NYC Ballet Gala Awkward Carpet: Drew Barrymore


… I’m guessing this serves as her official announcement?

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  1. Heather

    Is that her baby daddy/fiance? He looks like one of the Ryans (can never remember which is which).

  2. val.

    I thought that was confirmed like forever ago! I feel like she has been pg for years now… What’s going on here anyway?! (And that jacket is terrible. I’d give her a pass if it were his, but he seems to be wearing his own!)

  3. Wendy

    Wow. Yeah. Maybe the dress might be okay on its own, but with the jacket, she looks like the Queen Mary leaving the dock. I mean, I’ve been pregnant, I’m not ragging on her changing shape, but that dress makes her look so much bigger than she could possibly be at this point.

  4. Billie

    I always had to nag on pregnant moms, because it’s so hard to dress, but that has to be the most unflattering dress/jacket combo ever. I assume she has enough to pay a stylist to bring her clothes that at least fit.

    • Billie


      • Jules

        I don’t know, when I was pregnant, I dressed mostly in clothes borrowed from my friends and stuff off the Target sale rack and I still never looked that bad. It seems like it should be pretty easy to dress for pregnancy when you have caboodles of money and lots of designers would love for you to wear their stuff.

        • Jules

          Oh, and I meant to add that I adore Drew Barrymore. I want better for her maternity style, that’s all.

      • Cranky Old Batt


  5. corriner

    Her man is handsome!

    Also, I really wish there wasn’t a tassle-knotted gathering at her belly button.

  6. neiges

    Goodness, she looks like a Montgolfière half full with this dress.

  7. Dave

    Why do celebrities (or people in general) have to “announce” that they’re pregnant? I mean, at some point it becomes obvious and you either discuss it or you don’t.

    I was at a conference recently where one of the presenters was quite far along. And afterward everyone had to make some kind of comment: “How far along are you?” “Do you have a name picked out?” And I’m thinking… “You’ve never even MET this person before… why are you talking to them about their family?”

    Or is it rude to *not* comment on someone’s obvious pregnancy? I guess if I were PG it would annoy the crap out of me. Boundaries?

    • Maria

      I heard a comedian do a bit about never assuming a woman is pregnant unless you actually can SEE a baby emerging from her birth canal.

      Its NEVER safe to just assume a pregnancy, regardless of how big the gal might be, and if I were meeting someone who seemed “obviously” pregnant, I still wouldn’t say anything, I’d wait for her to mention it first.

  8. Susan

    Well I think SHE looks very pretty and happy who really cares about her clothes as long as she and her fiance are happy. Too much importance in clothing is B.S.

  9. anny

    It really IS too bad about the jacket because it looks like the dress has some great detail.

    Also, this is a really bad angle – in other photos she doesn’t look nearly so … Montgolfieresque?

    Also also, he’s Will Kopelman.

    • Heather

      Ok, thanks. So he just LOOKS like one of the Ryans? Sorry, I don’t know why I can’t wrap my head around this situation.

  10. rb

    I love me some Drew from waaaay back, but I was waiting for the post on this one. Honey, no! Her hubby’s daddy is high up in Chanel, and Drew is riiiiich. This should not have happened. She usually has at least interesting style, if often off-kilter and loopy. Someone should’ve stopped this. I’m looking at you, Lucy Lui!

  11. Francesca

    If her boyfriend/fiance/whatever wasn’t already wearing his jacket, I’d have guessed he took it off and in a gentlemanly way, placed it on the chilly shoulders of his beloved. Now that I see he’s still wearing his, I can only chalk this up to pre-natal hormonal style imbalance.

  12. Mahastee

    Oh Drew. Even a tatty old denim jacket would have been better than this.

  13. Anne B

    I want to talk about the outfit and all … I do … but YOU GUYS, GERTIE IS HAVING A BABY.

    I’m crying like it’s the end of E.T. over here. :)

  14. vandalfan

    I think she could have done better. With the clothes, I mean, he seems fine.

  15. gin_in_teacups

    That’s quite the hottie she bagged! And I had no idea she was pregnant. Good for Drew! I want good things for her. Like better clothing. She’s pulled it together life and man wise, now let’s get some cute maternity wear – a la Amy Adams.

  16. jean

    Seriously, who is the guy? Because if that’s the father, there are some good genes there. Ya’ll, she could have had Tom Green’s kid! I’m not saying he is hideous, but they would have quirky looking kids.

    And when I think she could have easily been Lindsey Lohan, it’s lovely to see her so happy and glowing.

  17. Pamb

    Bad jacket, bad! It looks like she was cold, Will refused to give her his jacket because he was cold, too, so she took one from a passing waiter. With all of her money, and Will’s father’s Chanel connections (I believe the gown is Chanel) she could have done a lot better.

    Why not wear a great dress, great jacket and reveal the bump without making a statement? We all know she’s pregnant and obviously past the 3 month mark.

  18. julia

    I’m sorry, but that’s a chanel– i touched in once in boston. 13k, plus tax presumably. maternity dress.

  19. Shiitake
  20. Shiitake


  21. laura

    I think the dress is probably very pretty, and the angle of this shot is not flattering whatsoever.
    Ditch the jacket, add a white wrap (if needed) and pose in three-quarter view with a space between her and the man candy, so we can see how cute Drew is pregnant and better appreciate her dress.

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