Orders of the Garterly Played, Royal Family

I guess it was nice in London, yesterday. Some of these pictures look fake, they’re so gorgeous. Bonus: crazy ceremonial feathered caps!

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. wendy

    I am in tears over the Queen carrying her purse! Ah, what WE must do!

    • crystal

      Seriously, I will treasure that image forever. It is giving me gigglefits!

  2. sarah


    This might be one of my favourite things I’ve seen Kate wear. It was a scroll down gasp – I actually sighed as I scrolled down and saw how lovely it is.

  3. Whitney

    I think it’s a thing that the Queen ALWAYS carries her handbag. I’ve heard rumors about her using it to signal her guards and stuff. Am I making that up?

    • Libby

      Whitney, apparently not out of your own imagination. I don’t know if it really is what she uses it for, but it says so on the internet in a “news” article. :)

      I loved the shots of Camilla, Sophie, and Catherine. Also, I’m worried about Prince Philip. But the Queen is, as usual, looking fabulous, even in all those layers of velvet.

    • Jenna Horko

      Yep, not only is it handy for keeping her hankies, powder, lipstick and hard candy in, she uses it to signal her handlers. If she puts it on the table at an event, it means she wants to leave early. If she switches it from one hand to the other, it means that she’s bored or otherwise annoyed with the person she’s talking to and wants a handler to come over with an excuse to go elsewhere. I think it’s great. I need that arrangement with friends at dates. Much more subtle than the “emergency phone call”, which everyone already knows about.

  4. Zuzzie

    Brace yourselves for the Daily Mail ‘has Kate only got one pair of shoes’ article :)

    • Kris M

      Or an article about how she has 500 pairs of nude pumps and she is lending them to all the female members of the royal family.

  5. Sarah

    I love that McQueen on Kate. It’s a little shorter than she usually wears, but it’s so structured and wonderful. I cannot even put into words how much I enjoy it.

  6. qwertygirl

    Love, love, LOVE the Queen carrying her purse. She’s such a treasure!

  7. Nora

    Were all the women in attendance required to wear nude patent heels, with a platform from a half to one inch tall? All their shoes are nearly identical!

    • Anna

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Deirdre

      Actually between these photos and the ones from yesterday, I wonder if the stylists really “coordinated” all the outfits so they would photograph well together. Today with the pale pinks and neutrals; yesterday’s photos had Kate and Camilla in very similar shades of blue.

  8. Megan

    I am really curious regarding England’s tourism budget, though, for reals. I mean, the Jubilee celebrations + Olympics + royal wedding, all within 18 months??!? It’s crazy.

  9. Nancy

    I, too, love that dress/coat looking thing on Kate. It is structured, yet gets funky below. Really cool! And I love her hat, too, and that Camilla seems to be shocking! her with some gossip!!

  10. Sarie

    They all look great. I love the pastels. I think this is probably one of my favorite of her coats. Though it loaves me wondering how many different colors she owns that hat in.

  11. Trace

    I just love that Camilla & Kate seem to be friendly. There was so much Camilla Hate back in the day, and I think the poor lady deserved better. Ever since Kate arrived on the scene that seems to have subsided. I, for one, am glad.

  12. V

    I just really NEED to know: Where do they keep all these dang hats and fascinators?!?!

    • Mary

      Kate, at least, rents a lot of hers. I read an article a few weeks ago about the millinery collective she gets them from holding a charity auction of some of the pieces she’d borrowed from them/been photographed in.

  13. Elena

    Sophie looks great, and I love that coat. Truly. But can you imagine being photographed next to Kate, even on your best day? No thanks! (Camilla, as mother-in-law, is exempt from these problems.)

  14. vandalfan

    The Queen is schlepping her own handbag? Geez, don’t you people live in a society? (chuckle. Actually, it’s completely excellent)

  15. jean

    I like to think she carries a bottle of Pepper Spray in there, along with a sensible compact and lipstick.

  16. meggyoh

    About the purse: she always carries it so she could comunicate with her court during official events without anyone else noticing – she would hold it in a certain way if she doesn’t feel well, wants to finish, let’s say, a dinner earlier etc.

  17. La Fifie

    I don’t think Sophie gets enough credit. She’s very pretty and always looks nice. Apparently she is quite tight with the Queen and Prince Philip. Goes over to watch the telly with them all the time, I’ve heard.

    • Caitlin

      I love Sophie! I think she and Edward are very underappreciated. They seem so cool and casual. I think the Queen must’ve felt Sophie was a breath of fresh air after all of the Diania/Fergie unpleasantness.

  18. elp

    Are they all wearing the same shoes??

    Also, please never stop covering the royal fam, every post brings me joy.

  19. Dara

    Can an English gal enlighten me? Why are the royals always dressed like it’s January? Everyone (especially Kate) always look so bundled up. Do I not understand English summer weather? Here in New England, we’re all in shorts and flip flops once it hits 60 degrees…

    • Charlotte

      It was about 75 F in London today but overall we’re having a pretty terrible summer this year, it’s usually much warmer in June. But it doesn’t tend to get really hot or really cold any time during the year, which works for me! English gal through and through – I hate extremes of temperature!

      • maryse

        it’s supposed to go up to 98 degrees today (37C) in Boston. i would be happy if it never got warmer than 75.

  20. La Fifie

    Dara – I’m not from the UK, but every time I have been there in the summer (even in August!), it’s been pretty chilly. That said, I know that they do have heat waves from time to time, but I don’t think it’s the norm.

  21. Kirsten

    60 degrees Fahrenheit? That’s only 15C. That’s not shorts and flipflop weather.

    The temperature in Edinburgh today got to 18C which is about 64F and that’s probably as warm as it’ll get here. The USA has continental temperatures – hot summers, cold winters. We have a temperate maritime climate – no real extremes, and our position between the European landmass and the Atlantic makes our weather very changeable. The photos look like they were taken in bright sunshine but there could easily have been a very chill wind.

  22. annie

    LOVE Kate’s coat but I wish she’d wear a real hat once in awhile, something that isn’t perched on her head like a flying saucer about to take off. And, just my two cents, i’ll never be able to warm to Camilla. She just seems so, so…..ugh.

  23. fritanga

    OMG, Steel Magnolias shoutout when describing royal outfits. That’s why I love this site.

  24. ak

    That COAT. Wow. Such elegance. I want to go to there.

  25. Sajorina

    I adore Pic #3… Desktop Background, anyone? I’m in LOVE with Kate’s dress, which looks even better with THIS hat, so I must FAB it again! COVET!!!

  26. crystal

    I love seeing Camilla and Kate and Sophie hanging out and laughing all the time! Kate really seems to have brought a bit of fresh air into the family with her.

  27. Chica

    “Pink is my signature culah!”

  28. Stephanie

    I don’t think I’ve seen the handbag worn with Garter robes before. The earrings make up for it, though.

    Stephanie Trigg, author of Shame and Honor: A Vulgar History of the Order of the Garter

  29. Miss Louise

    No portraits of Edward III carrying a man-bag, Stephanie? Shame (no pun intended). Luckily Lizzie has taken a fashion-forward approach to rocking the Garter attire!

  30. Elle

    The random small child holding the Queen’s robes in the last slide is actually one of Princess Margaret’s grandsons (I forget which one, though).

    Also, I encourage everyone to take a gander at Her Majesty’s earrings. Sparkly!

    • alh

      Actually, both of the queen’s pages were Princess Margaret’s grandsons, one was one of the sons of Lady Sarah Chatto (formerly Armstrong-Jones, perhaps best known as the oldest bridesmaid at Charles and Diana’s wedding) and the other was the son of Viscount Linley, Margaret’s son. I’m not sure which is which in the pictures, though.

  31. Nancy

    I actually would’ve preferred Kate’s dress with another inch or so on it. Just because you’re young and have good legs doesn’t mean you should necessarily go so short. I think the skirt part looks twee rather than sophisticated.

  32. Stephanie

    There’s nothing random about that small child. Senior members of royal family get one page: the Queen always has two. Anything else you want to know about the Order of the Garter? I’m your girl.

  33. kess

    Kate looks delicous, like a fairy queen

  34. Ann from Canada

    Oh, fug girls! The Royals on a Tuesday too! I loved seeing them on Monday and now this week is looking, well royal.
    Keep up the good work

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  37. witjunkie

    I’m late but I wish I knew if Kate’s coatdress comes with petticoats or is there a foofy little wisp of a dress underneath I wish I could see?! LOVE that dress.

    And the Queen in her velvet looks superb and healthy and wonderful.

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  40. Shannon

    My perpetual loathing for Camilla prevents me from ever appreciating anything she wears. And she is NOT Kate’s mother-in-law. She is William’s stepmother. Big difference.

    However, I do love Sophie. As someone else mentioned, apparently she and Edward are quite highly valued by the queen and Prince Phillip nowadays. They carry out a LOT of royal duties and Sophie often stands in for the queen at events. Plus, the palace has announced that, upon Prince Phillip’s death, Edward will inherit the Duke of Edinburgh title. Sophie has had lots of pregnancy/childbirth problems, but in the last few years she has started working out, lost a bit of weight, and seems to have really come into her own fashionwise. I think she looks beautiful.

    And I looooooove Kate’s coatdress. But I am getting tired of the fascinators and weird angled hats. Can’t she wear a regular hat, one that actually sits on her whole head?

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