NYFug.com: The 25 Best Red Carpet Moments This Year

We thought we’d be nice this time. Behold, our 25 favorite looks of 2012. There are capes! There are duvets! Even Kristen Stewart gets some love:

“We’re glad Kristen is ballsier than we apparently are. Her Elie Saab is major-movie-star-worthy, and say what you will about Twilight, she’s earned it. How great to go out on a high note after years of slouchy ups and downs; hopefully this will push her into 2013 feeling confident enough to keep on leaving those red-carpet Converse at home.”

I’m sure you have your own list, so pop over to The Cut to read ours, and weigh in.


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Comments (17):

  1. PB

    In the future, can you do the best 2500 (or some other suitably large number) red carpet looks for the year. I didn’t want it to end – 25 felt like way too few.

    • PB

      If you give me a longer list, I promise I will try to remember to add a question mark when I ask a question. E.g.,

      In the future, can you do the best 2500 (or some other suitably large number) red carpet looks for the year?

  2. lesliejeannene

    the only one i didnt love with Genifer Goodwin…but thats mostly because of her grouchy face. (and the shoes with the pointy toes and clear sides. if i never see a pair of them again it will be too soon.)

  3. Victoria

    Are you going to do the fugly-ist looks of the year?

  4. Trace

    Evan Rachel Wood is now married to Billy Elliot?? I did NOT know that! Those crazy kids…

  5. Agent Sculder

    I’m so glad you picked Evan Rachel Wood’s dress she wore to the Golden Globes. I LOVE that dress! Sure, it has a whole lot going on, but it is so impeccably made and the fit and color were just fab.

  6. Stefanie

    Oh the dresses! I love ERW, Kate Hudson’s (although it’s getting hate in the comments, I fricking loved it. The colors is to die for), Emma’s, Diane’s insane patterned dress and Kristen’s gold number.


  7. Scouse Helen

    The gold frock on K Stew looks like something princess Aura (daughter of Ming the Merciless, who is on my mind as a result of Nicole Scherzinger’s recent cape abomination) would have worn in Flash Gordon. That’s not necessarily censure. You have to be young to get away with sci-fi dresses.

  8. filmcricket

    Loved most of the dresses you picked, could not read the reasons why, as the copy was compressed into two lines and scrolled way too fast, when I could get it to scroll at all. I’m going to presume it was witty and erudite, as per usual.

    • Jessica

      Thanks! Unfortunately, we don’t have ANY control over any formatting or tech stuff at NY Mag at all, but I will pass that along.

  9. sarah

    Does anyone feel like providing links to the times those outfits were all featured on GFY? I would love to re-read the initial reaction but am too lazy to look it up myself…

  10. Andrew S.

    HOW did I miss that Reese gown/look before? I am in AWE of it.


    OMG they’re making a Thundercats movie? I can’t explain it, but it looks like something a wench would wear for Mum-Ra. If Mum-Ra had wenches.

  12. Aj

    I really think the only person who could carry off the Kristen Stewart dress would have been Joan Crawford in her prime.

    • Nickydooley

      Agreed. Maybe Charlize or someone with a little more gravitas could have pulled it off, but that dress was wearing K.Stew, not the other way around.

  13. Esme

    I don’t remember seeing the blue number Charlize wore at the Prometheus premier, but it is GORGEOUS. Not keen on Kate Hudson’s (how long are her string of horrible rom-coms and relationship to Goldie going to keep her relevant, anyhow?) run-of-the-mill affair; her hair looked like a rat’s nest, and I don’t have any desire to sign up for Pilates when Spanx does the job just as nicely.