MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Amber Rose

This is so terribly depressing.

I never thought I would yearn for a time when she wore catsuits made of string. This is terribly depressing.┬áThe dress has a gangrenous, molted aura, like a mildewing My Little Pony, or a spearmint-scented St. Patrick’s Day teddy bear that washed up in the wake of the Jubilee barge. Perhaps we’ve reached where the Fug Madness ends and regular old madness begins.

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  1. Me

    Also- HOLY CELLULITE, Batman!
    I accept that real women have cellulite and that it is a fact of life, blah blah blah- but surely you don’t affirmatively WANT to end up on “Stars- They’re just like us!” for your pucker skin. Time to have it sucked out or add a few inches, Amber.

    • Heather

      We prefer to avoid knocking people’s bodies.

      • Alaurable

        Ambers got a great bod – I think the lighting and dress are doing her no favours. I think she looks a million times better with the spray-on pants and suit jacket look she usually seems to go for.

  2. CJ

    I am a big fan of handwork — beading, embroidery, etc — and I get so depressed when I see a garment that some poor seamstress has obviously spent hours and hours doing handwork on and the end result is really ugly. And this is really ugly. There are some nice ideas here but it is ruined by the color scheme, the unfinished and cheap looking hem and the fake necklaces. I’ll be honest, had this been black on black, full length and attached to Diane Kruger’s body, I would probably would have loved it.

    • Ally

      I totally agree.

      Also, is it bad I’m downright thrilled to see some cellulite on the red carpet?

  3. Ms.A


  4. TaraMisu

    The color is awful…. her hair kind of matches it too. It looks really cheap and ill-fitting.
    I agree with CJ above…. had this been a different color on a different person I may have liked it.

  5. Chasmosaur

    Okay, I did some Google-Fu on this.

    The dress was made by Furne One, who apparently does some *costuming* work for Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Shakira, J. Lo, and Nicole Scherzinger. (Though let’s concede – there is little difference between red carpet and costume for Perry and Minaj, so there’s some overlap there.)

    So I’m going to say that while I hate, Hate, HATE this, I am also applauding Amber Rose on her RESERVE.

  6. Kit

    You’re posting early today -yay! And yes, wow – that colour is AWFUL (alternatively OFFAL).

  7. Carol

    It takes a lot of work to look this hideous. This is not an accident.

  8. Lina

    That is so, so sad-panda. It’d be nice to see her reinvent herself with a wardrobe totally free of skin-tight clothes.

  9. katybugjd

    She would do well to sport some hosiery next time. Those legs are looking a little…rough.

  10. Charmella

    UGH! Moldy dress, and cottage cheese thighs!

  11. sophie

    I am very close for giving her kudos for wearing such a short dress with her legs…
    but the dress is still godawful.

  12. Lily

    She used to look a LOT better when Kanye was dressing her. Just sayin.

  13. Priscilla a

    The legs are not looking well. Aside from that ths dress could of been great.

  14. Zuzzie

    Cellulite on famous people warms the cockles of my black heart.

  15. AM

    I don’t think it’s flattering her at all, color, style, length, just everything. Not attacking her body at all, but this doesn’t do her any favors. Too bad, because I agree with liking the handwork.

    • fritanga

      That’s the thing – it’s just flat-out ugly, the color does nothing for her skin and it’s a terrible shape for her body type.

  16. TonyG

    Does she always have to wear that shade of lipstick? The dress is a mess.

  17. nichole

    Not a fan of the dress – there are so many more flattering lengths, colors, handiwork, lipstick shades, etc. Also, to quote Lainey – Why Is Amber Rose? What does she do exactly, except date rappers? If she dressed marginally better, maybe we would all actually talk about her less.

  18. McLisa

    This is horrible. Also, she needs hose and/or a longer hemline but it’s just 360 bad.

  19. ChaChaHeels

    “Topped” with the ubiquitous beige patent peep toe platform pump. Each detail more alarming than the last.

  20. vandalfan

    Now, now, people. If it was the Old Amber, the mint green Kleenex fluff would be on sheer netting. I don’t mind the color as much as you all here, nor the shoes, showing her nice matching pedicure. She would benefit from stockings, however, and removal f the horrid huge arm tat.

  21. christa

    It’s tragic to see someone who has gained weight but CERTAINLY still has an attractive physique not acknowledge their need to alter what they wear accordingly.

  22. Pat

    She-Hulk wear nice dress.

  23. Anna Svahn

    What strikes me after the cottage cheese thighs, is that she is posed so awkwardly here. Like she is standing at attention or something. Doesn’t do her any favors. For once I want to see the crossed ankles hip forward pose.

  24. Kara

    This is just … ugly. The color, the sheerness, the embroidery (which is strategically placed to cover her nipples), the too-tight fit … it’s just an ugly dress. It looks like she pulled it out of some attic someplace – it has a kind of dusty look to it.

    Also I think her toenails match her dress. I accidentally did that the other day (a 5-day-old bright orange pedicure, slightly less bright orange shirt) and I was hoping no one would think I’d done that intentionally.

  25. Cranky Old Batt

    Like Jessica Simpson, she’s consistent.

  26. BrownEyedBetty

    Her hair is the same color as the dress….. !!

  27. mary lou bethune

    Again, WHO IS SHE? Why is she everywhere? Where is George Clooney, the one we Want to See.

    • Kara

      She’s a model and she’s been in a lot of music videos. She’s engaged to Wiz Khalifa and dated Kanye West (which is how I became aware of her, when she started appearing places with him); she claims that Kanye was cheating on her with Kim Kardashian.

  28. Shiitake

    Well…it’s not the ubiquitous body suit/leotard/knocker holster she usually wears.

  29. Victoria

    GIRL. OMG.

  30. Miss Louise

    That ensemble is bad in so many ways, and she looks strangely sheepish to be wearing it – but, people, can we lay off the cellulite/cottage cheese comments, please? I agree that the dress is shorter than it should be, and so doesn’t flatter her body, but when I start reading comments telling her to get liposuction, that strikes me as totally against the spirit of GFY. Play the outfit, not the woman, OK?

  31. Kathleen

    I totally had that mildewing My Little Pony. Nailed. it.

  32. Mahastee

    The lippie is awful, it ruins her BEAUTIFUL face. The caterpillar eyelashes are awful too. Shame.

    The peppermint milkshake dress is just unflattering :( I might have liked it more WITH the giant fringed shoulderpads and, you know, knee length.

  33. smj

    I believe that color is Crayola Seafoam Green. Never a favorite. But dang. How old is she? Because that outfit makes her look old and ungently used.

  34. rb
  35. Sajorina

    This is just FUGLY!

  36. Maisie

    Yup, the dress is kinda ACK! But that lipstick is completely heinous!!!

  37. Ivy

    wow, she got fat! and it might be okay on her if she wore something more flattering to her figure, but this is awful.

  38. Lily1214

    Did she not have a mirror? She looks terrible.

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