New York Fugshion Week: Stuff We Saw on Days 2 and 3

Gowns! But, stay tuned for shoes and coats and purses. They’re in here.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. PegMN

    I like the purple fringy one AND the assassination attempt one. So there. :-)

    • PegMN

      I would go so far as to say I love the assassination attempt dress.

      • Aurora

        I agree. If i was assassinated while wearing that gown, I could die happy.

        • Lori

          I’d like the assassination dress better if the background were a color.

  2. Anita

    I really like the assassination attempt one, but most definitely not the purple fringy one. All those green gowns are to die for; I saw the first one featured in my local newspaper’s coverage of fashion week and was transfixed. There are a bunch of redheaded celebs out there who’d look incredible in these, so I’m hoping we see a few of them on the red carpet. Maybe Julianne Moore will come to her senses?

  3. Anna

    The coat in #17 is to die for. And the first four dresses are just gorgeous.

  4. Kellilee

    Gimme gimme gimme those purple Kate Spade shoes!! LOVE.
    Those first four dresses are to die for. Beautiful, and loving the color.
    I really want to wear that furry coat out to buy some broccoli.

  5. Stefanie

    OH my god. The GREEN. All this green is giving me LIFE. I adore green.

  6. Sandra

    The green Monique Lhullier gowns are just spectacular. If only I had the figure and an event at which to rock them…..

    Kate Spade frightens me. I see the ’80′s creeping in around the edges and it was so bad the last time; the fashions of the decade I mean, not Kate personally. Please could we just not do that again?

  7. miscorrections

    The assassination attempt looks like an art deco motherboard. J’adore.

  8. Kris

    I love that first dress. I was a huge fan of malachite back in the late 80s. Had a green malachite watch that I loved. Never expected to like it so much in a ball gown!

  9. Lori

    I die for that first Monique Lhullier dress. I die because of Heidi’s jumpsuit.

  10. gryt

    That malachite fabric is GORGEOUS.

  11. Pazzy

    #27 is totally reminiscent of Rosilind Russell as Auntie Mame and I want it!

  12. maryse

    #28 – that necklace looks like the model just strung all of her bangle bracelets on a chain and wore them.

    • Kristin

      Bakelite bangles, it looks like, which would be heavy, uncomfortable, and incredibly expensive.
      I LOVE the malachite fabric and hope it becomes available at a more reasonable price point. I’d wear a malachite silk shell every day and probably sleep in it, too. I’d be very happy to see lapis (rich blue with flecks of gold, mmmm) and jasper print fabrics, as well.

  13. Jocelyn

    I would love to see Jessica Chastain wear the malachite dress to the Oscars. Too gorgeous!

  14. superjosh

    Halle already wore #1 but in red.

    The press photography was so bad that day though that everyone looked like munchkins and they never showed us the amazing backside!

    • superjosh

      Or rather she wore a very similar dress from Monique Lhuillier’s 2012 line. Is that common for such a similar dress to be in the collection the following year?? Seems lazy…

      • Heather

        They might sometimes build on a theme — like how Herve Leger returned from the dead under Max Azria with plain bandage dresses, and then sloooooowly got more elaborate. So maybe you could argue that this is Lhuillier taking a concept she liked and trying to expand on it for a new season’s palette.

        But my snarky response is, there were so many in here that felt like echoes of someone else, she might as well echo herself too…

  15. Mrs. Ditter

    WANT the malachite gown–I wear a lot of green/green-blue, and I’m a brunette, not a redhead. Well, I guess I’m more a grey-nette than a brunette these days–where was I? Right, I want that green gown, or at least the material thereof.

  16. Bambi Anne Dear

    The first three Lhuilliers are divine.

    • Elwi

      Love the shortened Lhullier reference for some odd reason. Will forever stick now. Future child name = checked off the list.

  17. Dani

    Ack! Obsessed with those first three Lhullier gowns! And I can totally see Cate Blanchett in the assassination gown, which I actually kind of loved too. I have to say, I love Brad Goreski, and I see how he is a good match with this bright new Kate Spade, but I don’t enjoy that collection.

  18. Sajorina

    The Assassination Attempt dress is my absolute favorite! COVET! And that might have to be the name of my new band!

  19. jeanette

    Jessica Chastain or Emma Stone as a redhead would look stunning in dress #1. I would like to see Michelle Williams in #27 or Halle Berry for a (shock/horror) covered up look…

  20. Vandalfan

    Playboy shoes. I would wear those suckers everywhere. Snowdrifts, even. Smiling.

  21. Dee

    I NEED to see the malachite gown on either Sandra Oh or Julianne Moore. NEED.

  22. Hima

    Love the first few dresses, meh on most everything else. HAAAAAAATE Heidi’s jumpsuit. Hate it. Hate everything about it. She looks awful in it. Which is why jumpsuits are so terrible: they can make a super model look bad. (To be fair, I hate the color/fabric/pattern as much almost as much as I hate the unflattering cut).