Oscar Speculation: Who Might Fug or Fab These?

We obviously don’t get to attend every single show at New York Fashion Week — it would kill us, and we don’t know how half those Vogue staffers do it; seriously, Meredith Melling-Burke must drink a lot of Red Bull — but of those we do see, there are often some very pretty gowns that make us wonder which starlets will turn up in them at the Oscars. So I figured, hey, it’s Thursday, the Oscars are this weekend, and I’m desperate to enjoy my last fleeting moments of sanity… Let’s eat some low-stress eye-candy.

Ergo, I plucked a bunch of the dresses we saw at Fashion Week (emphasis on we saw; I thought about looking at all the shows we didn’t go to, but then my head went numb), and — even though they’re up against impossibly stiff competition from the likes of Chanel, Dior, Armani, Balenciaga, et al — I invite you to speculate on whether any of them will make it on to the red carpet at the Kodak on Sunday. Quick turnaround from the runway? Yep, but it’s happened before. In the case of a lot of these, we hope it happens again.

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Comments (35):

  1. Zuzzie

    Thanks for this, ladies, tres fun! x

  2. acake

    I want Julianne Moore in #7 and Nicole Kidman in #37. BOOM. Hotness.

  3. Zuzzie

    That Naeem Khan sequin short sleeve dress… be still, my heart.
    I need a better life, I think. One in which I could wear dresses like that without being committed…

  4. Dorothee

    No Jason Wu?!

    I just hope Nicole Kidman shows up in color – lots of it, in the same sort of semi-bohemian pattern that she has earlier this year.

  5. Heather

    Ack! I knew I forgot to go through something. Sorry, Jason Wu. I loved his show.

  6. Sara L.

    I am with you on that black with red lace Naeem Khan. I want that on my body, right now. I will run to the grocery in it. I will wash dishes in it. I will forgo all other clothing just to have it. Thank you.

    Love the rest of your picks, too. And I agree, Cate Blanchett must wear that silvery art deco piece of art. Gorgeous.

  7. Libb

    The Galaxy Ad is making my mind explode it is so distracting I can’t bear to go through the dresses — wahhhh! Please, make it stop!!!

  8. Amber

    I’d kind of like to see SWINTON in that first plaid Oscar de la Renta number. Or perhaps that lovely champagne sequined item — you know how she loves beige!

  9. Hannah

    Not that I have ANY idea who is attending the Oscars but I would dress the following people up in the corresponding looks:

    Look 3 – Diane Kruger
    Look 4 – Zoe Saldana
    Look 12 – January Jones
    Look 18 – Sandra Bullock (also look 32 but that’s just b/c it looks like that other dress she wore)
    Look 29 – Catherine Zeta Jones
    Look 31 – Sarah Jessica Parker
    Look 39 – Jennifer Aniston

    Look 10 reminds me of the final dress on Project Runway that the guy with the neck tattoo won.

  10. Kate

    The black and red Khan looks so much like Kidman I almost feel like I’ve seen it before. I hope I see it again on Sunday as it is glorious! Seriously, many of these women should hire you guys to dress them, as whoever they are paying to do it are blind. Or hate them.

  11. Mary

    My faves: 10, 16, 24, 34. But I’m too busy envisioning myself (or rather, a photoshopped version of myself) in them to figure out who should actually wear them.

  12. rachel

    your text appears to be missing on 26 and 40 – it’s just a filler?

  13. Jill

    I think HBC would rock the crap out of that Naeem Khan poofy carpet.

    I also see a ton of things Amy Adams would look fabulous in, so there’s really no excuse for what she might put out.

  14. Kris

    Favorite dress is the red with the roses on the bottom. I love it!

  15. sarrible

    That blue Oscar in the first photo looks a lot like what Zoe Saldana wore to the Oscars last year. And the red Monique Lhuillier at #29 would look awesome on Anne Hathaway. I would also love to see the purple Carolina Herrera at #26 on Mo’Nique.

  16. cpro

    I’d love to see Angelina in #29–it is stunning and she can bring the drama. Amy Adams would look lovely in that deep blue #17.

  17. Heather

    Text is fixed on the two rogue slides. Thanks!

  18. Willow

    Seriously Fug Girls, you should be dressing the ladies of Hollywood (and Johnny Depp) all these dresses are stunning, except for the J-Lo one, and are perfectly suited to the actress.

    I have a feeling SJP will come in something all out and dramatic, especially after last years boring fugly gown.

  19. meg

    T-Mobile made me gouge out my eyes by dress #27. :-( I know a girl’s gotta get paid, but that thing is so annoying!

    I LOVE the picks so far, though…

  20. W

    Have to agree with the other commenters — I only made it to dress 11 because of the pop down ad. A shame because I was looking forward to procrastinating from actual work with lovely dresses.

  21. democracydiva.com

    2. Your Hailee Steinfeld pick was my pick for Dakota Fanning on my own red carpet predictions post! Great minds think alike, Fug Girls.

    9. One of my favorite gowns from all of NYFW.


    16. I chose this one for Anne Hathaway, but I totally agreed that I’d love to see Julianne Moore in this instead of just one giant sleeve or two dresses split down the middle.

    17. My pick for Heather Morris. Seriously, girls, stop stealing from my blog, because obviously y’all are jealous of the DOZENS of hits I get per day.

    30. My pick for Lea Michele! (In the khaki color you showed.)

    37. My pick for Zoe Saldana. Fully agreed that we need some more crazy fabulous prints on the red carpet.

    39. My pick for Eva Longoria. I pray to god she wears underwear.

    Love you girls! Glad we share a brain!

  22. Jasmine

    What about that amazing muliticolored Oscar de la Renta gown (it’s in the background of slide 3, but I’ve seen it a few other places). As soon as I saw that dress, I thought it would be fantastic on Halle Berry.

  23. Rachel

    Can someone explain to me why runway models are often made up to look hideous and/or zombified? (Lhuillier, Khan I’m talking about you.)

    Is that supposed to make the dress look better by contrast or something? I don’t get it. It really makes it hard for me to appreciate the dress when the face has bruised sunken eyes and the hair is greased to the scalp.

  24. Joey

    Oh these dresses are divine! I just scrolled through them shouting (in my head) “KIDMAN! HATHAWAY! STEINFELD! KIDMAN! BULLOCK! MOORE!” and so forth. I do feel however that some of the dresses are very reminiscent of dresses already worn – there is a feathery Marchesa that looks a great deal like something Kidman wore in the past and the one with the constructed roses on the skirt is something I’m sure I’ve seen before. If I were a woman on this red carpet, I’d be going sparkly. And if I was nominated, knew 100% that I wasn’t going to win and that I would probably never get nominated again, I’d wear the Bjork suggestion to make HBC go insane with jealousy and to make the internet melt because that would be intense.

  25. misty

    I call Aniston in the black strapless Hererra with a bedazzled top. Wait, does she even go to the Oscars? And Mila Kunis in the Green billowy-bottomed Khan.

  26. Holly

    #25 looks kind of like that dress that Sigourney Weaver wore in Ghostbusters, at the very end when she’s been possessed? It’d be cool if a) Sigourney Weaver were at the Oscars, and b) if she wore that dress as a nod to Ghostbusters!

  27. miwome

    gown 1: Drew Barrymore

    The neon plaid wondergown (I’m in love with it) is something Claire Danes might go for and even pull off. Also, after that red printed gown, I could imagine Mila Kunis looking amazing in it.

    #13 (navy, straps, fishtailish silhouette): I’m actually feeling Annette Bening. I think she’d look fabulous in it. If Julianne Moore were willing to get off the crazy train, I think this would look amazing on her as well, and the color would play very well indeed with her hair.

    WHEREAS, #16, your Julianne Moore pick, totally SCREAMS La Mirren to me. (I admit, with her pale hair it might wash her out, but I bet La Mirren could get a designer to do it in a darker/brighter color. Regardless, the cut/design would be stupid good on her.)

    #18 (the one with the gloves): If Halle Berry could be convinced to cover up some she would look UHMAZING in this. I don’t know why, but literally the second I saw it I could not stop my brain from going “HALLE HALLE HALLELU.” Alternately, I think it would be a nice turn toward grown-up clothes for Michelle Williams.

    #30, she of the major ruffles that would be awesomer in a jewel tone, would actually be gorge on J.Lo in this khaki color (I think). Perhaps Catherine Zeta-Jones, in a different shade?

    #35 (Naeem Khan, black with red lacy-type patterns): EDIE FREAKING FALCO. PLEASE, CHEESUS.

    #37 could be another in the win column for Claire Danes (I keep picking her because she’s much less afraid of risks than many other actresses), Mila Kunis, or super amazing on Jennifer Lawrence.

    #39: Dear Angelina: I know it’s not purely black, but just try it on. TRY IT ON. I WILL PULL IT OVER YOUR HEAD MYSELF.

    #41, dragon’s head: Nicki Minaj, obviously. Not at the Oscars, but somewhere, somehow.

  28. Jo

    You totally did that to me, I’m blaming you all along.

    I’m more interested in the Oscars looks than winners now! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??

  29. Margaret

    That black Naeem Khan with the short sleeves and the red pattern was MADE for Nicole Kidsman.

  30. Ann

    Those are all so great. I’m going to take notes in case anyone wears them. You did good.

  31. gryt

    Oscar is on my shit list ever since he critisized Michelle Obama for wearing Alexander McQueen. Not only that, but then he had to show fur, fur, fur and more fur at the shows. So I hope no one good picks any of his gowns, HA!

    Having said that, I LOVED the makeup/hair styling in these pics.

  32. Karen

    I think you girls nailed #36 – J Lo for sure. Meryl Streep would look excellent in #26. I can see CZJ in #29, and Halle Berry would do very well in #32 (less desperate than she’s looked lately as well).

  33. Susan Maxwell Schmidt

    I want, no… NEED Julianne Moore to wear the plaid. It’s absolutely, positively the only way to eradicate any residual fallout from THE SLEEVE. THE SLEEVE must die.

  34. Sarah H

    Nice read!

    I found myself agreeing with pretty much everyone you suggested for each dress.

  35. RenaissanceGrrl

    I can actually see #8 on Diane Kruger. (The model even kinda looks like her, so maybe that’s not a huge leap…)