Oscar Red Carpet Fug or Fab: Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent


Margot Robbie is filming a movie right now, which is why she is brunette. And Margot Robbie is brunette right now, which is why she is unrecognizable. And Margot Robbie is unrecognizable right now, which is why I think she kind of punted on this dress:

It feels very, “eh, no one is even going to realize that it’s me. Who even cares? Get me something I can sit down in.”

The back, however, brings with it a tang of that 80s flair from Wolf of Wall Street:

I actually really like her, but that bow has ended me. It’s like a salute to the tuxedo of a giant, adoring her rear view.

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  1. KHS

    I think she looks gorgeous as a brunette. Much better than as a blonde. I’m also a fan of the heavy makeup. It all goes well with the dark hair. And the front of the dress is pretty great.

    That bow, however, is terrible. All bows are terrible. Unless on a 5-year old, and even then, I can do without.

  2. Natasha Fatale

    I respectfully disagree KHS and totally agree with Jessica – I don’t think the dark hair suits her at all. Dark hair doesn’t suit Jennifer Lawrence either IMHO but at least she still looks like JLawr – Margot Robbie is completely unrecognizable as a brunette (well, obviously only because I came to know who she was as a blonde, but you know what I mean?). Why cast her and then change her look completely?

    • Sajorina

      Well, part of being an actor is being willing and able to transform yourself for a role and in Margo’s case all she had to do was change the color of her hair!

    • KHS

      I think one of the things is I’m not THAT familiar with Margot in the first place. So completely changing her look didn’t affect my opinion that much. That being said, she is far more striking and memorable to me here than she is as a blonde.

  3. Maria L.

    In this photo, the dark haired Margot Adler looks very much like the actress who played Irene Adler so memorably in Cumby’s Sherlock.

    In other news, big bows on grown women are an invention of Satan’s.

  4. Mel S.

    At first glance, I thought this was the actress from The Artist – Berenice Bejo.

    For an actress who was in one of the nominated movies, I would’ve thought she would’ve worn something a bit more memorable.

  5. Simsrogers

    I loved the back of the dress – the lines on her body – divine. The front was made weird by the bow though. It made her look square.

  6. Holla

    I don’t dislike it, it’s just kind of meh for me, which is too bad as her Globes dress was one of my favorites (after Lupita’s of course).

  7. TaraMisu

    Love the dark hair, love the dress from the back, minus the bow. The front of the dress is really forgettable.

  8. Lori

    The dress feels boring from the front; I expected more from her. The back is a monstrosity.

  9. juliannarose

    Can she and Jaimie King play sisters in something?

  10. Sajorina

    She looks beautiful no matter what color her hair is! The woman is GORGEOUS! But this dress is just FINE! And the lipstick isn’t doing her any favors, but that necklace is FAB!

  11.  Miranda

    This is why I don’t buy for a second that she’s the same age as Jennifer Lawrence.

  12.  HelenBackAgain

    Wow, the dark hair really does transform her!

    I like her either way, blonde or brunette. They’re both beautiful women, they’re just two different women!

    The dress is fine, it’s pretty. I enjoy a whimsical big bow on something that’s otherwise simple, like this. Great necklace. NAB.

  13. Gypsy Danger

    I prefer her as a blonde. The dark hair is really ages her. Maybe the character she is playing next is supposed to be older.

    • Nina

      It definitely ages her. I get that it’s for a role, but I hope she changes it back to blonde once the role is complete.

  14. Jenz

    She is very pretty.. but I had absolutely no clue who she was. The dark hair and dark lip change her look so much. She’s still beautiful but I prefer her as a blonde. Or maybe without that dark lipstick.

  15.  Kristin

    She’s one of the most strikingly attractive women ever, bow or no bow, brunette or blonde. Girl crush!

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