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Okay, but I do love her make-up.

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  1. LoriK

    The top looks a bit like it got lost on its way to a wedding dress and those pants are just bad. I don’t know quite what she was thinking here, but whatever it was she should never think it again.

  2. Eva

    Actually, I love this. The top is daring but balanced out by the trousers and she looks comfortable, which is always a good thing. The eye make up is a bit heavy handed but other than that, I think she rocked it.

    • glee

      Same here. She looks great (I’d tone down the make up a bit) – and totally on-trend with baring her mid-riff.

      Also – about her hair. Have you ever seen her speaking, like ever? She messes with her hair SO MUCH and SO FREQUENTLY, that not the best stylist would be able to do much with it. On a good note – we can see that it’s all hers. And that’s a full head of hair!

    • Valeria

      I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who liked this outfit. I love to see tailored clothing, (the top), although I admit I’m perplexed by the back. The trousers are loose and flattering and drape really well and look nice and dressy.

  3. TaraMisu

    I like the top, but not with those pants….. And her make up is awesome.

  4. Gine

    If the pants actually fit, or were a pencil skirt instead, I think I’d be on board. The top is interesting.

  5. Eli

    Her hair is awful.

    And I only think KStew got way more flack over le affair is that she and her boyfriend are huge stars, and no one knew who that guy or his wife were until this happened. No one cares enough about him to judge him. I also do not care about KStew or RPattz enough to judge her, either, but that’s because I would rather stab myself in the eye with a hot poker than watch Twilight. Other people seem to care. A lot.

    • paige

      Eli, I agree. My impression was that her name was mentioned more because she’s the star, and was therefore able to make headlines. And I have to say, I saw way more evidence of people defending (and to some extent, victimizing) Kristen than I saw of people blaming her. Maybe that just says something about the kinds of sites I visit. Anyways, I found the “Poor Kristen!” group just as annoying as the “That ho!” crowd. Both arguments just needed to be put to rest.

      I think this outfit could be interesting, but I would have paired the top with either skinny pants are a sleek pencil skirt. Also, the makeup isn’t working for me. It does not look, shall we say, expertly applied.

  6. Stefanie

    The top is..interesting? I think I like the front. I think? I KNOW I like the back. Had she paired his with a banging pencil skirt I probably would really enjoy it. I think?

    Her make up is good. So is the smile.

  7. Jules

    Like the love child of a Spanx bustier and formal Mom pants.

  8. Gill

    I would almost–almost–be behind this if there were some kind of jacket as well (or possibly sleeves) and the pants were better fitted. As it is, everything just looks rumpled, as if she rolled out of bed half-dressed.

  9. Sandra

    I’m not mad that you guys like her makeup, but I don’t. She looks like a college girl dressed as a vampire for Halloween. Which, I guess, is pretty much what she is, except that she got paid really well for it.

    • S

      I agree; the makeup is a bit too much for my personal taste. Same with the outfit.

      Her hair looks so much cleaner than it usually does!

      • amys

        Agreed. I think she looks painted. The heavy/darker makeup detracts from her actual beauty. She’s not sophisticated enough to pull of this look, though I do think it would look better on someone else who’s not so likely to make goofy faces. Kinda kills it for me. I’m happy to see her smiling though. Go TwiWhateverNumber.

    • mary lou bethune

      Perfectly said. I’ll add that she looks uneasy to me… you got to have the strength of your convictions, as Julia Child said about flipping an omelette.. and that what’s this looks like- broken eggs.

  10. Tessa

    I think her skin looks great but would have preferred she had done either a strong eye OR a strong lip and not both. No comment on the molar bodice :-)

  11. Suzie

    I think I’m on board with the top would look great with a black pencil skirt. Like the make up and I even like the hair (usually I think her hair is never good).

  12. gryt

    Tap dance outfit?

  13. CreLa

    I like this too! She just looks sort of awesome.

  14. Mouse

    Not on board with the bared belly – especially as you can see the crease on her stomach where her pants dug in while she was sitting….

  15. Peggy L.

    I like it-she looks young, cute and happy. That’s a rare combo for her, and it works.

  16. Lindy

    Do a bold eye OR a strong lip, not BOTH.

    She’s wearing way too much makeup.

  17. lilywise

    This outfit looks ridiculous, on her or anyone.

    I agree with you about the Rupert Sanders Affair, though think previous poster is probably correct that she got more flack because she is more famous.

    My only other opinion about K.Stew. is that I am distressed that she looked clean and well put together when she was on the outs with her boyfriend, and now that they are back together she looks disheveled and occasionally unwashed again. Why can’t they have both love and cleanliness?

  18. Art Eclectic

    Me three (four?) on the top being interesting but paired with the wrong item. Skinny jeans or pencil skirt would have worked better.

  19. maryse

    i think she looks good. i like the top and the pants and the make-up. And although i cut her some slack on the whole affair bit — i mean honestly she’s just a girl — i still don’t like her. and I know that doesn’t matter. BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF FROM EXPRESSING IT.

  20. Verlaine

    The back of the shirt gives me sadness for what Might Have Been. Namely, that top without the belly cutout.

  21. Jess

    Honestly, who does her hair? RATS??

    I actually like the pants and the make up. That shirt, whether it looks like a molar or not, is wearing her, not the other way ’round.

  22. SchmuLou

    I saw this picture yesterday and another blogger was raving about how perfect she looks. My only thought was “well, let´s see what the fuggirls will say” and I am very happy that you confirmed my suspicion and reinstated my sanity :-)

    With a pencil skirt though the top might work.

  23. Vandalfan

    Curiously, I can live with the pants and shoes. Her hair is a mess, and her makeup would be fine for the Oscars or Emmys, but not here. But that top looks like a big ol’ granny bra.

  24. roser

    That is one hideous outfit, and it looks like she put her makeup on with a trowel.

  25. steph

    Is that style of top her new go-to item? She was pictured wearing it in a R29 article announcing Nicolas Ghesquière leaving Balenciaga. There, she was wearing it over a t-shirt, so I would have to say this is an improvement. I think it was one of those things that made a great idea, until you tried to make it work in real life.


  26. Clarence Beeks

    The second I saw this outfit, I knew it was making the page. hahaha

  27. witjunkie

    She’s not the ingenue – give her a cottony blond wig and a cigarette and she’s your wise-crackin’ dame who takes no guff from nobody in that 30s musical of yours. Especially in that 3rd pic.

  28. Molly

    Crap. I just snorted a little bit of chili out my nose b/c of the ‘molar’ crack.

  29. anny

    Fail. The top looks like a foundation garment (“zips up the back”) made out of Foamies, the pants don’t fit, her eye makeup looks like it was done by my six-year-old niece, and as usual her hair looks unwashed.

  30. TonyG

    The top kind of looks like what a football player with too much “man boob” might wear under his uniform to protect himself from being blind-sided in the torso area. The pants I don’t mind so much.

  31. CLE

    I actually love this. Its not a perfect fit, but she took a risk. Its certainly not boring.

  32. Susan

    Actually, i love this. I didn’t love it on Sunday but i love it on Monday. As someone said, she took a risk with the look and makeup. I don’t love red lips on anyone whether it be Gwen S or Amanda S or Kristen, but overall, i’m in love.

  33. Holly Fussell

    Why oh why is the hair always AWFUL? This is a beautiful girl with access to top-notch hair & makeup experts, but it’s like she tells them to screw off JUST when they’re mid-hairstyle. Nevertheless, i will continue to watch whatever version of Twilight is on TV– my husband is very annoyed that even he knows the plots at this point.

  34. pantsonfire

    In theory, I’m ok with this–intrigued, even. But it was very badly deployed. The fit is off, notably with the top, but more than that, her headsuit is just having a no good very bad day. Yikes. Looking rough above the neck on this one.

  35. Tiffany

    When people are repping a line, can you really fault them when they are put into an outfit of the line that doesn’t really work? I blame Balenciaga for this more than KStew. But that being said, I don’t this that awful. Unusual shirt and pants. For basic components, I think it is kind of fun that they attempted going outside the box. Not successfully, but I think fashion is better off when people cross the line sometimes.

  36. madness

    1940s pin-up make-up – no
    Just finished tai-bo hair – no
    Baggy belly tight inseam pants – no
    Padded Ace bandage halter top – no

    Smiling and looking like she’s enjoying herself – GIANT YES

  37. Helen

    Terrible outfit, hair’s a mess, and the makeup is positively troweled on.

    She does look a little cleaner than usual.

    • jean

      Helen, I was going to say that too. Her hair looks cleaner and lighter and just better. Messy, but better. It’s not just hanging on her head as per usual. I like the top quite a bit. She just needs a better bottom. It’s not quite finished, but I give her kudos for trying. She almost always tries and rarely looks half-hearted. She and Miley Cyrus are almost the same age, aren’t they? I’ll take Kristen Stewart any day of the week for style.

  38. Emma

    It bugged me that all the tabloids were all ‘Kristen Cheats: POOR ROB!” and I was like “…and poor Liberty, Skyla and Tennyson Sanders?”

  39. Guerra

    I love this outfit but not her make up

  40. Racer

    Her makeup looks awful. She needs a good highlight under her brows, at the very least. It just looks sloppily done, and the makeup artist should’ve either stuck with bold eyes or bold lips, not both. I can’t believe that with all the money she has, she still goes outside looking like she just slapped some Hot Topic eyeshadow on her lids and threw her ratty hair into a ponytail. How is this girl famous, again?

    • Sajorina

      She’s an actress, who is in one of the most acclaimed and lucrative movie franchises in history… That’s how she’s famous! Now, if you were asking the same question about a Kardashian, I would understand, but Kristen actually has a legitimate reason to be famous!

  41. Sajorina

    I like the outfit, the makeup, the shoes, the jewelry and the hair… I dig this look! And, I’m totally with you on the rant, Jessica!

  42. Marie

    Love the ” parti pris” Black & White

  43. Eric Jaffa

    Kristen Stewart’s top is the worst of both worlds: neither classy nor revealing.

    It looks like a bra, and so it isn’t classy to wear to a premiere.

    But it doesn’t reveal much cleavage or abs, which her male fans would like to see.

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  45. Peachsiki

    I confess I only clicked on this post to see if the last photo was a different outfit and not the back of the tooth top.

    I only thought of her as a casting couch victim, and I don’t want to think that she’s been agreeing to that kind of thing to get parts. That would be even worse than being the “other woman”.