New York Fugshion Week: The Blonds and Rodarte

It begins with crazy… and ends with Jack Nicholson’s face on a MURDER DRESS. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Maria

    Wow, those Rodarte dresses are atrocious. I can’t imagine anyone wearing them….

    • msd

      Rodarte has always been technically poor, conceptually muddled and usually badly made. Why they still get press is a mystery to me.

  2. Willow

    So who spiked the coffee at Rodarte? Surely sabotage is the only explanation.

  3. AmandaD

    #4, Please dear God tell me that the bodysuit with pants look isn’t coming back. I barely survived it once. Did we learn nothing?

  4. Melanie

    Am I seeing things, or does that last model actually have tiny faces on her manicure, too?

  5. anna s.

    The Rodarte stuff was hideous. Tie-dye? I can’t see very many people stepping out in that at the major events.

    The Blondes was a ton of fun, and reminded me: we haven’t seen much Phoebe Price lately, either. Where has she gone? I miss her brand of insanity.

  6. Kalli McQueen

    Did ya’ll notice that the last model also has Jack Nicholson ON HER NAILS? That ish cray, haha.

    I saw bits of this show on Vine, but it’s great to see the stills and notice the details. These are the shows I would love to go to should I ever get the chance to go to NYFW (that and your De La Renta/Marchesa/big drama gowns)

  7. Carol

    When the Blondes show looks more wearable than the Rodarte show … that’s FUG, ladies and gentlemen!

  8. Stefanie

    WTF did I just look at? I am wicked confused right now.

  9. LT1

    I actually like the white dress with the blue knives–I didn’t even notice they were knives until I read the description. I guess I just love the length, the full skirt, the blue against the white and the cuffed sleeves so much that the pattern isn’t throwing me.

  10. AliceBlue

    I can see Cate Blanchett wearing the tie-dye stuff–after all she did wear her grandmother’s afghan to a red carpet event once upon a time. I can definitely visualize SWINTON in some of The Blonds.

  11. Sandra

    These aren’t models, they’re bad examples. F.U.G.L.Y, Rodarte’s got no alibi. The Blonds stuff is cracked out as well, but it sounds like everybody knows the rules before they climb into the sandbox, so I don’t mind it so much.

  12. katie

    A friend send our wedding gift with a card that said “Nothing says marriage likes blenders and knives! Love, Meghann.” Four years in, I have forgotten what just about everyone got us except for her. She deserves a knife dress.

  13. TereLiz

    LOVE the knife dress at The Blondes!

    Other years I’ve analyzed the Rodarte runways thinking, okay, I could see how, with a few changes, you could wear that in real life or a red carpet…

    But I cannot justify (almost wrote justifug, lol) a single piece in this collection. No to the proportions, the fabrics, the colors. It doesn’t even read as a cohesive collection. What were they thinking?

  14. michaela

    Is it bad that I really like The Blondes collection? Not to wear everyday obviously, but the construction and design seem really good! The Rodarte collection is just fug, plain and simple!

    • Janie

      I agree on the Blondes. They at least don’t seem to take it all so seriously. I would even wear the crazy belt dress before any of the Rodarte stuff.
      Is it just me, or does slide #10 look like she has a sweater tied around her neck backwards? Kind of like the preppy version of Kriss Kross? (Wow, did I just say that? I’m old.)

  15. Carla in Kentucky

    Slide 16 is totally the jacket that Joanna Cassidy’s replicant (“Zhora”) is wearing, right after Rick Deckard “retires” her.

    • TereLiz

      It is! Or at least, it’s close enough. It’s a replicant of that jacket! But it would totally fail the Voight-Kampff test after only six or seven questions. ;)

  16. TonyG

    The wigs are bad, really bad, but you know what? I’m guessing it took a talented fake hair whisperer to make wigs that bad.

  17. witjunkie

    My nine year-old son just literally ROFL’d when he saw the last slide. Then he said, “Nice hairdo, too.”

  18. foo

    That Rodarte collection should be called FUBARte. Or Sheer Hideous Insidious Teeth and Tie-dye-arte. (Shittarte)

    Loved The Blonds’ knife dress (for real), the “Wendy, I’m Home” dress (my name is Wendy, so I wear this at some point) and the Psycho Shower Chemise complete with blood-red bath mat coat. At least that show looks like fun.

  19. Vandalfan

    I want to wear #14 (Sisal rope with jeweled inserts) next time I go to a Boy Scout meeting. And I would wear the Janet Leigh dress, honest to God, right out in public. I particularly like the little knife-pin at the neckline.

    • Vandalfan

      (and I like the like-only button. Phew, that’s better! I can’t actually dislike anyone here. Disagree with, maybe, but never dislike.)

  20. hipsterhobo

    All the dresses are so so bad. The white part of the last few dresses look like giant bibs stapled to their necklines. Hideous.

  21. Art Eclectic

    #19 rocks. That is all.

  22. Bambi Anne Dear

    Mardi Gras is in Sydney on March 2nd and I WANT THE MADNESS THAT IS PIC 19!!!

    I also love the rainjacket in pic 16, and is that Nicolette Sheridan in pic 13?

  23. Cristina

    I love The Blonds hairdos. If I could make my actual hair do that, I’d be the most happy. And the Shining nails CND did for them were awesome too.

  24. Mongerel

    The skirt on the Jack Nicholson dress is awesome. It mimics a collar for the “face” and also manages to be a super-flattering and creatively shaped leather skirt.

  25. Sara

    yeah, I can’t really even talk about Rodarte.

  26. mary lou bethune

    Have the inmates of the asylum escaped and taken over the garment district? These are pathologically awful.

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  28. understateddiva

    The headache caption was right-on – the Rodarte collection appears to be inspired by a migraine.

  29. glee

    Are the Blonds what Richie Rich used to be? Fun, but without Amanda Lepore? (she scared me).

    • Joemama

      Richie Rich = Ke$ha, The Blonds = Andy Warhol. One is trash, the other is real art masquerading as such. That’s my take on it anyhoo.