MTV Movie Awards Weekend Fugs & Fabs: Kat Graham

Bless Kat Graham for being reliably interesting.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. chappy05

    I think that Sebastian midriff top could be kinda cute with some slim black pants. Very Laura Petrie.

  2. TalleyL

    I’m getting more of a Clockwork Orange vibe off that 2nd outfit.

    • KHS

      Yes, but a SEXY Clockwork Orange? I know it could be ridiculous, but I really love it on her. And those shoes…they are perfect.

    •  crookedE

      She is serving some Michael Jackson realness in that black outfit. It creeps me out slightly, actually. The shoes are indeed great, though.

      • Gypsy Danger

        I was coming here to say that about her make up in the first outfit. It looks really unnatural. Heavy handed contouring maybe?

  3. Mikki

    I actually like that first dress on her! She always seems to have this sense of fun with her clothes that I admire, even if the choices are sometimes a little too off the wall. And she isn’t afraid of accessories!

  4. aemom

    The orange and grey is actually cute but that magic show outfit is pure WTF.

  5.  Carrie

    I kind of love all of this (especially the entire first outfit and the shoes on the second). Not everyone could pull these looks off but I think she is doing it marvelously.

  6.  Scully

    “Seriously, when did it become a thing to wear ALL the rings?”

    I like to call this “Pinterest Fashion” (as seen on every other pin there).

    •  alamedapeg

      My MIL has worn all the rings for many many years, at least thirty that I personally know of! Giant fancy rings. She has got enough personality to carry it off, though — they really work on her. I’m not sure about these baby starlets.

  7. Emperor Cupcake

    What’s impressive to me is that no matter how crackballs insanepants her clothes are, she wears them in a way that almost always sells them. It makes me curious about The Vampire Diaries (which I have never watched) just to see if she’s really that good of an actress.

  8.  Another Katie

    I believe Phoebe Buffay has been wearing ALL the rings since the mid 90s.

    I like the first dress.

    On the second outfit, is the collar attached to anything? Either way, she is making me like it more than I probably should.

    Dislike the last one because I am not pleased with the return of the crop top in any shape.

  9. Kalli

    The first orange and grey look is probably one of the most flattering things she’s ever worn, though it would look a mess on most ladies. Love her hair not being painfully/severely lacquered back as she’s prone to do.

  10. tigers4us

    1) Really like the 1st dress! Unique, and she rocks it!
    2) Thank you for the shoe shot!
    3) The sandals in the 3rd outfit look interesting…

  11. Jenz

    The black/orange dress actually looks good…and I give her props for the make up… she looks cute in the first dress. The second.. ehh. The last, not feeling that one either.

  12. that girl

    She looks like a wax figurine, especially in the first shot

  13. llism

    I unabashedly love the first outfit. It’s unique and colorful and flattering and fun without being try-hard in the least. Well played!

    • Narshkite

      The first time I have ever looked at something on Kat Graham and sincerely wanted it for myself! It would be 6 inches longer, but I would love it. And her hair and makeup is perfect!

  14. Sajorina

    “It’s like it WANTS to be a poncho but it’s separated from its dream by some inconvenient sewing.”


  15. Lori

    Do those pink shoes have fins/wings/bumps on the heels?