Super Bowl: Namathly Played, Joe Namath

PHIL: Listen, ref, can’t you do something?

TERRY McAULAY: What would you have me do, exactly?

PHIL: You’ve got the flag in your belt. Throw it. Throw some laundry on this play.

JOE: What are you talking about?

TERRY: Sorry, Phil. I just don’t see a foul here.

PHIL: Aw, come on! Neutral zone infraction? If he lined up near the ball that thing would fall across the line for sure.

TERRY: Nope.

PHIL: Unnecessary roughness? To the animal?

TERRY: That’s not for me to judge. It might be faux.


JOE: You don’t know my life.

PHIL: Yes, I do. You’re Broadway Joe. You wear fur coats. You’ve even probably worn this one before.

JOE: Well, then, it’s vintage. BAM.

PHIL: Unsportsmanlike conduct, then?

TERRY: In what way?

PHIL: In the sense that nobody will even notice me standing here if he’s wearing that thing.

TERRY: Phil, I’m sorry. The rules specifically state that any Super Bowl held in the state of New Jersey can and should be treated as if it’s being played on the ice planet Hoth, regardless of the game time temperature. Hell, Jimmy Johnson was walking around with actual tauntaun guts packed inside his coat and you didn’t say anything.

PHIL: Well, I’m not with Jimmy. Listen, Terry. Don’t make me sic Greg Gumbel on you. He looks cuddly but he’ll floss your teeth with your jugular as soon as look at you.

TERRY: Sigh. Yeah, I definitely don’t want to run afoul of the Gumbel Machine.

JOE: This is boring. I’m going to find the Red Hot Chili Peppers. May the furs be with you, always. MIC DROP.


TERRY: Disgraceful. Let’s call that an illegal hit. Fifteen yards and fifty grand.

PHIL: I knew you’d see things my way.

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Comments (42):

  1. Linda

    It’s the Puddy Coat!!!

  2. Heather

    Hah! How did I not make that reference?

  3. susie

    I hate the word “swag,” but I have to admit, in that picture, Namath has it.

    • susie

      …in a creepy way, but still.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I don’t see it. To me he looks like a very manly man, wearing his very feminine wife’s coat.

    • susie

      Another way of looking at it: there are two Super Bowl-winning New York City quarterbacks in that picture, but only one of them actually looks like a New York quarterback.

  4. Diane

    Disgusting. I am so glad I watched the Kitten Bowl instead.

    • Jess

      Hello fellow cat lady! I too watched the Kitten Bowl and squealed with delight throughout the entire damn thing.

      As far as the clothes go: Namath wears your granddad’s clothes, he looks incredible

      • Jess

        PS – I don’t actually think he looks incredible, but I just had to make that reference.

  5.  Lise

    I flippin’ loved that coat. Broadway Joe, indeed.

  6. Debra

    Joe Namath is the BOMB in his man-fur…he has swag plus…

  7. TonyG

    That is just ridiculous and unnecessary, Broadway Joe.

    Seriously, you like you’re about to do the time warp (however, even Frankenfurter would disapprove) to take us back to the 1970s.

    Plus, it was near 50 degrees at kickoff. I hate it, ’cause he is clearly rubbing our noses in it. Pretty classless on such a warm February day.

    •  Shay O'Brien

      What just exactly is he rubbing our noses in?

      • TonyG

        The ostentation of wearing a fur coat on a warm day. He has to know that fur raises other people’s fur, so to speak. It was not necessary to wear this on such a warm day.

        • Debra

          google Joe Namath fur coats and you will see that he has been wearing them forever……and exactly who’s nose is he rubbing it in, PETA’s? and i am sure like many others he could care less what they have to say…plus he is Joe freaking Namath and can do whatever he wants

  8. qwertygirl

    I used to want a coat just like that. My best friend Victoria had one. When we were seven. It was made of rabbit. This looks exactly like hers, just in size XXXXXXXL. I don’t care who you are, your outerwear should never remind an adult woman of something she coveted in second grade.

  9. Wildviolette

    Can I suggest that if any of you non-football people are watching the Big Game with a VERY football oriented person – like say your Life Partner – and this dude walks out on to the field, wearing this coat, you DO NOT respond with, “Babe, what’s with the old pimp on the field?” Cuz you will likely be hearing about it for the rest of your life. (Or at least all night and throughout the following day.)

    • birdgal

      A pimp is exactly what I thought too, so you are not alone in that assessment (and even if you knew who he was, like I did….he still looked like a pimp).

    • Anna

      You’ll still get yelled at less than if you ask why Macklemore is doing the coin flip.

  10. Stefanie


    Also, GO HAWKS! Im so happy this morning.

  11. Anne

    i bet some of Mr. Namath’s desire to wear such a coat is that it makes him look physically larger. I admit I would feel a little sad to see a frailer Joe Namath dwarfed by the current players.

  12.  KarenG958

    It’s so Joe. I’m old enough to remember when he was swoon worthy, and whatever problems he may have had over the years, that’s the Joe I like to remember.

  13. greatwhitenorthchick

    Don’t love the look but don’t entirely hate it, either. Broadway Joe has never been known for his subtlety, so no surprises here. Par for the course. It’s kinda nice to see him still kickin’ around (no pun intended).

    • Maria L.

      I was just coming here to say that it’s par for the Joe. I hate that he’s wearing animal fur and it’s tacky as hell, but I confess that there’s also comfort in knowing that some things will never change and that Namath is still undeniably Namath.

  14. randomisjen

    Joe Willie is a pimp. Always has been, always will be.

  15.  Jenz

    ROTFLMAO… This is why I love you guys…this is hysterical!!! “…floss your teeth with your jugular….” LMAO….

  16.  karen

    As soon as he walked out, I knew I could count on the Fug Girls!

  17. Erica

    And here I thought the something from the half-time show would make FugNation news!

    I hear that The Fur has several Twitter accounts now.

  18. Teri Rutledge

    Yes! The first thing I said when I saw that fur coat was, “I can’t wait to see how GoFugYourself writes this up tomorrow!”.

    That fur was one of the highlights of the game for me. The other highlight being that I live in Seattle, so the entire thing was kind of amazing :)

  19. milaxx

    Joe Namath, pimp’in since 1979!

  20.  Jenny V

    While I can’t condone wearing fur, that coat rocked my world last night. That is what John Mayer wished he looked like when he wore that ragged, horrible fur jacket a few weeks ago.

  21. LT1

    We were saying this morning that no matter how warm it was, Broadway Joe would come out in that coat and no matter how cold, the RHCP would come out shirtless and in shorts.

  22. Squirrel!

    As I have no interest in football, I admit to enjoying Super Bowl parties for the purpose of watching the people watching the game. Since I wasn’t invited to any party this year, I watched my Facebook news feed instead. When people started commenting on Joe Namath’s coat, I wanted to know what I was missing, so I Googled “Joe Namath fur coat.” Little did I know that Namath is no stranger to the Big Fur! In addition to the links Heather provided, I also found this image:

    (Not that I like the idea of wearing fur, but) I think I like this one best of all because we can all tell him, “Look into pants.”

  23. Tassie

    I remember him playing when I was a kid. It’s pure Broadway Joe! And I love it. I also love the coat.

  24.  TereLiz

    “May the furs be with you.”

    DYING over the Hoth and tauntaun guts joke, Heather! Made my day!

  25. Rosa

    He’s Broadway Joe. He was attitude personified before anyone else thought about having attitude. Joe can wear any damn coat he wants.

  26. Kim

    I just figured Joe was going straight from the coin toss to coaching some sinister Soviet figure-skating pair to Olympic victory. In 1988.

  27. lynn

    As a born New Jerseyan, I offer great thanks to the FugGirls for correctly noticing that the Super Bowl was played in New Jersey and not NY. My beloved Giants play there as well. ty

  28. ceecee

    When he walked onto the field I looked at my companions and said “Did Joe Namath kill a tauntaun?”

  29. Chaiaiai

    One, LOVE all of the dialogue. Two, I LOVE THE IDGAF BROADWAY JOE. and three, I screamed outloud when I saw this and instantly knew that y’all (and MK over at dlisted) would be all over this.


  30.  Mrs. Ditter

    L’eggs commercials! Good heavens, I am old.