Oscar Fug Carpet: Cody Horn

I think Cody Horn here — whoever she is — might be psychic.

Cody Horn

Her arms are in costume as Madonna’s legs, before Madonna had even left the house. I’m getting shivers.

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Comments (10):

  1. Jill

    i actually went to high school with her. fun fact. she is quite exceptionally pretty, and there was a rumor going around that she had an affair with our most attractive male teacher. high school kids are cruel, aren’t they?

    i actually think her dress could work, if she weren’t wearing those horrid hand vein covers that madonna patents. don’t know what she was thinking with that.

  2. Jill

    also, besides being in flipped, she was a ralph lauren model.

  3. Chelsea

    Sure. The arm things are weird. But you completely ignored the fact that other than that, the dress is completely awesome, with a great cut and interesting print. A PRINT for Pete’s sake.

  4. Emmy

    Does anyone know who the dress is from? It makes me think of All Saints, honestly…

  5. ape escape

    so unfair. the half-sleeves ruin what would be an otherwise pretty dress. as it is, I have to stare at those abominations instead of at her pretty pretty face. child, fire thy stylist…

  6. Lina

    I keep coming back to this one. She’s so stunningly beautiful and refreshingly natural amid all the heavy Oscars pancake. And she’s wearing the hell out of that dress. That dress should be thrilled to be worn so well. I would be all over this in a tiny version scaled for bitty petite women.

    The gloves, honestly, are cracking me right up. It’s a great way to make it clear that she isn’t there as a model, that she has a quirky, maybe even comedic, personality, and that she wants you to look twice at HER instead of just ogling her dress. Really clever work, that.

  7. vandalfan

    Hate her hair. And her sternum is not that special, so put it away.

  8. anny

    Aw, carpal tunnel syndrome must be getting really common if they’re making fashion wrist braces now.

  9. Leah

    Gorgeous woman, gorgeous dress. God-awful gloves.

  10. mafer

    When I saw her on the Vulture slideshow of Oscar dresses I just KNEW she’d get a little spot here!