Oscar Fug or Fab Carpet: Sandra Bullock


I really wish Sandra Bullock had been in Silver Linings Playbook.

That way, I could write something hideously hacky like, “Is this dress stunning as-is, or could the lower half use a silver lining in its playbook?” As it is, I’m stuck ruminating about whether the gown is pure practical magic and a force of nature, or they snuck the transparent bit past her blind side, with speed, while she was sleeping. At the lake house.

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  1. Stefanie

    I am so tired of sheer. Why wasnt it lined to the floor? WHY?

    I also am not liking her hair. It looks really flat.

  2. BrownEyedBetty

    Ahh HaHaHaHaHa. Good one. Love your word play. She gets a well-played from me!

  3. MKKS

    Dress is pretty / fine / Lady Mary lite & would have been better lined but not a knock-out. The styling sort of makes it looks like she didn’t care that much which, hey, maybe she didn’t? Also … wherefore art thou color?

  4. maryse

    she is beautiful but the dress left me a little cold. and it should have had a lining to the floor.

  5. gin_in_teacups

    Lining would have improved it for sure, but it’s still a beautiful dress.

  6. qwertygirl

    STOP WITH THE SHEER. JUST STOP. Sheer is for curtains, not for dresses!

  7. Kit

    lmao! You are punrific! :)

    And I loved this dress. Would have loved it more with a lining -but the hair clip? Perfection.

  8. Heidi

    I hate the sheer trend, but I actually like the sheer part here better…which tells me that maybe the lining should have been black, and to the floor? The fabric itself is lovely, and is all that saves it for me.

  9. Suz

    Forget the dress, can we talk about that awful barrette she was wearing? I kept thinking she had a sparkly Vulcan ear prosthetic!

  10. Becky

    I love the HW brooch in her hair so much that I don’t even care about her dress.

  11. bambam

    you ladies do realize that sometimes when i vote, i am voting for your pun.

  12. ccm800

    it is lined to mid-thigh.

  13. buttercup

    Loved this! I want whatever voodoo she’s drinking.

    My guess is that the lining is reflecting more from camera flash than it would have appeared in person.

    • Gingersnap

      The other pictures I’ve seen of this dress don’t reveal the lining so much, and it does look better. This might be my favorite dress of the evening.

  14. mwk

    Maybe just stop the dress where the lining ends?

  15. Erin

    I think she, Watts, Chastain, Kidman and Keibler (egads) were my tops of the night. I wanted to like some of the more colorful frocks, but I think these ladies were much better tailored and styled.

  16. BeanFug

    Because the lining is more obvious from the waistline down, I feel like we got an unfortunate glimpse of her Spanx. I don’t think we’re *actually* seeing her Spanx; I just think the kiss of death for a dress is the *appearance* of wearing visible Spanx. Lining should have gone to the floor.

  17. TaraMisu

    She is so gorgeous…. I wonder who she sold her soul to for that face? :D

    I’m meh on the dress. I am SO over the sheer thing, but for some reason this doesn’t offend me like most of them do. Do I wish it was lined? Yes. Do I hate it because it’s not? No.

  18. Mary

    Ever since the divorce she looks like she’s wearing emotional and physical armor. This dress is no different.

  19. Sara

    My Proposal for this dress is that it should be lined. She is Incredibly Close to a well-played for me and my Premonition is that if she had done something better with her hair she’d be even closer. Still, she wins Miss Congeniality for this GIF of her straining to open up the envelope: http://imgur.com/e3m69OZ

  20. Ellie

    I love this. It’s got some sheerness to it but NOT in an obnoxious LOOK AT ME kind of way. And I love the hair pin. So different!

  21. Charlotte

    I just feel like I’ve seen this dress a hundred times already this awards season. And I really dislike the aggressively flat-ironed hair trend, particularly when it’s paired with high-necked gowns. Your clothes and your hair shouldn’t fight for attention, ladies.

    • Sarah B

      For some reason, I feel like I’ve seen HER in this dress before. It’s a very Sandra Bullocky dress. Which I suppose is a good thing, when you are Sandra Bullock. A bit of a snooze though.

  22. Katharine

    I thought her hair was awful. She looks fine in this still, but during the presentation she looked very unfortunately aged and as though her face was the same width as her neck. I had no particular thoughts on the dress. It’s there. The sheerness isn’t revealing underwear. It’s fine.

  23. Esme

    Hate this–looks vintage, and not in a good way.

  24. Louisa

    Sandra F’ing Bullock does not need to wear a sheer skirt like a starlet begging for attention. It takes away from what is otherwise a great gown.

  25. Helen

    I’d like to see the lining go to the ankle, with the puddle hem being sheer below that.

    Still, I do like it. It’s just kind of nagging that it could so easily be better.

    I’m undecided on the hair jewelry. Maybe if it were placed differently?

  26. Lisa

    Although I do not like the sheer panels, overall, I think sh looks really good, flat ironed hair and all.

  27. Sajorina

    LOVE it as is! She looks STUNNING! This is a Well Played for me… One of my favorites of the night! It fits her beautifully & I’d happily wear it myself! FAB In Love and War (couldn’t resist either)!!!

  28. Sylvia

    I love the fit, but I’m not a lover of sheer. I voted lining would have made it better, but I don’t know if it’s a wow.

    However, she is at the top of my list of celebrities I want to drink beers with. We’d have grand old time and we’d got to a hockey game where she’d yell impassioned profanities. Also, I kept doing my core workout when I saw her on the red carpet. Because, com on.

  29. Keckler

    Someone on Twitter described this as a dress made out of caviar which, for some reason, made me totally love it.

  30. SaraK

    Argh! Your wordplay has cursed me because it made my brain try to get all clever. Now I have “If you loved it, you shoulda put a lining in it” going through my head, complete with Beyonce dancing and everything. And that’s not even topical wordplay (although it is truth, at least).

  31. Popgoddess

    I love Sandra, but I worry that she’s increasingly unable to move her face. Nic, Sandra and others, I know everyone’s doing it, but I really wish you all would stop with the surgeries and botox!

  32. esther p.

    the hair, the straight, ironed-to-near-death hair. some beautiful curls might have distracted from the sheer.

  33. Soapstef

    I’m surprised! I hated this on the red carpet, but love it in pictures. Her hair is fabulous & sleek. She looks amazing!

  34. Katharine

    Having read the novel, I think Sandra Bullock (or someone of her vintage) would have been better casting as Tiffany …