Oscars Fug Carpet: Emma Stone

You know we love Emma Stone. And we normally enjoy Emma Stone wears. I mean, almost no one liked her McQueen from the SAGs but me.  But I seriously think I like her post-party dress less than I liked her awards dress:

I’m beginning to worry that her stylist — having done some great work this year — cracked last Friday night, and just started throwing all kinds of crazy shit at the wall, and decided to let all of it stick. Floppy neck bows! Gloomy formal shower curtains accessorized by charred cinnamon bun hip furbelows! WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU GOT? I’LL STICK IT ON HER AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.

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  1. neiges

    She looks like a brothel lampshade.
    It is not a good time to be burnt down Mr./Ms. Stylist.

  2. Kara

    Me, aloud (again!) upon seeing this: “Oh my God, no!” I like absolutely nothing about this. I didn’t like her Oscar dress either, but at least the color was nice (it was really the bow I didn’t like). This is just across-the-board bad.

  3. Francesca

    Call me contrary, but I like the look of it, right down to the hips where the bodice becomes sheer. How it looks when she moves could be the deciding factor in whether the dress is a stinker or not.

  4. Sajorina

    I LOVE THIS ONE TOO! I think it’s amazing to the 10th power! The design is so majestic and intricate & the construction is so detailed and perfectly executed… I’m in awe of this dress! And, I love it on Emma! She’s not afraid to take risks and she brings it every time! I love her and I covet this dress! FAB!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jolene

      I love it, too! And she’s wearing the hell out of it!

      • Dru

        I’m the third one who loves it – I think it’s classy and a nice silhouette, and goes beautifully with her red hair – not getting the hate here.

  5. maryse

    i think if it were to the knee it would be great. i love the bodice.

  6. Allison

    If you can believe it, Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing an even more cracked out version of this gown at the same VF party.

  7. swellcat

    I have to agree with the ones who like it. I think it’s cool and interesting until the sheer part. I really don’t like that style. It reeks of the 90s. Didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. Just makes it look cheap somehow.

  8. Kit

    I actually… kind of like this one? I like the top – it’s interesting and funky and casual – appropriate for the after show – I don’t (ever!) like the leg curtains, but for some reason, these don’t bother me too much and though I pretty much hate the bunting around her hips, the bunting is what’s making the leg curtains sort of work.

    So… C+/B-. The Oscar dress was a solid D.

  9. Libby

    Wow, that’s a whole lot of dress going on there. I think the designer was over-caffeinated.

  10. Wendy

    Really liked the awards dress–this one not at all.

  11. Sandra

    Sweet mother of jam sandwiches! This is horrible. I hope she was wearing it ironically. It looks like a whole collection of cats spent the afternoon tearing it open.

  12. Lori

    I love the top. If the skirt were plainer and it stopped just above the knee, I’d be swooning.

  13. BrownEyedBetty

    I thought the after-parties were supposed to be a bit more casual and/or carefree…?? This looks oh so formal. to me. and too old for her.

  14. mepe

    At first I did not care for it but once I looked at the larger photo my perception shifted. It’s actually kind of cool and edgy and I bet it was a knockout in real life.

  15. Orange clouds

    I feel like the top has two eyes that are staring at me. Yuck.

  16. Holly

    Hmm, I actually prefer this to her actual Oscar gown (which would be smashing on Charlize but was WAY too much dress for her). The cut and varying levels iof sheerness are interesting without being overwhelming or hitting me over the head with their directionality (is that a word?). I notice the pretty girl wearing a cool dress.

  17. Lynn

    I really liked the red Oscar dress; I thought it was classy, and I loved the color. This one — not so much. It looks very … awkward?

  18. KelseyA

    DAMN YOU PEPLUMS! *shakes fist*

  19. Leah

    I was warming up to it until you mentioned the shower curtain.

  20. Sketchy

    I think if it was cropped about 2 inches above the knee I could get on board with this. It’s wacky, but it’s the bottom of the dress that kills it for me.

  21. Candice

    This is hideous. Also has there ever been an Emma Stone entry where an ode to how much you love and adore her hasn’t appeared? Just had a quick look at her archive and it appears not. Maybe it irritates me more because I find her irritating myself. Different strokes, I suppose.

  22. anny

    Well, from her pinkies up it’s kinda cute.

    Peplums or leg curtains: which is the greater of two evils?

  23. Liv

    I loved both of her dresses and thought she knocked it out of the park. Am I the only person who loves a peplum? Hmm.

  24. Bambi Anne Dear

    Even with her legs more or less covered she still finds a need to cross her legs. I am sooooooooooo sick of this pose.

    Having said that, if the bottom wasn’t sheer I think this’d be rather pretty.

  25. Caroleena Stantonova

    That would make a great “Lost in Space” costume for an alien.

  26. Nina

    Like Elizabeth Banks’ dress, this is a scrolldown fug. Not so bad at first, then takes a swift descent into WTF territory.

  27. Guerra

    Yeah I don’t like this at all! & I don’t think she looks good in sheer black (skin tone wise)

  28. janey

    It would look awesome without the hip poofs. The hip poofs add width and weight to her hips…yeah, not such a great idea.

  29. gryt

    I detect her “I-Gotta-Pee” pose under there. I’m out.

  30. katkin74

    This would have been great if it got rid of the peplum-buns, and the lining went all the way down. I can’t wait to get over this sheer leg fad.

  31. vandalfan

    Completely awful, all three of the outfits you have referenced, and her hair color came in a bottle. It is difficult for me to imagine she actually has a stylist at all.

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