MTV Movie Awards: Random Fugs

Yes, believe it or not, there are still some stragglers from the Movie Awards, which should be VERY cross at the CFDAs for stealing their blog thunder. For another take on some of the big names, you can pop by the piece we did for; for the rest, I present this slideshow. Because there is ALWAYS a clutch of people at these MTV parties who are only known to non-DVR owners who are obsessive fans of Jersey Shore, and sometimes that’s where the real fun is.

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  1. Art Eclectic

    If the Met Ball is the Oscars of fashion, then the MTV Movie Awards is most surely the night fashion gets drunk and goes slumming in a trailer park.

  2. Shiitake

    Nothing random about these fugs. Each and every one was intentional.

    • Heather

      “Random” refers to the people themselves not being A-list… or really on a list, and yet on a red carpet.

  3. Jennifer

    Nikki DeLoach is also a refugee from the famous people breeding ground of the Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90s. For some reason it doesn’t show up on her IMDB, but she was in it with Gosling, Christina Aguilera, Britney, Justin, JC Chasez, etc.

  4. Leslie

    At least Jeff Dye is wearing an t-shirt under his dress shirt, under his shoulder pads

  5. Candy

    Ya know, Brooke Hogan seems like a sweet girl. I wish she had a normal family & went to college as an unknown. I bet she’d be happier… and dress better!

  6. elle

    Thanks, I’ve always wondered why people put those headbands on babies.

  7. Apie

    So Oliver Reed is Sue Sylvester’s baby daddy right?

  8. nikole

    1. Lil niq (watever) has a daffy duck lego pendant that seems to actually be the side of his head and note he’s also wearing a toy car ring (pic on his website)
    1.2. if he can have a music career what the hell am i doing with myself?
    2. cyrstal reed looks like they wrapped her too tight int he bodice area
    3. booke hogan look god awful. Period!

  9. Stefanie

    Yep. I do not know any of these people other than Brooke Hogan.

  10. Elle

    Molly Tarlov appears to be wearing bedazzled boat shoes. I feel like I should be friends with her based solely on that.

  11. Mahastee

    So… is Teen Wolf still going? I gave up on that dreadful show as soon as I realised it was in no way, shape or form, the new Buffy. Right after the first episode. The cast was very pretty though.

    • Christian

      OMG, agree 100%. But I do believe it got a season 2, so I guess some people are watching. God help me, I kind of like the Easter hued track suit, solely because it’s ridiculous. Brooke Hogan, however, needs to STOP.

  12. jen

    Sometimes all i need to get through the day is commentary from the fug girls. It is the giggle equivalent of a well made dirty martini.

  13. Sajorina

    I love Holland’s look… The whole thing! WANT!

  14. TaraMisu

    Ugh…. Brooke Hogan. Girl really, put some clothes on. I always feel sad when I see her, not sure why.

    The rest, I have NO clue who they are but as a group they are a giant fug.

  15. Carol

    This is a parade of FUG … how do these tragedies happen! I guess that the unanswered question we ask GFY on a daily basis.

  16. Kit

    I do NOT understand that Lauren/American-Teen-Psycho person’s outfit at ALL. It’s got cut outs in the all wrong places, is extremely unflattering and draws attention to her hip bones which – seriously – is that a place you want people staring all night?

    The designer is wrong to make it and she/her stylist are even wrong-er for buying into it.

    Fuggiest of the all. The rest are just inoffensively fug (except for Brooke Hogan, who should never appear on my screen again. lol)

  17. CJ

    I actually love that dress Crystal Reed is wearing, although it looks a tad too tight in some places? I hate the shoes she wore though.

    I also kinda like Holland Roden dress, but again, I hate her shoes.

    Brooke Hogan, gurl. Put it away.

  18. Aurora

    I think Crystal Reed’s upholsteryesque get-up is secretly kind of awesome. Just imagine it with better shoes and on somebody like say, Emma Stone. We’d totally be loving it then, no? Also, I think that last one somehow does manage to be all three.

    • CJ

      Yes! That would look adorbs on Emma Stone (with red hair, obvi. I hate the blonde).

  19. Ms.A

    A lot of cute people wearing ugly shit.