New York Fugshion Week: Marchesa

I’d argue that even though Marchesa can be insane, it’s one of the best shows of the week, because it’s ALL DRAMA and almost no sense. A little girl in the crowd at this show, who was pointing at her favorite gowns, went bonkers for this one. Of course. This is totally the dress that would make a five-year old girl lose her mind.  And I mean that as a compliment.

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  1. Verlaine

    Is it wrong that I totally love the third dress, and find it neither overworked nor underworked? Some of these definitely look like they were not designed for humans, though.

    • ringthing

      My only problem with that one is how wrinkled the bottom of it is. Talk about the evils of satin. I’m thinking to wear one of these satin gowns, starlets would have to stand upright in a horse trailer, with a lackey holding a steamer, to get to awards shows unmarred.

  2. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Over the years I’ve been getting the feeling that Marchesa WANTS to be in the same league that Alexander McQueen, but they actually can’t… To me it’s all to “McQueen wannabe/refryed/knockoff”.

    That said, I think we’ll see some of this dresses at the Oscar, like nr. 1 and 4 in someone like Stacy Keibler or someone of the same “celebrity” level

  3. Mouse

    I unabashedly love slide 13 (the filmy grey one). Would love it even more in a dark purple or a rich green. But I love it.

    The rest of them – those Marchesa people just don’t know when to say “enough”. It’s like, they see that line…and they jump over it and keep running. “I bought this stuff so I’m damn well going to use it ALL!!!”

    • Holly

      same – I like 13 but would love to see a darker colour.
      …And maybe have the filmy sleeves on both arms (if its someone who is maybe slightly older and arm-conscious??)

      • Karen G

        When I saw #13, I thought – Vivian Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire.

  4. Orange Clouds

    I think some of these dresses are really pretty (I quite like 1-4) but then someone had to get out the tulle gun or design clothes that seem to be made for a production of 1001 nights and all beauty gets lost in an avalanche of TOO MUCH.

  5. Ruth

    #4 reminds me of a formal Wonder Girl dress. Debra Winger needs to wear that somewhere, along with a tiara.

  6. Bookworm

    I thought we were through with the one-sleeve look? Is that coming back (please no)? And why suddenly so much drapery right at the widest parts of the hips? That said, 1-3 are really pretty.

  7. Elizabeth Rafferty

    To me, the first one looks like the ill-fated, ill-fitting wedding dress Carrie tried to get married in in the first SATC movie. I hated how the bodice on that one fit, and I don’t care for this bodice either. Weird looking.

  8. Susan

    #6 hurts me in ways I never could have imagined.

  9. mwk

    I really don’t like big poofy sleeves. They make me think they’re designed to fit Popeye.

  10. Michelle

    I’m not a fan of Marchesa (for the usual reasons) but I have to say how much I admire the craftmanship that goes into these gowns. I think they miss the mark, sadly, as they’re just so damn tacky, but the craftsmanship is impressive.

  11. MG

    I liked 12. It looks like something Grace Kelly would have worn.

  12. jenelope

    I sort of love parts of the murder dress (slide #14). The color and the embroidery are gorgeous. The silhouette, however, is awful and should be murdered. Can you imagine if it was simpler? It would look lovely.

  13. Tessa

    So many gorgeous fabrics, not a single beautiful dress.

    I do absolutely adore the red coat in the second slide though – so, so pretty!

  14. Katharine

    Michelle Williams would never wear #17 unless she could get a custom version with two sleeves and a choking jewel neckline.

    I actually really quite like the @no dress, and I think you are not giving it enough credit for having transparent SLEEVES rather than a transparent SKIRT.

  15. PeggyO

    Can we just take the fabric and start again is my reaction to most of this. So much gorgeous color and rich detail wasted on bad, overworked design.

  16. Art Eclectic

    I dispute that no real person would wear the coat #2 – I would totally wear that …if I could afford it.

    • jeanette

      Cate Blanchett would look awesome in #2. She would knock it out of the park.

  17. Stefanie

    After the first dress and that coat I did the foolish thing and got my hopes up that Marchesa wasnt going to suck this year. Hopes dashed. Although so of it isnt as bad as we’ve seen in the past.

  18. Martina

    A lot of these look like they borrowed from the costume of a prince in a ballet…all that gold lace.

  19. Billie

    Michelle Williams may never wear #17, but that’s totally something Busy would wear if she weren’t pregnant. Lets hope she doesn’t keep that in her back pocket for a future event.

  20. Trace

    The last dress has Jessica Biel written all over it…

  21. Cucina49

    I wish they used shiny shiny satin less–it just gives a same-ness to so many of the gowns.

    I’m not certain how anyone thought it was a good idea to let #6 and 7 on the runway.

  22. Miranda

    I am so glad Jennifer Lawrence has a deal with Dior, otherwise she’d be wearing one of these Mrs. Weinstein disasters at every event. Thank you advertising gods!

  23. jerkygirl

    I love the big pink 5-year old freaker outer, and some of the other dresses in the beginning, but then it just keeps descending further into madness. Why so much “extra?”

  24. gryt

    At first I thought that in pic #8 the back of someone’s head was blocking the bottom of the pic (it was the dress’ giant black fishtail).

    • MegoPachego

      I thought the EXACT SAME THING! My reaction was: “Who blocks the runway ohmyGod that’s a tulle extravaganza!” It looks so arbitrarily attached!

  25. Vandalfan

    “Can we keep the fabric and just start over?” applies to so many gowns I see.

  26. Miranda

    I think that dress about which you said “this does not work on this model” (I think it might have been third?) I think would be DELICIOUS on Christina Hendricks, if they fitted it well. It calls for curves.

    I would kind of love this first one on Elizabeth Banks.

  27. Dani

    Some of these are certainly yuck.

    But I think there’s something about Marchesa that speaks to the little girl in all of us who wishes she was a fairy tale princess.

  28. Alicia

    Slide 15 is screaming SWINTON at me.

  29. hillary l.

    I don’t get #10, and I don’t get that it’s an Editor’s Pick on The Cut. It looks as if her breasts are seceding from the union.

  30. JenAK

    Dress #4 looks like it has a giant gold spider plastered over her abdomen.

  31. witjunkie

    I do not understand this new thing of designing the bust like they’ve been pawed at by Betty White. Seriously, they all look squeezed horizontally flat. Why.

    But that red coat is to die for.

    AND – @no would be pretty if it wasn’t so blown out. Like only one layer of tulle, lying closer to the arms. Admittedly, I just like seeing sleeves, something other than strapless or strappy everything.

  32. annmartina

    I get the feeling she saw the photos of Kate shopping in a cape a couple of weeks ago and just had to throw one together.

  33. terri

    There’s a typo in your description of slide 6. You left out the “OMGWTFMYEYESAAAHHHHH!!”

  34. Amy

    I think I would like to wear the giant pink dress to the Oscars. Seems like the kind of dress that would just be fun and princess-y to wear.

  35. Meri

    God, so many of these are ALMOST lovely it’s almost painful. Like gorgeous fabric, great detail, haphazard designs. It’s the sartorial equivalent of those 80s movies where the kids had to get the house clean before their parents came home. “Crap- Fashion Week will be here in 10 minutes! Throw some tulle on it!”

  36. Dirk

    Is it possible to hate-watch a fashion line?

  37. Scanderoon

    I love that coat, and even more so I love the pants under that coat so much. They just make the whole look sleek and lovely.

    Number 10 is so… they’ve made the bustline look like eyes on the sides of a frog’s head. NOT OKAY.

    Love the cape, everything else… yuck.

  38. Sajorina

    I love dresses #9 & #13! And I appreciate that the models look pretty and normal!

  39. jeanette

    #1 is probably a little old for Catherine Zeta Jones but the color would look stunning on her! Or any of the embellished reds.

    What a shame Marchesa have gone for the tangled exotic bedsheet look… so many beautiful fabrics – such a waste…

  40. jeanette

    Diane Kruger could wear #13 with aplomb. Needs ruby or emerald accessories perhaps?

  41. Nicole

    And for today’s proof that I am totally unfashionable, I loved most of these =/

  42. Lily1214

    I like Marchesa. I like all these gowns.

  43. Sara

    “I would love for someone to wear this to an awards show, just… to DO it.”

    Ask and ye shall receive; apparently Fan Bing Bing is wearing that magenta concoction at the Oscars.