NY Fug.com: The Evolution of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sometimes-Chic Style

To celebrate the opening of Iron Man 3, we took a look at basically everything GOOP’s ever worn. And SOME OF IT IS INSANE. For one thing, the 90s were weird. Really weird. To wit:

 “The shoes of the late nineties/early aughts — like the leisure suit before them — are warts on history. Our grandchildren are going to have notes.”

All that plus velvet Tom Ford For Gucci suits, nipples, more nipples, some side-butt, a LOT of tank dresses, some Brad Pitt, and generally a lot of good hair. (She gives good hair.) Read all about it at The Cut!

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  1. goldfish

    Man, I really don’t like her, so it hurts me that she was so good as Sylvia Plath. I waited for a movie of SP since high school, and there could not have been a more perfect performance. PERFECT!! Disconcerting for a GOOP hater. When I got to that Sylvia slide I was all conflicted.

    But then, a few slides later, she’s standing in front of the new Stella McCartney store, with Stella McCartney, wearing Stella McCartney (a velvet bonnet in one case, I think), and a train wrecks in my mind, and all is normal again.

    Wonderful job, thanks for posting.

  2. JENNY

    Wow. Much like her movie history, there was a whole lot of crap going on there! How did she ever get called a fashion icon??

  3. Billie

    Besides the roller coaster of fashion choices, no one can dispute that she is aging gracefully. Besides Tracy Anderson, whatever she’s doing for her skin is working wonders as well.

  4. Blair

    Gwyneth reminds me of the hostess in season 2 of sex and the city, when Carrie says, “It’s like she’s consciously trying to cultivate an eccentricity so that people won’t notice that she’s completely devoid of personality.” that line makes me think of Gwyneth she just seems really boring even with her crazy wardrobe and diet, it just never feels true to who she is

  5. LT1

    That white/black/sheer/apron thing with the black/white booties might be the worst outfit ever. In the history of the world.

    Meanwhile, I love that shawl with Mike Wazowski sticking his tongue out at everyone–I’m guessing a Pixar employee was wearing that one.

  6.  Carolina Girl

    I had almost forgotten when Brad Pitt and Goopy were dating they had matchy-matchy hair. Now that I think about it, he did the same thing with Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

    But I agree with Billie. Love her or hate her, Gwyneth is aging very well.

  7. The Other Molly

    As if that side butt atrocity wasn’t bad enough, Goopster then had to go on Ellen and inform the world that when she first put on the dress, everyone went scrambling for a razor. Because, as Goopster said, she’s got this “weird 70′s thing going on”. I really didn’t need to know how far her pubic hair extended to the side. Not one bit.

    • Goldfish

      That scarred me as well. I had a PTSD moment when you mentioned it just now.

  8. ChristieLea

    MY GOD FASHION IN THE 90s WAS SO BORING. I’d almost forgotten.

    As for the Met Ball minidress: I read somewhere that it originally had a full ballgown skirt that went under it. At the last minute, Gwynnie left it off. So the dress is totally ON PURPOSE, and she thought she was being terribly avant-garde. That makes it even worse!

  9. Tamburlaine

    The 90s dresses are so terrible it makes me wonder if maybe no-one had stylists then. The only ones I like on her are the red velvet Gucci suit and the white Tom Ford with the cape. She’s done a lot more sheer than I remembered, though there’s something about her stance and attitude that I think manages to make her not look tacky (apart from the recent Iron Man 3 dress, which was heinous).

  10. Regina

    The slideshow won’t open for me. WAH. :(