My Cousin Fug

There is a rumor that Marisa Tomei is pregnant, and while she says no, I feel like she needs SOME KIND of excuse for this dress:

Here are some suggestions:

1) “I ate an entire pizza for dinner and it was DELICIOUS. But now I am bloated.”

2) “Joe Pesci finally collected on that bet.”

3) “I’m working on a line of my own clothing, called Bedsheet Bombshells, and this is the first prototype. We’ve got some work to do still.”

4) “I am actually sleepwalking right now.”

5) “Uh, on second thought, maybe I AM pregnant. Yeah. I am.”

6) “I’ve developed a rare disorder where I break out in hives if anything touches my waist.”

7) “Hello, May is National Caftan Month in honor of Bea Arthur’s birthday on May 13th. You’re welcome.”

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Comments (32):

  1. Carol

    Looks like a tablecloth married to a bedsheet … and the marriage is just not working out at all.

  2. Helen

    By now, I’m more or less used to Marisa Tomei being unable to dress herself. And here, she didn’t even bother to try, just rolled out of bed and brought the bedclothes with her. And possibly a nearby shower curtain. I can accept that.

    But why is her hair always a wreck? I mean ALWAYS. In personal appearances, in films, ALL THE TIME, it constantly looks as if she has some sort of allergy to anything that might detangle it. Even in the one “Related” photo here where it isn’t that bad, the ends are even pretty, it’s still all tangled up at the scalp.

    Granted, super-thick, wavy/curly hair cannot be all that easy to style, but that does not mean one must, or should, use an eggbeater on it.

    And she’s so pretty! It’s just not right…

    • ┬áJanice

      You’re right.! It’s always kind of sticky and uncared for. And I thought it was just the characters she played (e.g. in In the Bedroom, she is far too overpowered with grief to brush her hair.)

      Do the roles gravitate to the hair, or is the hair attracted to the roles?

      • Helen

        Heh. I think the hair is clearly in charge. Possibly it works as her agent. ;-)

        • Vandalfan

          Yes, the sack she’s wearing is amusing, but the hairdo is schleppy.

  3. Dazie

    I had a bridesmaid dress out of the same material as the knotted part.

    • Scanderoon

      There’ s a knotted part. Oh my goodness. I… wow. I hadn’t noticed that before you mentioned it.

  4. Lizzy

    Why, Marisa, why?

    • True_Blue

      Maybe she didn’t feel like putting on 2 Spanx, one on top of the other. .

  5. goldfish

    “It looks like rain so I made a poncho out of a couple of leaf-raking size Hefty bags. My only regret is that my shoes don’t go.”

  6. Elizabeth K. Mahon

    Given that she’s my age, if she is pregnant, it’s a miracle. It also looks like she ran it up on a sewing maching about 10 minutes before this event out of two different bedsheets.

    • Jessica

      I think it’s POSSIBLE but unlikely.

      • Morris

        Um, Halle Berry and Kelly Preston?? It is possible.
        I’m very happy for her if she is with child, but I like the pizza excuse for this dress! We’ve all been there.

  7. Sandra

    I do love the color, though.

  8. Goldfish

    Is this the young, racy version of a kaftan?

  9. Erin

    I want those shoes on my fat feet!!

    • Helen

      That prompted me to take a closer look and realize they would work on my fat feet as well. I also have bunions, and it looks like one of the straps hits right where that joint is, which is always nice for minimizing their appearance. Now I want the shoes, too! :-)

  10. Art Eclectic

    If this is national caftan month I’m going and changing RIGHT NOW. Ahh… freedom.

  11. MegaeraThe3rdFury

    I’ll go with Bedsheet Bombshells for $200 Alex.

  12. Bottle Ginger

    On tonight’s Project Runway challenge, the grab bag has given you the era of the 1920s, and tablecloths as a material.

  13. Katherine

    This is so catty of me, but honestly, I think she’s not pregnant, but is dressing to encourage the rumors, because she’s not really in the spotlight anymore and is milking the press. Or maybe she actually thought that looked good. Anything’s possible.

  14. BrownEyedBetty

    That is some unholy fug right there.

  15. Alameda Peg

    Star Trek costume for an alien lady of a certain age.

  16. Sajorina

    #6 has to be my favorite! What’s up with the tied knot?! It drives me crazy!!!

  17. Aj

    Where is she and what is she dressed for? Kind of a weird backdrop for an event.

  18. mary lou bethune

    I am the only one who thinks she looks fine. She is aging beautifully and she has never seemed to care much about the Hollywood scene.

    • Sarah

      You’re not the only one. I think this is casual and cute, not everything needs to be skintight all the time. I just wish she had done something different (brushed it?) with her hair.

  19. Lily1214

    This is panel one of the two-drapery panels set.

  20.  Janice

    There is a kind of weaver bird that, using its beak, stitches together large leaves to make its nest.

    It made this dress.