Okay, I'm not saying that I think Cameron Diaz needs to run around town wearing every ounce of Cover Girl she can buy at Target. But someone needs to explain to me why she often seems to forget she has a head. Yes, technically there is foundation there, and probably some lipstick, and maybe some mascara, although that issue is in doubt. But none of it is working for her. Maybe she doesn't need different makeup so much as she needs a better makeup artist. But I mean, clearly Cam was super excited to flaunt the iron body she's developed after all those training sessions with A-Rod. So if you're that hot for people to see the fruits of your labor, why get all dressed up if you're going to show up looking like you rubbed on some slap after a whiskey-fueled afternoon delight? And if that IS what happened, at least learn to fake it. You're an actress, Cam! PRETEND.
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