NY Fug.com: Predicting the Project Runway Winner

As always, Heather and I took out our handy prognosticator and laid odds on who we thought would walk away with the crown on tonight’s finale of Project Runway. Having seen the shows in September at Fashion Week, I can tell you that this season’s crop was very disappointing and uninspiring in general, and that at least one of the bogus shows was superior to the four finalists.

Joshua McKinley: 15-1. If Joshua wins this thing, we are packing up and going home. In fact, we would have ranked him last here, had the judges not tongue-bathed him last week (even if Nina’s “You … are … a great … designer” sounded suspiciously sewn together in the edit bay).”

Read it all over at the Cut, and see if you agree with us. WARNING: If you haven’t peeked at the pics from the shows in September and don’t want to see or hear about their final shows until you watch tonight, WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW to read this, because we discuss the lines as shown (and disseminated on the interwebs) in September.

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  1. Coco

    Ugh, this season was so, SO boring. I was uninspired by any of the designers or their stories. I’m not even sure if I care who wins. I’m only watching it for my weekly dose of Tim. Tim deserves better!

  2. Ana

    All in all, did you notice how great bert’s collection was?

  3. islandgirl1

    I’m very surprised to hear you thought Anya’s collection was the most polished. I didn’t look at her finale collection yet, so I can’t tell whether I disagree. The surprise stems from the fact that she had NOTHING to show Tim 2 weeks before the finale! And that 2 of her 3 Finale part 1 looks were so incredibly bad, I could only stare. And the 1 that wasn’t terrible wasn’t all that great and has definitely been done before and done better by other resort-wear designers.

    I actually think my blood will boil if she wins. I think she has some good ideas, but the fact that she can’t seem to even explain to someone else how to execute them (e.g. to Bert in the pre-finale show) shows that she really needs a lot more experience before she can start her own line.

    But the fact that I think Victor should win just shows how boring this season was and how lackluster the competition. Remember the glory days when you could tell that at least 4 or 5 of the designers were immensely talented and creative?

    • Angela Brown

      I agree 100%, islandgirl. I have hated Anya with a passion for quite awhile. She may have a TINY bit of vision as far as her designs, but she can’t sew her way out of a paper bag. She should have been eliminated in Part 1 of the finale. The only reason they kept her is because they thought she should have done better. And mark my words, the judges WILL find a way to have her win the whole thing, even if she doesn’t deserve it. Kind of like Gretchen last year. Ugh, two utterly annoying winners in a row? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle that.

      • islandgirl1

        Well, the Fug Girls called it. I do disagree that Anya’s collection looked the most polished (may have been different in person), but I do see that there was a cohesive “feeling”. Unfortunately, other than that first look (and I hated the shoes on that), the “feeling” was “wow, Caribbean people are this boring?”.

        Now, I am a Caribbean girl–born, raised, married there. I no longer live there, but I’m constantly going back to visit family and recalibrate my perspective. The only people who wear all those caftans Anya “designed” are the very old folks, and I’m including the resort tourists in this. Resort-wear and clothes appropriate for the daily life in the tropics can and should be varied and glamorous and surprising, even while they have the “easy” feel. No one wants to see v-neck after v-neck of flowing fabric. That may be “easy” but it is boring, and we islanders are anything but boring!

        This show itself has proven that resort-wear designers are about more than just pinning together a bold print. Remember Uli? During her season, I wanted so badly to take home at least half of what she made.

        I was wrong too. While disgusted, my blood isn’t boiling. I just don’t care enough. Congrats Bunim/Murray. You have now thoroughly ruined one of the best shows on television.

  4. Eric

    This may be the gayest comment in the history of ever, but I’m pretty sure Leslie — who was apparently one of Anya’s models for the finale — was in Cycle 6 of “Top Model,” not 7. Right alongside my beautiful biracial butterfly, Jade.

  5. AJ

    This season has been pretty much unwatchable. Boring clothes and higher than the usual 50-50 split between pleasant/unpleasant people. Weighted heavily to unpleasant this season.

  6. Anne B

    So I tried watching this season. I did. Even after going all, I will never watch again after last year’s finale. (I was Team Mondo. Am.) This year I got as far as the Bert Elimination — which, to his credit, was graceful and mature — and then stopped cold.

    I’ve checked out all the collections, not because I care about the show but because I care about fashion. I noticed early on where this season was going, but hoped (as I suspect many viewers did) that I was wrong. I didn’t want to believe the judges had a clear favorite from the beginning. I didn’t want to see the producers pushing drama over technical skill. But the judges did, and that’s exactly what this season of PR does.

    I too miss the days when this show featured true competition, even affection, between equally-talented people who knew they’d be sharing space in the same small (but exciting) industry for years to come. It’s just not that show anymore.

    If judges’ pet Anya does not not win the whole thing, I will be so surprised I may actually watch the show next year. If only to find out whether Kors had a stroke during judging, or something.

    Speaking of Kors, this is what watching this season felt like (SFW but loud): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X49to5-Z2dg

  7. Janet M

    EVERYTHING @AnneB said!

  8. Sajorina

    I was NOT specially impressed by any designer this season! I thought from the begining that it would be a race between Anya, Viktor & Anthony Ryan (who was my favorite), but imagine my surprise and disappointment when Joshua & Kimberly made it to the finale! I would’ve rather seen Bert in the finale than those two! Anyway, I’m sure it’s between Anya & Viktor, but I think I’d prefer Viktor to win!

    TEAM MONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. moi

    Terrible, terrible season. And the irony is, for once the challenges were GREAT! But none of the designers lived up to any of them! Meh, I don’t care who wins. I only watch so that I can snark at various websites afterward. For all that is great and good in the world of fashion, please, please, producers, up your game next time, or I’m done forever.

    • nerak

      moi, i am with you 1000% except for the comment about producers upping their game: please producers, stay out of it! try casting spectacular talented designers then back the fuck off!!!

  10. jhops

    I so LOVE that I’m not the only person in love with Bert! As for the who PR9 show, I can only say with relief/joy that a good friend of mine is in that Expedia commercial with Tim Gunn, and she did NOT contribute to my “nobody I admire is actually a good person” archive. Apparently, he is as lovely & awesome as he appears.

    • jhops

      … also, that was a lot of “appearing”. Apologies — I’ve been drinking.

  11. liberty

    You called it but Anya should not have won. She won on looks alone and I don’t mean of her clothes. Totally lost faith in Michael/Nina/Heidi. Clearly Tim thought she didn’t deserve to win and his is the only opinion that matters. Josh should have won. He had the best collection and he put in the effort.