MTV Movie Awards (Mostly) Well Played Carpet: Kristen Stewart

K. Stew’s been looking pretty good lately. I am not entirely sure what’s been going on with her hair, but nor do I ever know what’s going on with my OWN hair, so….I feel her, is what I’m saying.

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  1. Sandra

    I still hate the racoon-eye makeup, but the dress is great and she has such a pretty smile.

  2. Cranky Old Batt

    Man, Jodie looks awesome. Aging extremely well.

    Also love K-Stew’s dress but not the goth eye make-up.

  3. TaraMisu

    KStew looks great, I love that dress I am not loving those shoes though…. but I agree what else could she wear?
    Hair and make up are fine, she can carry off the raccoon eyes :D

    • Annie E

      I think a sandal or peep-toe in the same color would be great. I love the dress and want it for my own.

  4. jasmine

    I feel like I must be blind when it comes to this girl, because I so rarely see it. I see a tacky dress that doesn’t fit and hair/make-up that looks like she slept with it overnight. Just a mess.

    • kate

      Thank you! I was sitting here wondering if I’d gone insane.

      I’ll admit I have a strong dislike for K-Stew. But I thought she looked terrible! Perhaps I might like the dress okay on someone else. but I hate the whole ensemble on her – hair, makeup, dress, shoes, everything.

      It’s her whole persona that bothers me though. The faux (or is it real?) awkwardness, the posture. I just don’t get it.

  5. lakin1013

    The front of this dress is simply dreadful. The back is soooooo promising but the front looks like it is made of some cutouts in a variety of colors, glued in random fashion, with no overall plan. I dislike it very much.

  6. Annie Mouse

    Are we deciding that a stack of rings now means “engaged” regardless of the provenance of said rings?

    Because if so, thanks be to Goat, because maybe people will now recognise my rings as being marital despite the involvement of no gems nor plain band.

    • Kit

      I think she was making a joke, Annie. But, Sarah Richardson (she of Sarah 101 on HGTV wears stackers as marital rings, so… yay!?)

  7. tara

    The shoes might be dull, but it’s better than what she wore once she got inside.

    I get wanting comfort, but I’d think a shoe with an attached heel wouldn’t be too formal for her?

    • Tara

      Fellow Tara, I agree. THOSE DAMN SHOES.

      She could have at least worn some sneakers that weren’t filthy looking.

  8. qwertygirl

    The make up is just this side of Momseny. If you’re an actress, that’s almost the worst thing that can be said about you. Well, that and, “You know, your behavior reminds me a lot of Lindsay Lohan’s…”

  9. vandalfan

    Pretty dress, but too much slap and unkempt hair as usual, just enough to be dismissive and disrespectful of her viewers. I’d love this dress on someone who was prettier inside.

  10. Amy

    She put on sneakers sometime during the program. I would be on board with this if she weren’t a bad actress and so impossibly awkward in public.

  11. McLisa

    She looks like she dried her hair through the sunroof in the limo on the way over. AND I have to agree with Amy; she IS always impossibly awkward which just rings as immature to me.

  12. Lina

    So, like, does Jodie Foster have a portrait in her attic or something? The woman does not age!

    Love KS’s dress. Don’t love the eye makeup. Wish she’d worn some sparkly purple sandals.

  13. GirlyObsessions

    I love this dress! I don’t know what it is, maybe its the mix of colors, but it speaks to me.

  14. Mair Mair

    I just came to say that I saw Snow White and the Hemsworth this weekend, and while it has its moments, it is done in by one inescapable, irredeemable flaw: NO ONE is fairer than Charlize.

    • meggiemoo

      RIGHT? Snow White needs to actually be prettier than the Evil Queen, which in this case, she is unreservedly NOT.

  15. AM

    I think it’s totally time for her to try something other than the really short skirt and high heels. She obviously, see picture of the tennies, doesn’t feel comfortable, which you can tell by her posture and the fact she changes ASAP. Let her do the longer length and some more comfy shoes and I think it would help a lot.

  16. Amy D

    Can’t you guys see? This dress is like a shout-out to the old MTV logo. Or at least that’s what this old-timer sees. Love it.

    • Christian

      I agree, it’s pretty appropriate for the MTV awards. Not so on board with the hair, makeup and shoes though.

  17. Linda

    Seems like KS looks good at the MTV event(s) more often than not. Maybe because she seems genuinely happy to be there? Loved the dress, and would have loved the makeup had she/the artist stopped about 5 minuntes sooner. I don’t love the hair but I think it likely works in context here. Snoozeville on the shoes; something a little edgier – like Emma Watson’s – would have been my preference:

  18. CJ

    I think the “racoon-eye makeup” is fun for an event like the MTV Movie Awards and also, the colors they use play up her green eyes well. She has such a pretty eye color, I’m sure it sucked wearing colored contacts for five movies.

    I like her dress! She looks smiley and happy. Her hair looks like my hair after work traveling for a week and dry shampooing my hair. Legit lol at the person who suggested she dried it through the sunroof. It brought on a funny mental image.

  19. BrownEyedBetty

    I’m one of those who can’t see or understand the appeal of KStew but here I go anyway… the dress is fug, the hair is fug, the makeup is FUG, the rings are fug. Don’t get it: never have, never will.

    • Ms.A

      I don’t understand it either. AT ALL.
      And I completely agree with you. This look is head to toe fug.

  20. tiburon

    Engaged to Cedric Diggory???

  21. maryse

    objectively i think she looks cute and i think she’s a pretty girl. but omg she is so awkward and not in a charming way and a horrible actress and i just don’t get how she continues to be feted like she is.

    • Sajorina

      I think she’s a fine actress & have enjoyed everything I’ve seen her in, but, what does her acting have to do with her outfit?

      • Mongerel

        You’re killin me Sajorina

        • JLM

          I’m normally a lurker but I read comments. While I understand saying “stick to the outfit” I don’t understand why it applies sometimes and not others. Just a couple posts ago there were countless comments on Jessica Biels’ personality and her engagement, etc. No one came to her defense and said anything.

        • Berry

          JLM, KStew has crazy devoted fans. JBiel doesn’t. So there you go.

  22. CJ

    Another thing about her hair. I imagine when she leaves the house her hair looks fine, but she can never keep her hands out of it, and thus, she ends up looking less put together and more Yahoo Serious.

    • Helen

      That’s exactly it. The guy that styled her hair tweeted a picture of it and it looked gorgeous. She just needs to stop playing with it and messing it up.

  23. Kelly

    When she flashed on my tv last night, my initial vote was I liked this. I thought it was fun with some edge. But the more I look at it, the more I think the dress seems like something for a spaceship go-go dancer. I also thought I liked her hair at first…now I think enough of this! We know you’re probably “too cool” to brush your hair…but get over it and brush your hair! You are not a part of the grunge movement! I do like the shoes.

  24. WhooflPomp

    Unreservedly, I like the dress. The rest? Raccoon’s wearing plastic ring tops and dirty nails. Not so much.

    I will always love Jodie Foster, who is destined to become our very own Kate Hepburn

  25. Anj

    I’m waiting for Contact 2. Anybody with me on this one?

    Anyway on to the topic…I don’t feel for her because there are minimal ways to make your hair look good even if you don’t wash it. Adele doesn’t wash hers for a month and look at that awesomeness! Furthermore, she PURPOSELY makes it look like that. There is definitely some major intentional hairspray action going on especially lately. And it’s made worse by that terrible dye job. I refuse to believe that was professionally done or for a movie role. And minimal styling takes less than 10 minutes, maybe even less than 5 if you know what you’re doing. So no. Shame on her head for allowing this.

    • Anj

      Also, I realllly believe K. Stew needs a Lionel Logue in her life. Just sayin’.

      Some people sound like it’s being cruel to criticize her, but ignoring the fact of freedom of speech and all that jazz, I just don’t believe someone should make SO much money undeservedly. I firmly believe she didn’t get to where she is because of her talent and I’m sure it helps having parents who both work in show business.

  26. Bonnie

    Again, with the ratty hair !

  27. R

    I love this whole look, she nailed it! Yay! I love the dress and I wish it would magically turn up in my wardrobe along with an occasion to wear it :) She should have worn some fierce gladiator heels with it instead of the dainty pumps or alternatively some neon pumps. Even so, that’s only a small problem. It looks like Jodie Foster is sneakily preparing to pour a bucket of popcorn down Kristen’s dress in that first pic.

  28. bex

    i feel like Fug Nation is…overbearingly cruel to ms. k stew.
    y’alls try growing up in the limelight. not everyone is naturally as poised and perfect as a fanning.

  29. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! Kristen’s sartorial quirkiness + awesomeness & Rob Pattinson’s weirdness + everchainging hairdo are the magic that prevents me from suffering of “Twilight” fatigue! I love the dress, which suits her perfectly, the jewelry, the nailpolish & even the shoes! I like her hair & the makeup is flawless… Look how beautiful are her green eyes! FAB!!!

  30. Shiitake

    Yawn, K.Stew…As Jodie Foster further slides into obscurity.

  31. Dizzy

    It’s not awful. I guess it’s fun, but it looks like a super hero costume to me.

  32. Jolene

    I’m getting a soft spot for K.Stew, too. She looks so much fun when she’s all smiley!

    Those shoes do look dowdy, though. Don’t go all shouty at me, but I think I’d like to see boots with that dress. Not a hint of Barbarella boots, mind you; and not a whiff of Pretty Woman. Just some nice knee length, boots with a slightly chunky heel.

  33. kay

    i continue to despise her posture, and her hair. You have a whole legion of makeup people and hair people- why does it look like a rat’s nest?! My general dislike of her, and her lack of ability to act just ruins everything she wears. She’s one of the most unemotional actors I’ve ever seen. I recently watched breaking dawn, and she looked like she was going to throw up the entire time

    • kate

      Totally agree, Kay.

      I can’t decide if the awkwardness on stage/red carpet is real or if she plays it up to be contrarian or because she thinks it’s cute? It really bugs though. No one is forcing you to be an actress, so if you’re so miserable, go find something else to do with your life.

      • soph

        And yet she probably make more money making movies then either of you two will see in a lifetime. She must really suck, then huh?

        But alas, that has nothing to do with her outfit. Neither does how she acts or the faces she makes. I love that dress, and I love that she wore it with the Chuck Taylors on stage. She should feel free to be who she is, we need more of that in Hollywood.

        • kate

          Soph – chill out. Of course she makes a lot of money. Who cares?

          But her red carpet persona has long been a topic of discussion – at GFY and elsewhere.

    • Di

      Okay, who in their right mind wouldn’t look like they’re constantly on the verge of vomiting if they were in Twilight? LET’S BE REAL GUYS.

    • nina

      Okay, so her hair is a terror, albiet a really thick and healthy looking one (she fidgets with it, methinks, and needs to quit it before events), her posture is a horror, her makeup is hobo-rific, but her dress is pretty cool particularly the cinched waist (and if I had those legs, I’d be short skirting it every day [for reference, Emma Watsons skirt is much shorter, but she is getting a free pass - why? Shall we opt to judge neither one, perhaps?], but some variety would be nice)

      Kay, and Kate – now, she’s horrible in Twilight, but so is everyone else. Twilight is tripe, and I have no idea why she went from doing indies to … that. But, her in Speak or The Cake Eaters? Gold, solid gold. She’s merely inconsistent, or realised that Twitlight is indeed tripe and didn’t bother extending an effort for a futile film franchise.

  34. tuttle88

    I was wondering why her face looked weird, then I realised she was smiling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile.

  35. Girlin

    I really like the dress and the bed-head mane!! The dress is really gorgeous from the back but I think it could have fit better at the front? It seems to sit a bit weirdly. Otherwise though…thumbs up!

  36. Cee

    Kind of on the fence. I like the back of the dress better than the front, but then again, MTV Awards dresses should be kind of fun and tongue-in-cheek instead of PRETTYPRETTY.

    She’s had better eye makeup, and I’d need to see her hair right after her stylist finished, not after she flipped it around a million times.

    She has a cute little face when she smiles.

  37. Edith

    Love the dress, wish the hair were just a touch more brushed looking, and please, a little lipstick. Obviously not a dark or strong color, since the eyes are so strong, but something with a little color to it.

  38. Hima

    Good dress, good face, terrible hair.

  39. guerra

    love the dress!! it amazes me how k stew brings out so much emotion – I really don’t care about her at all. no postive or negative – shes just an actress

  40. Lilibet

    AWESOME. Maybe if she tried this dress with Emma Watson’s shoes in the previous post? I think the dress needs something funkier on the feet but I love how she is looking lately. She wears the dress not the other way around.

  41. Elspeth Too

    Another K-Stew thread drowning in indignation and hysteria because she’s JUST NOT CHARMING ENOUGH! HOW DARE SHE!

    IMO great frock, dull shoes, poor hair/ make-up, pretty girl. The rest is her business.

  42. meggiemoo

    I think this dress looks cheap. Or maybe it’s just the styling that cheapens it.

  43. meggiemoo

    And my God but Jodie Foster doesn’t age.

  44. Miss Tee

    I love that dress. If I was a skinny young tart, I would be wearing it. Alas, I’m none of those things…well, maybe the tart.

    Hate everything else though. Her hair is always a mess. It looks like she smeared grease on her eyelids and her shoes are…well. They’re shoes.

  45. TonyG

    I didn’t like at first, but slide 3, which shows the back of the dress and which has the silvery part of the dress looks darker, made me appreciate it more.

  46. JB

    Jeeezus. I think it’s more fun to imagine what the hair of the commenters looks like than actually critique this chick’s hair. I mean, the last time I was in a flyover country…never mind. I’m surely wasting my breath. She looks fine (though the dress washes her out a bit, I think), happy, and hasn’t gotten a DUI or assault charge yet. What’s to complain about?

  47. jlj

    It’s so weird how people salivate over disliking this chick. Sometimes, it feels very fan-girl-y. I haven’t seen her in the Twilight thing. But, I loved her in Speak. So, maybe that’s it. Perhaps the Twilight nonsense taints everything.

    I like the dress, and yes, the shoes are boring. I wonder if she could have gotten away with a more open shoe there.

    I don’t mind that that she changed into sneakers near the end. Big deal. It was the MTV awards, not dinner with the Queen. I think the hair should have been smoother, not so teased. But, hell, I still wish it were my hair.

    I like, too, that she’s not getting sucked into the drug stuff. It’s extremely sad when that happens, especially when it happens in front of everyone, basically.

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  49. gigi

    Jodie: flawless
    Kirsten: so hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh…. oh my…