva, NO! Had Sofia’s dress been white or ivory, I would have guessed it was a Pnina Tornai wedding dress! I like Sofia and the dress, but those two pieces of black fabric hanging on the front of it, ruin it for me!