NME Awards Fug Carpet: Florence Welch

On one hand, I love Florence Welch, and I’d never want to see her Florence Welch-ness extinguished. She SHOULD wear the colorful and the wacky and the off-kilter, because it’s her — and she’s never tacky, even when she looks extreme.

But I would never wish a bandeau bra/tulle top ON ANYONE. In fact, this might actually just be a bra-top (I can’t tell if those are straps hanging down, or a matching trim on her “sleeves”), but I assure you, that doesn’t make it better. The Dog Days are supposed to be OVER, Florence! Get with your own program!

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (26):

  1. juliannarose

    if the tube was just underneath the sheer it would be so much better!

  2. Helen

    Well… I mean, it’s Florence.


    Whatcha gonna do?

  3. True_Blue

    Any outfit that gives you phantom muffin top (when you have like 2% body fat) should be burned.

  4. Vi

    The dress is whack-a-doo, but she is wearing the H*LL out of it. Then again, she would look fierce in a potato sack.

  5. Stacy

    I bet you’d like Florence WelCh a lot too!

  6. thunderthighs

    On the other hand, the blue color looks great on her and her makeup is pretty and sparkly.

    But yeah, I’d go for Godzilla gown over this any day.

  7. lola

    You know- I always give musicians, especially unique and interesting songstresses, a pass on what they wear, especially if it veers way deep into crazy land. The “pretty dress” is just too easy, you know? This takes ovaries and personal attitude.

    …. and this thing is something to ponder at. That blue sheer tricot or whatever is gathered for good effect at the neck and the bottom is going somewhere into geisha of the darkness terrritory– I think the bandea is there just to make sure it stayed clear of trendy, if you ask me. She coulda pulled a Laura Dern at the independent Spirit awards and worn a red bra….

    Anyway- I don’t want to wear this- but I like looking at it.

  8. lola

    I want to add- I bet that skirt is stretchy (crushed velvet?) and all those obvious elastic bands in the middle mean you could probably do gymnastics in this dress and then stand up and look perfect.

  9. Adriana

    Maybe she’s just pitching an I Dream of Florence sitcom…

  10. Erin B

    She can be as whacktacular as she wants as long as I still get to (try) to wail along with her on the radio.

    It would melt my brain (in a good way) to see her in a normal, beautiful dress, though. I don’t think I’d her any less fierce, personally. “Holy cow, she’s a singer AND a reincarnated goddess!? BRAIN: MELTED.”

  11. TheCityDweller

    This… this is SENSATIONAL. I can’t do anything else but applaud the sheer gall. Bravo for balls (or ovaries, as chromosomes would have it.)

  12. Laucie

    Sorry, but either you all are too kind, or I am too cruel, but this is unreservedly, unrepentantly, unbelievably horrendous. I cannot find one aspect (fabrics, shape, styling, ANYTHING) that has a redeeming feature. Yuck.

  13. luxsword

    All I see is a bunch of blue wrinkles on her chest. Not right.

  14. witjunkie

    Be as outre as you want, but if a dress gives you more cleavage below the bra than above it, it belongs in the Hell No pile.

  15. BrownEyedBetty

    Yep: Dog Days are Over so SHAKe it uP, Flo.

  16. Miss Louise

    The elasticated waist is killing me. And the fact that the winsomely-slipped bra straps seem to be the edging for the sleeves. I love Florence’s waywardness, but sometimes her judgement is way off.

  17. Sweetsinger

    An outfit from the Chloe Sevigny school… complete with smirk.

  18. Jules

    Nothing against the lovely lady, but with this particular angle I thought it was Alan Cumming in fancy dress out of the corner of my eye. They both have those angular faces and large eyes, though I think Florence makes the better redhead.

    • Nina

      I thought the same thing, Jules. She looks really mannish in the face. First time I’ve seen that on her, so I’m assuming it’s the angle?

      As for the dress… that’s just a tragedy in itself.

  19. ChaChaHeels

    Oh, come on now. This outfit has an obvious, elasticized waist and an obvious elasticized bandeau top. It looks like something a kid makes for her Barbies, using blue packing tape and hair bands.

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