No Fugs

I just read that T-Boz and Chilli here are considering going on tour as TLC with a hologram Left Eye:

The sound you just heard is Left Eye letting us know, from The Beyond, that she demands hologram wardrobe approval if this is what her bandmates are currently working with.

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  1. Steph

    This is a group who once wore condom packages as eye patches, so nothing surprises me.

    Also, I’m sure I watched a “reality” show about them holding a competition for a new member. The girl they picked (Oh So Crispy? Seriously, something like that) was really good. What happened there?

    • Tana

      The replacement was just for one song and concert. They’d made a vow never to permanently replace Left-Eye. And it was only Left-eye who wore the condom as an eye patch.

  2. Sandra

    That black and green dress was so lovely before it came down with a raging case of The Sheers.

  3. Stefanie

    This picture…it’s looks like their faces were Photoshopped onto small children’s bodies. Small children in incredibly ugly clothing.

  4. Lindy

    It seems in poor taste to tour with a hologram of your dead friend. Maybe that’s just me, though.

  5. Alicia

    Chilli looks like a 14-year-old girl here… which is both impressive and kinda freaky considering she’s 41.

    • Kara

      I was going to say this – the outfit looks insane, but Chilli’s skin care game is clearly on point.

  6. Vandalfan

    I miss Left-Eye. She was quite a feminist. *sniff*

  7. glee

    Just say no to the dress! (es). And hell-to-the-no on a hologram of Left-Eye.

    Also, it looks like L took one for the team because T and C look like they have not aged a day since their debut.

  8. Helen

    I agree the hologram idea’s in poor taste, no matter how much they miss her (I fully believe that that’s the main reason for considering it – they can do well on tour with any third girl), and so are these clothes.

    But, yeah, they’ve always dressed crazy. I just wish these were more flattering. They’re both such attractive women! No reason the wardrobe can’t both be funky and allow their natural prettiness to shine.

  9. Amanda in Austin

    I was just thinking the other day about how I miss TLC. But I do not miss them so much that I will abide a hologram Left Eye. That’s just wrong.

  10. Carolina Girl

    When I first saw this picture, I thought it was some kind of mother-daughter thing.

  11. Sajorina

    Oh, HELL NO!

  12. FiestaGirl

    I’m getting a big whiff of “desperation” when I hear they want to tour using a hologram. Didn’t they have some sort of money problems? Maybe they figure it would sell more tickets.

  13. Dani

    This pic is very odd and very Awkward Family Photo.

  14. Lily1214

    The clothing is just really bad. I know they both can look a lot better.