Oscars 2012 Best and Worst

Thank you all for voting for the Best and the Worst Dressed at this year’s Oscars. With no further ado, congrats shall rain upon Jessica Chastain, who beat out Gywneth “Cape” Paltrow and Octavia Spencer to FINALLY win Best Dressed:

As for Worst:

It wasn’t even close. Oh, Mena. At least your shoes are cute.


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  1. Lini

    Yay! I voted for Jessica, her whole look was perfection! Octavia Spencer was a close second though. And even though I didn’t vote for her, Mena looks aboulutely ridiculous.

  2. Kitty

    I LOVE that the alt-text is ‘Mena Suvari Chicken Dress’. Hilarious!!

  3. Susan

    Jessica deserves it. Everything works with her look. The dress is so overpowering but she let it be the star and her makeup, hair and jewelry supported beautifully.

  4. AndersonicTK421

    I really am surprised Sad Butterfly Wings beat out Octavia Spencer…

    • anonymoose

      Totes surprised too! “Sad Butterfly Wings, indeed”…no, Jennifer (below), you are not the only one.

      • BrownEyedBetty

        that’s funny. just today when I looked at this post, I saw the butterfly wings for the first time! yes, they’re sad.

    • AK

      Me, too. As Miss Tyra loves to tell her models, I think Jessica was “relying on what mom and dad gave her”. Basically she looks great in spite of what she’s wearing, not because of it. Whereas Octavia looks great because she’s wearing an amazing amazing dress.

  5. Jennifer

    I guess I am the only one who doesn’t like Jessica’s dress. I was really surprised from the get-go that it wasn’t fugged. The bodice looks almost exactly like a Jessica McClintock number I wore to a middle school dance in 1988. To me, that can’t be a good thing. :)

    • sdk

      You are not the only one! My reaction was an emphatic “meh.” It’s just so much better than anything else she’s worn. I’d vote her “Most Improved,” but that definitely does not equal best.

      • Eliza Bennett

        Definitely an emphatic “ehhh…” from me. I loved Glenn Close’s look, but I also adored SWINTON’s blazer/gown look from the Globes, so obviously I just dig anything that looks like snazzy suitwear. I also really liked Michelle Williams’ delicious tangerine dress. I think she gets my most improved vote.

      • Bambi Anne Dear

        Frankly I thought Jessica’s look was so dull that I didn’t even notice her as being in the running. To me this dress is a meh at best and probably needs some sort of period head, foot and neck wear to be a dark fairytale costume. Glenn Close for me.

    • Josephine

      You’re definitely not alone. I love the dress, but I dislike it INTENSELY on her, which leaves it in fug territory for me. (My Best vote was for Maya Rudolph.) …At least we can all agree that Mena Suvari looked like the inside of a pillow and therefore an unholy mess.

    • burke

      THANK YOU for saying it. I could not agree more. I am shocked that dress wins best. I don’t even mind saying I would wear Mena’s dress before I would wear that 80s/Versace/Semi-Renaissance-Fair-ish/vampire mistress ensemble.

    • Sara

      Yes! I can’t believe this is so beloved. I feel like it needed an Unfug it Up, like, remove the butterfly wings, and then, maybe? She is beautiful, of course, but the dress? Eh.

      • Penny

        oh totally agree. Black and gold don’t go together, they cheapen each other out. but even if you replace the gold with silver, which would be preferable, the top part still needs to stop at the hips. Butterly wings describes it perfectly. But of course if it stopped at the hips it’d be a dress we’ve seen many times, and pretty much a Badgley Mischka dress (not that that’s a bad thing). But no way would I vote it best dressed. My best dressed was far and away Penelope Cruz although I read some critics saying it was too safe and boring (obviously I don’t think so.) Worst dressed by far: Jennifer Lopez. Put it away, please.

  6. ninaveneno

    Yay for both!
    I thought the cape was utterly ridiculous which is why i voted Paltrow for worst dressed. I hated her hair too–it reminded me of how my high school friends wore their scrunchies to make their ponytails less severe and more “feminine and romantic”. Ugh.

    At least Mena Suvari’s look is not pretentious and makes me laugh!

  7. Lion

    I voted for Jessica as the worst dressed! Her dress isn’t flattering at all and this hair-style so doesn’t go with it. It looks like she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be cute or queen-like.

  8. Siobhán

    I love McQueen and the embroidery is divine, but still, Paltrow’s was better than this, sorry.

    That said, McQueen Fall show in less than 3 hours, yay!

  9. Clarence Beeks

    I posted Mena on my FB when I first saw it, because I could not believe how ugly, and unflattering it was. YEEEESH!

  10. Lisa D

    Jennifer, I totally agree . . . whenever my friends and I see pictures of us from any winter dance we ever went to in high school (1991-1995) someone has to say something like, “I could have sworn that the embellished/embroidered/bedazzled velvet cocktail dress I wore that year was hunter green/burgundy/navy blue, not black!”

    I am not crazy about sad butterfly wings either, although her hair and makeup are gorgeous.

  11. maryse

    mena’s dress was pretty hilarious, but at least i wasn’t forced to think about her underwear.

  12. MelissaW

    Mena looks like Rachel from the Lady Gaga episode on Glee – when she made her costume by stapling stuffed animals to a tent dress!

  13. Cranky Old Batt

    Mena’s hair is cute too.Kind of 60′s Bond girlish. And that is about all I can scrape up to say.

    Octavia nailed off the charts gorgeous. The gown is the epitome of fit to the teeth. I wish her hair were a little more special.

  14. gin_in_teacups

    So I really feel like Best and Worst should be reserved for people who attended the actual ceremony. That said, Menu Suvari looks like a first grader’s cotton ball snowman gone horribly wrong, so sure.

    Not crazy about Jessica’s dress. I didn’t think anybody looked that stunning. Gwyneth was memorable and I liked Michelle Williams, but overall it was such a meh year.

    • dvj

      I totally agree that this poll should only be for people who walked THE red carpet.

      Not one of the dresses thrilled me, so it was Chastain by default, for looking so lovely. It’s hard to believe there wasn’t a single spectacular, or even awesome, dress.

      As for Mena, I thought it was silly and fun, but actual fashion, as opposed to some of the ragged atrocities worn by the Russians. I actually voted for Miley, because of the total mismatch.

  15. stephanie

    Taste is so subjective.
    I reverse the choices of the above two.
    To me, Octavia’s dress is rich, suburban housewife with lack of personal taste and Mena’s is interesting, unique, light and fun.

    • noddy

      I thought I was the only one, but yes: I find Mena’s dress quite appealing: the shape is tent-like -not good- but I like all the foofy bits. I think Jessica looks like someone from middle earth in her dress: not bad, just a bit themed

  16. Willow

    I personally voted Melissa McCarthy as worst, but yeah Mena does look like The Great Pyramid of Poultry, it just does weird thing to her, I can’t tell if her legs are even in the right place!

  17. Oblaadee

    Mena looks like a tepee made out of silk and chicken feathers. Yes, the shoes are cute.

  18. Hel

    I voted for Jessica Chastain in the Oscar prediction Best poll but I voted for Octavia Spencer’s in the actual Best Oscar dress poll.

  19. Kristen from MA

    My first choice was Octavia, though Cam Diaz (ceremony) was a close 2nd.

    For Worst, I voted for Anika Noni Rose. Suvari’s dress was pretty ridiculous, but ANR’s dress offended me more.

  20. vandalfan

    I made my worst dressed choice and then saw the results and looked up the leading vote getter- Mena- and said, “Oh, yeah! That thing! I mean her!”

    I’m glad to see Chastain so well dressed, but there were some with better hair. I’m just sayin’.

  21. Claire

    Eep. I like Mena’s dress…I think she looks great. *shrugs*

  22. Alicia

    The upside to Mena’s dress is that she can die it green, add some colorful balls and go as a Christmas tree to a Halloween party.

  23. mary lou bethune

    They both look lovely. Jessica’s dress is sumptuous- queenlike. The Duchess of C would look great in it too. But then, who wouldn’t?

    It’s the biggest evening gown competition in the world so I think the swan gown is fine.
    She is so cute.

  24. Rita

    My three-year-old just said, “I like that girl’s dress” when she saw Mena’s pic. Obviously I have some serious re-education to do before she’s old enough to buy her own clothes…

  25. Phoebe

    I’m just glad Paltrow didn’t win, the cape was ridic!

    As for Mena’s dress, I didn’t vote her the worst… I mean, I GET her dress. It’s cute and fun, if a bit poultry-ish.

  26. neiges

    I think Jessica Chastain’s win is just the result of a very boring Oscar year and a big sigh of relief due to her former wardrobe catastrophes. But she did not get my vote, I hate the goddam velvety dress and the stringy hair.

  27. Jo

    Yes Jessica’s dress reminded me of an Elizabethan wall hanging and not in a good way. No-one wowed me but for fit and verve, Octavia for me. As for Mena, Big Bird has now confessed, he is your daddy!

  28. kat

    Mena Suvari looks like she’s having Big Bird’s baby. OMG

  29. Shayne

    Not a fan of Jessica’s dress, definitely overrated. I just can’t understand why everyone was so down on Michelle Williams! I thought she was thoroughly gorgeous! The very pretty layering on the dress, the colour, her styling – and most of all she looked happy! A total win-win from me!

    Poor Mena – at least her face and hair look fantastic.

  30. The Other Molly

    I am STUNNED that Chastain’s dress won for Best.
    I think it looks like something from Morticia Adams closet.

  31. Scanderoon

    I voted for Jessica for Best, but even looking at it now I wish there had been something more spectacularly awesome to vote for.

    I didn’t vote for Mena because I don’t like “stunt” dresses like I feel this one is.

    And I agree that next year, the best/worst poll should be split up into two: one for the actual red carpet of the Oscars, one for all the parties and whatnot.

  32. Sophia Loren

    Although I think the embroidery is pretty (on the bottom of the dress, more than the bodice) I couldn’t vote this best-dressed because it’s not part of a cohesive style on Chastain’s part. For someone who worked this look (in the moment, and sort of, longitudinally) it might be a best dressed but for Chastain, no.

    She’s beautiful and I want her to find her look, but this Sleeping Beauty costume isn’t it.

    I feel like others are saying this in slightly different ways and I’m with you, doubters.

  33. Cicily25

    Jessica looks just ok in this dress. It’s a little overwhelming for her. However, I think it would look ah-may-zing on Juliana Margulies.

  34. Natalle

    Jessica’s dress is looks like Blair Waldorf’s on the GG prom episode! Love (:

  35. Sweetsinger

    Ms. Chastain’s gown is gorgeous, but it is so elaborate and heavy that it is wearing her, not the other way round. The only reason she won is that most everyone else was so blah in white, white, white.

  36. Lu

    Your audience is well educated. Chastain is incomparable.

  37. Lola

    You are kidding!? This dress is awful. So dated. Ok, it fits her in the right places, but that’s about all you can say to commend it !