Fug or Fab: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


I am getting old.

Five years ago, this would have whipped me into a FRENZY over how RIDICULOUS it is that the Olsen twins are wearing #%tddw$%^##^&*()()))#@!!!  tulle rabbit ears, like two tragic Playboy bunnies who’re going through some kind of tiresome art school phase where they lounge around the mansion reading Anais Nin and smoking cloves and talking about how their work as centerfolds is really just a post-modern reclamation of the male gaze and telling Hef not to be such a phallocentrist perv. But now that I’m old, I feel like, a) screw The Girls Next Door, THAT’s the reality show I want to watch, and b) eh, the rabbit ears are kind of cute in an admittedly obviously silly way, and the twins look fantastic from the neck down — well, A does. M-K’s dress is a bit too festooned for my taste, but…details — so let’s all just have a beer and relax.