MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Selena Gomez

As mean as it may have been, I started to love Selena Gomez a bit when Letterman told her he made Justin Bieber cry and she said, “That makes two of us.” Especially because, no matter what anyone says (or how anyone backtracks), I cannot be convinced he didn’t tee that up for her so that she could sling that exact prepared zinger. So she MEANT that. And right on time, too — thanks to Fug Madness, diaper pants, and that Anne Frank thing, there has never been a better time to disassociate oneself from Bieliebers, or however you spell that atrocious word.

However, it is not the time to turn around and connect yourself with Jersey Shore On Ice. RETHINK.

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  1. Joe Dwarf

    I like the gold spangly one. But then I also like figure skating.

    • Helen

      Me too! I was thinking Fug Madness had warped me irreparably, but maybe the skating thing is why.

      I also like Star Trek (classic original).

  2. AmandaD

    Thank you for mentioning the Anne Frank thing, because I’ve been fuming about it all weekend. He is such a jackhole. And never is a good time to appropriate someone else’s culture Selena.

    • Beth

      I am just so amazed with how incredibly gracious the Anne Frank house PR person has been about his comment. I don’t think I could have been civil!

      • LoriK

        Seriously. There is a reason I never aspired to have that kind of job. I am totally not cut out for it. I would have torn that little shit a new one, which isn’t exactly in the spirit of what the Anne Frank house stands for.

        • Sajorina

          I study Museology and I wouldn’t have been that gracious… I would’ve probably torn off the page he wrote his comment on and forced him to eat it! It also bothers me that he was there with his “entourage” for an hour! I’ve been there and it is tiny, so it means that they probably closed the place for him, which I consider to be sooooo wrong!

          • jay

            yeah, as a(n) historian who frequently has to deal with cranky entitled visitors, I almost flipped out when I read about that. Slow clap to the staff there for being WAY more polite and gracious than I could ever dream of.

      • yep

        Various people interviewed on the BBC this morning were saying they were just glad that Bieber had either reminded young women that Anne Frank exists or informed them of that fact in the first place. Seriously? What are kids learning in schools these days if they don’t know who Anne Frank is?

    • Scanderoon

      Disclaimer: I do not think Justin’s comment was okay.

      However, someone said something about him the other day that made me wonder if he’s just really bad at using words. Like, it’s not that he’s necessarily a narcissistic jackhole, maybe he was actually trying to say he would be honoured to have her as a fan (apparently she collected pictures of celebrities?), and it came out all backwards.

      Anyway, it made me a bit less mad.

  3. Rebecca

    I’m so glad to know I was the only one that thought her performance was horrible.

  4. Sandra

    Dang, I thought the infectious diseases people had made more progress on the treatment of flesh-eating bacteria.

  5. delpheena

    random bollywood number? that obviously brings the question… IS SHE GOING TO DO A DUET WITH HUGH GRANT NEXT?! actually, that PoP hip pop might be exactly what her career needs.

  6. Tiffany

    I never understand how people sit in dresses that short.

    The red ensemble is too red all over…it is kind of scary. Makes me think of Dexter or something.

  7. sara

    l loved her dress

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  8. glee

    I love Selena like I love that auto-tuned “I love you like a love song” tune. That was a catchy ear-worm. Of course, I discovered it by way of Glee…

  9. Corriner

    I (unfortunately) just saw Spring Breakers, and she was surprisingly good in it. Like, legitimately good.

    So there’s that!

  10. mary lou bethune

    I love you like a love song- how self reverential. IT reminds me of Bieber at Anne Frank’s house- they seem to be able to relate to the world only through their own experiences.

    Oh whatever- JErsey Shore on Ice sums it up….. hilarious.

  11. Vandalfan

    The first one had me clutching my pearls and exclaiming “Doesn’t that gal have a mother?”

  12. anna s.

    I thought the gold spangly dress was fine (or even bordering on good if the hairstyle had been better). The true crime of that outfit was that braid. She has fantastic hair, so I don’t understand why her stylist would murder it in that way. Come on people, her hair is practically a gimme of good styling. This should not have been the difficult part of dressing her for a red carpet.

    The other outfits, though. That red… thing (I can’t bring myself to call it a dress since it seems to have been a fancified bondage harness and some fringe draped semi-artistically over a satin slip) was viciously bad. Evil, even. The black final outfit was meh, but that red thing might have been undead at some point.

  13. Sajorina

    1st→ That ignorant twerp!!! I’ve been to the Anne Frank House Museum and it is heartbreaking! But, of course, he had to make the visit all about himself! Moron!

    2nd→ In my best Karen Walker voice: “Oh, Honey, NO!” Selena’s outfits are FUG!

  14. jay

    I really want to love her – something about the fact that she has this adorable babyface and youth and yet can be so snarky and wear weird shit just delights me.

    But seriously girl, if you’re going to wear flapper fringe, you have to wear LOTS of flapper fringe. A thin layer of flapper fringe just makes you look hairy.

    And at the risk of being a wee bit inappropriate for this forum, I recently learned how to tie a rope bondage harness that bears an uncanny resemblance to the front of that red dress, so it made me cringe and go “that’s not even SUPPOSED to be comfortable!”

  15. Elle

    I loved the gold dress and think she looked great!