New York Fugshion Week: The Good, Fine, and Fugly of the Calvin Klein Show

Emma Stone, you are not FAIR.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. TonyG

    It kind of looks like Amy Adams hiked up her dress (thus the weird folds) to show off her shoes, which really aren’t anything to write home about.

  2. Kathryn

    I think “work it like Jon Hamm is across the bar nursing his tenth bourbon” is the best thing I have read on the internet. Ever.

    Also, love Emma Stone’s dress, as always

    • mary lou bethune

      I AGREE- Oscar Wilde would have loved the fug girls.
      Emma Stone is so lovely- really perfect as far as actresses go..

  3. steen

    Emma looks great, but the woman behind her wearing the FNO shirt…I wish I was her friend so I could lean over and say “Woman, F* No, I am not letting you go outside like that.”

  4. Brooke

    Emma’s shoes made me audibly gasp at my computer. In a good way.

  5. Bebe

    ha ha ha – love this line: “work it like Jon Hamm is across the bar nursing his tenth bourbon”. Also, I’m not as enamored with Emma Stone’s shoes as you are. I get the non-matchiness, but I’d prefer a shade of blue, green, or purple, myself, or at least a matte yellow instead of the shiny. But still – sooo lovely.

  6. Kristan

    Emma looks painfully amazing. Diane’s skinny-ness makes me sad/scared. I actually don’t hate Amy’s dress, but I think she’s too short for it. Like, on Nicole Kidman? Probably good. But it doesn’t hit Amy in the right places.

  7. Jen

    Emma looks fine in the first (shoe-less) image, but then when you add the shoes – kaPOW! I love it!

  8. Ann

    So is it me, or is Blossom behind Emma with a stroller? (And I want those yellow shoes.)

  9. Jules

    Emma -Great.

    Diane- So-so / Retro?
    (Can 90′s cropped sweaters be considered retro yet? Is everything a classic after 20 yrs?)

    Amy- at the very least needs make up and the skirt hemmed shorter.
    (Minimalism hair and face, is not retro yet, at least for me…)

  10. Alicia

    Three words for Amy– Saggy, baggy elephant.

  11. Audrey

    The way Amy Adams styled her face is very reminiscent of Nicole Kidman for me.

  12. kb

    I love Amy Adams. I covet her hair and “Enchanted” is one of my guilty pleasures movies. But… white? Really? Burgundy, plum, charcoal, chocolate, emerald, teal, peacock….. way better choices.

    • mshesterp

      She’s one of those celebs that I like so much and yet continually frustrates me fashion-wise. She’s either almost there, or not even close (and usually dowdy). Amy! You’re adorable! Keep it fresh and fun! You look so serious actress all the time, and you’re picking things in the wrong shapes/colors! She needs a new stylist.

  13. Dee

    I love Emma Stone but she has suddenly turned into an anorexia advertisement – that advert probably featured Diane’s disgustingly bony legs. And Amy Adams dresses like some one twenty years older – like a red headed better put together Katherine Heigl

    • Lindy

      That’s not very nice. I used to be just as thin as Emma Stone quite naturally. No one wants to be called “disgusting” or have it implied that they’re suffering from anorexia. Geesh. Anyway, the Fug Girls don’t want us discussing bodies.

      • Jessica

        PLEASE don’t accuse people of being anorexic — that is a really serious condition that none of us are qualified to diagnose from a photo — and also don’t call people disgusting here, thank you.

    • Bee

      I agree about Emma Stone looking way skinnier as of late. I’m not saying anything about eating disorders, just that I used to adore her for looking so cute, sassy, and normal. Now she’s cute, sassy, and ultra-skinny. I still like her and her style, but I prefer her look before!

  14. Christian

    Dang, in the thumbnail I thought Diane Kruger was Roisin Murphy and I got all excited…

  15. ok

    Honestly, very few celebrities make me wish I could swap places with them. Emma Stone makes me wish I were her. Damn.

  16. witjunkie

    I think that white drapey dress is interesting, but agreed, not here on Amy. Plus, what with her hair. It’s like she’s trying to be invisible.

  17. Tamburlaine

    I really like Adams’s dress and I actually think it suits her (maybe just an awkward angle on the photo). Only Kruger could get away with that cropped sweater – they do not flatter. Emma Stone’s outfit is entirely charming, though I still do a double take on seeing her blonde.

    Caitlin Moran (in her fab book ‘How To Be A Woman’) says that yellow shoes go with everything, and I think she may be right…

  18. Nancy

    The Kruge is doing some serious channelling of Buffy Summers (season one). Kind of enjoying it

  19. Vandalfan

    Amy looks … uncircumcised.

  20. Shoeniverse

    God I HATE Emma Stone blonde, sort it out woman you are like the cutest redhead EVER…

  21. Joanne

    The fug doesnt need discussions about individuals who look too slim. However at some point we all need to consider whether the mismatch between female actor’s body shapes and those if us in the real world hasn’t got way out of hand. Bystanders in these shots look enormous and I’m betting theyre just normal sized folk… They’re just stood behind Lilliputians!

    • tiburon

      It’s sad how much pressure is on young actresses, no matter how gorgeous and talented they are, to just get skinnier and skinnier. How does that have anything to do at all with how well you can portray a character?