High Fugshion: Marchesa, New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s see what these mischievous spinners of tulle tales are up to this season. Hint: less tulle. But lots of lace.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Art Eclectic

    #12 Kidman. Somewhere soon.

  2. Gine

    I feel so bad for the starlets who are going to be strong-armed into this sloppy, tacky mishmash of fug by Weinstein.

    • Gypsy Danger

      Haha! I was coming to post something similar. Always a fun game on Oscar night to predict how many will be wearing Marchesa.

  3.  Rachael

    There are many here that I just know will tempt red-carpet goers, even though they shouldn’t. There are some that could be nice with relatively (for Marchesa) minor adjustments.

  4. LT1

    Some of these models have truly impressive shoulders. Yeah, that’s what I’ve taken away from this show.

  5. tigers4us

    The shoes are more interesting than the dresses.

  6. Cecily

    I don’t want ANY of these. Weird. Can’t figure out if they’re trying too hard, or have run out of ideas (and glue in the guns, hence, the satin wraps). And I’m with you, who drapes at the crotch?

    • CCKilleen

      Exactly what I was thinking!

    •  Deborah

      Gosh, it’s quite astonishing for Marchesa. You’d think there would be at least half a dozen entries in the *wistful sigh of wanting it* category. But not a one, nopes.

  7. ld

    what is going on with the hair? messy topknots on some, severe braids on others??

    • Art Eclectic

      Because everyone knows that what a woman really wants is awful hair and a dress that leaves people snickering behind her back.

      •  Mair Mair

        Some of them (e.g., #2) look like they shaved their heads and are about 4 months into growing their hair back out.

    •  TereLiz

      What the cornrow…?

    • jessica h.

      I hate the braids SO MUCH. AAARRRRGH.

      … Nope. Not even caps lock rage made me feel better. Damn you, Marchesa!

  8. Lisa

    This entire collection and the women wearing it look like they got caught outside in the winter weather and eveything just melted down upon entering the building! Weird puddling of fabric at the waist, horrible runny colors/patterns on the dresses that almost look like they are starting to mold and the hair looks like something you would do if caught unawares in a rain storm.

  9.  KarenG958

    In real life no one is going to, or at least, no one should, wear the sheer bodices without lining or a bra or a cami, or something. So why, why do designers make their models walk the runway without those items? It feels like cheap exploitation to me, and call me a prude, but I think it’s shameful and disrespectful to the models. And maybe this is sexist of me, but I think it’s worse when a female designer does it, because she should know better.

    There, I’ve said my piece.

    • Art Eclectic

      I completely agree. The display of nipples might have been daring the first few times, but now that nipples are pretty much obligatory for everyone’s runway show it’s just tired. Been there, seen that.

      I have a theory that all these sheer skirts are just designers figuring that the only way to shock and get attention is to bring crotches out onto the runway. The day is coming when a model does a sheer skirt sans panties. Mark my words.

  10. Nan

    I need to hijack these comments to wish FUG JESSICA and FUG HEATHER a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Your readers LOVE you!!

    • GFY Heather

      Aw, that is the nicest hijacking that has ever happened. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! And to Fug Nation. We love you guys.

  11. Jenandtonic

    Mostly hideous

  12. marylou bethune

    The golds and blues are beautiful but the cut is so weird and unflattering. I expect Swinton could get away with them and Lupita could wear #2 very well indeed. NO ONE ELSE>

  13. TaraMisu

    Most of these are quite fugly, I don’t understand it. Although there is a pair of shoes mid slideshow that I must have….

    • Legally_blonde

      My favorites were at slide 24. Too bad the clothes overshadowed the shoes!

  14.  Mair Mair

    I actually quite like #2, but it DESPERATELY needs different makeup and hair.

  15. Rose

    #3 – I would agree except that she’s actually costumed a lot better than that in that movie (haven’t seen it yet but the highlight of the trailer was that Jess looks Really Good in it).
    #7 – if worn by anyone, will ideally be worn by someone flat as a board because otherwise that is going to be AWFUL.
    #9 – Gemma Arterton (is she still a thing? If so, she’d look pretty in that).
    #15 – FLORENCE. In a lined version, more likely than not, but that dress is a dead ringer for the one she wore to the Met Ball a few years back…
    #23 – Emma Watson, maybe?
    #26 – Blake Lively (and it may look non-horrid on her or it may be a catastrophe depending on styling).

  16. Sandra

    What was the theme of this show? “Marchesa: Slightly Less Hideous for Fall/Winter 2014″?

  17. robabeau

    This, unsurprisingly for this label, was exceptionally unappealing. I do think #11 is actually ok except that the weird medium grey on the skirt-froof is basically the colour of dishwater.

  18. Jo

    Bla and bleurgh

  19. G

    This designer does have one remarkable talent: Making skinny models appear to be very, very bulky.

  20. TonyG

    I actually like some of the criss-cross draping ideas in some of these dresses, even if they are not all successful. They seem East Asian inspired and look like they might flow-well in movement.

  21. Lily1214

    Even the model doesn’t look good in this gray bow.

  22. Blair Sylvester

    I can’t when this woman says designers need to edit and be thoughtful as a judge on project runway all stars. Cause girlfriend just tacks shit onto the dress form until there is no shit left to tack on. And the colors seem really depressed. Nothing worse than tacky and depressing. You should be colorful in your tackiness Georgina. I think she belongs in the Stella category of if she didn’t have famous connections she wouldn’t be a designer