Oscar Weekend Fugs and Fabs: Ginnifer Goodwin


Insert my usual whinging about how she never smiles ever — THIS IS NOT A PHOTOSHOOT WHERE YOU NEED TO BE SERVING SAD ANGEL REALNESS – and add to it a comment that her makeup artist has possibly lost her mind:

And then make a note that I love this dress deeply and it might be one of my favorite items she’s ever worn.

I wish I could say the same for the ensemble she wore to the Chanel dinner over the weekend. BUT:

The Suit and The Romper ought never mate.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Chasmosaur

    That blue dress is amazing.

    It immediately made me think that someone had scaled January Jones’ 2010 Emmy Dress to what normal humans could wear.


  2. Alessandra

    Who makes that first dress? Because I don’t think I care about the price…MUST HAVE. NOW!

    • Anj

      It’s Monique Lhuiller Spring 2013 according to Red Carpet Fashion Awards: http://www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com/2013/02/26/ginnifer-goodwin-in-monique-lhuillier-2013-vanity-fair-party/

      I like her romper look but the blue dress is amazing and some visually engaging. I like that she plays with her makeup and hair so I don’t mind the dramatic look.

      • Helen

        It looks better on her than it did on the runway!

        And I like the dramatic makeup with this strong color. I say the whole look works.

        • Angela Brown

          I agree about both the blue dress and the makeup. I actually really like her dramatic eye makeup in the first one, and then the strong red lip in the second one is very fresh, yet retro, in a Bettie Paige sort of way. Overall, I like it all! Well, maybe not the shorts-suit so much…

      • Alessandra

        Thanks! Yeah, I see it’s $5k. No prob, I’ll just forgo eating for a while.

  3. Liz

    Beautiful dress ruined by a ridiculous expression again. This girl has a beautiful smile, she should just use it!

  4. Anita

    The blue dress is stunning, but whoever did her makeup has been watching too many silent movies.

    The romper suit doesn’t surprise me; I saw her on some talk show and she was raving about that bright blue shorts suit with the white piping she wore not long ago to some function. She apparently loves her a shorts suit.

  5. ringthing

    The horrific makeup in the first photo makes her look like an angry mime.

  6. Dazie

    Can she just send her wardrobe out for her from now on? I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but she (among other actresses) just always looks so bored with everything. “Oh la… here I am at some wildly fancy event AGAIN. I’m so bored.”

    I spent my morning shoveling out 2 giant trucks that were stuck in snow. If she’s so dang bored with everything SHE does, I’ll gladly trade.

    • julyol1972

      She actually smiles a lot, when she not posing on the carpets. I’ve seen quite a few pictures of her in motion or talking to others at these events and smiling. But as soon as she has to stand still and have her picture taken, she strikes that dreaded “pose” that looks like she smelt something bad. Whoever gave her posing advice for the red carpet did her a great disservice.

      • Jessica

        That’s the crazy thing to me. She seems SO BUBBLY in real life — in motion, on chat shows, etc. She is so vivacious like 90% of the time.

  7. Gine

    That blue dress is incredible, but her FACE (meaning her expressions, of course. Her actual face is adorable). I can’t deal anymore. Does she never see these pictures of herself? Or is she seeing them and thinking, “Yes, good. Stoned and sullen is exactly what I was going for.”

  8. Eliza Bennett

    I almost like the romper suit more because her makeup and hair look so good. homegirl has some AWESOME legs. if we could just crop out the unfortunate middle section, she would look gorgeous.

    • Eliza Bennett

      Also the blue dress makes her look wide, with football player shoulders. the more I look, the less I like.

      • LT1

        I think what it is doing to her shoulders is my favorite part (besides that spectacular color). I love a strong shoulder.

        • Bottle Ginger

          Actually, what the blue dress is doing to her shoulders is my least favorite part, I think the narrow neckline is making her shoulders look bulky. Love the dress otherwise, how can one not love blue sparlkies?

          I like the romper outfit more than I would have thought possible. Somehow, it’s less offensive to the eye when severely tailored, and worn with a really terrific makeup.

  9. Mrs. James

    I am so sorry, but the first dress is just sad. A candy wrapper challange from PR gone wrong. It’s such a pity; she is a beautyful girl and could do much, much better…

  10. anno

    If only she paired the Romper makeup with the blue dress. Sigh.

  11. maryse

    i love the blue dress and i actually like the makeup. it’s her weirdo expression that kind of ruins it for me.

  12. Medha

    I actually REALLY like the blue dress, makeup (maybe not hair) included. She tried something crazy and dramatic, and I think the gamble paid off.

    Also semi-partial to the romper, but that’s a personal problem.

  13. Sarah

    I can’t help but love her regardless of whether she smiles because in interviews she is the sweetest person. Very charming and genuine.

    • GFY Heather

      That is, as we often note, exactly why we are so sad that she goes with this affected fierceness. She is SO lovely.

  14. Josephine

    It appears I’m in a distinct minority here, but I am really over this thing about telling folks to smile. Some people don’t like to smile in pictures.* Get over it. She’s not making a nasty face, she’s not ruining anyone’s day, and we generally don’t get all up in arms when other people stand there with their mouths closed (cf Amanda Seyfried, a fair number of men in the archives, Tilda Swinton). Somehow, when Ginnifer Goodwin and Kristen Stewart do it, though, it’s an offense.

    *Maybe they aren’t fond of their own teeth. Or think they look chipmunk-cheeky. Or…pretty much anything. Whatever.

    • GFY Heather

      It’s because when those girls DO smile, it’s FABULOUS, so we wish they’d do it more. Other people do have varied facial expressions and we just pick the photo that best shows the dress. Ginnifer? Not ONE smile ANYWHERE. It’s so sad because her smile is gorgeous.

      • Josephine

        Point taken, I guess. She does have a pretty smile. But to me labeling its absence “sad” feels weird and entitled. Like, she’s perfectly animated on film, both in working roles and in interviews, and she’s not glaring, so how is it my business if she doesn’t want to grin for photographers? Full disclosure: I freely admit that part of my questioning is because I was the kid people were ALWAYS telling to smile. I hate my smile and so it drove me absolutely bazonkers.

        • Guerra

          She doesn’t have to smile but it’s more that the face she makes in photos doesn’t look natural. Like she is trying very hard to be fierce or sexy & it’s not working. Girl is cute! But she is not sexy..

    • Bailey

      I think it’s less the not-smiling, and more the silly dramatic poses and expressions she makes instead. Some people can give good bitchface, but when she does stuff like this it doesn’t really work, to me.

  15. Amberoni13

    I find the contrast amazing. With the first neckline, her shoulders look so strong and powerful. With the suit-y top, her shoulders look narrow and her head look ENORMOUS. No wonder so many people like her hair and makeup from the romper look – her head is so huge, you can’t help but look right at it (and appreciate that she’s a lovely head).

  16. Sajorina

    I love the electric blue dress with a passion! And I love the dramatic makeup, except for the sharpied (that’s a word now) eyebrows! They have to be taken down like 17 notches to look remotely real! I don’t like her hairdo at all! I love the shoes, but wish she was wearing blue nailpolish to tie them in better with the dress! And girlfriend needs earrings! Her head in the 2nd picture looks lovely! ½ FAB!

    GFY Jessica, you’d rock that blue dress!

  17. Sandra

    Wow, that second outfit could have been gorgeous too, it had only been a dress and not stupid “formal shorts”. “Formal shorts” are a dangerous fashion mutation and should be eradicated as soon as possible. An event might be formal, an event might be shorts-appropriate; the two are mutually exclusive. Also, girlfriend looks like she’s about to cut a bitch. Maybe me, for hating on her choices.

  18. Sarah

    This blue dress is one of my most favouite things.

  19. pantsonfire

    Ahahha. “Sad angel realness.” I love it. And yeah, she looks cuter when she smiles. I’m not one for mandating fake smiles (there is an infamous school photo of me from pre-kindergarten where I am bringing the saddest look a 4-year-old can bring…I don’t think I yet understood the convention of smiling for photos, and it’s awesome), but this expression is like a photography-triggered pathology for her.

    I think the blue dress totally fits her style and is a tremendous color on her. I am also a huge fan of an emphatic shoulder.

  20. Tiffany

    I could write paragraphs about her non-smiling issues, which I find completely sad.

    BUT, I think her blue dress is so beautiful and fun. It almost looks electric! It looks like such a fun dress to wear, how can she not be smiling?

  21. that girl

    She is almost pulling off the romper. Kirsten Dunst or Evan Rachel Wood should wear this.

  22. Carla in Kentucky

    She forgot her tray of cigarettes in the second photo.

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    • Amberoni13

      This is just the most enigmatic spam comment of all time. I don’t understand it, yet I love Anthony Hopkins, and I’m trying to make the comment about lawyers apply to the second picture.

  24. Guerra

    The blue is awesome!! Hate the romper!! And I love rompers!!

  25. Callie

    If I were wearing a dress as gorgeous as that blue one as well as she is wearing it, I would be smiling. That’s all.

  26. jean

    I love the blue dress, but I’m very tired of her short hair. I think she needs to change it up, grow it out, wear wigs …do something!

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  28. Vandalfan

    You’re never fully dressed without a smile. Not a fake baring of teeth in preparation to eat corn on the cob, but a genuine pleasant expression.

    I’m sorry, I don’t care how nice they are said to be personally, since we’ll never know them by anything other than their appearance. I don’t buy that they’re shy, or don’t like their faces. I’m sick and tired of beautiful people like Posh, the Maras, the Olsens, and KStew;’s snooty, haughty expressions when facing we unworthy unwashed masses.

  29. Nina

    I like the romper, actually. It’s cut really nicely. It’s not standard formal attire, but it’s better than jeans.

    Love the dress, but hate her hair in the first pic.