MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Amanda Bynes

If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, this one should be good for at least ten grand:

Someone has found herself  buffeted by the winds of regret.

Girl, no one — AS FAR AS I KNOW — held a weapon to your head and forced you to wear shoes that look like the lovechild of a Shetland Pony and a Tiffany’s box. Unless those things came with diamond earrings tucked into the toe of each shoe, extractable if and only if you use your toes to fish them out like a monkey, there’s literally no reason to find those things on your feet. HEAL THYSELF.

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  1. Jenn

    And I’m not even sure the shoes are the worst part! It’s like a triumvirate of bad — horrid application of the bandage dress and…. that eyeliner. That eyeliner! The shoes ground the horribleness perfectly.

  2. Lana

    I wish a know what happened to her and her face. Weird.

  3. Jennifer

    I see a scared little girl who is trying way too hard.

  4. AP

    Ew ew ew it looks like Big Bird’s feet were dyed turquoise.

  5. O

    Horrible. But bad shoes do not give her a pass on the dress. It’s two sizes too small and totally unflattering.

  6. Sharon Gerhard

    Really? She’s wearing that dress and you’re worried about her shoes?

  7. Ruth

    Wow. She seriously stumpified herself with those shoes…

    And, sweetie? A better bra next time wouldn’t hurt…

  8. Linney

    She needs a make under. Badly. She used to be such a cute girl and now, with all the self tanner and eyeliner…eh. It’s too bad. She’s like a mini Xtina.

  9. Gina

    Those are incredibly ugly shoes. Sadly, they’re the best part of the outfit.

  10. S

    She’s wearing an entire bottle of foundation.

  11. liz

    Is it me, or is she looking a lot like Miley Cyrus?

  12. Erin

    Boobs akimbo!!!

  13. Geemee

    Hasn’t she been wearing that dress for, like, a a year? It’s way past time to move on.

  14. Minky

    Wow… why would a 20-something where a bandage dress to the MTV Movie Awards? Oh … right … holding onto those 15 minutes. Weren’t hers up a long time ago? =(

  15. LoriK

    The awful here really does extend well beyond the shoes. It’s tip to toe bad. I have no idea what’s going on with her face, but it’s not good. The dress is horrible and too small and in desperate need of a better bra. And aren’t we done with the bandage dress already? If not, why? The shoes are terrible, but sadly not that much worse than the rest of this mess.

  16. ortenzia

    is it just me or she always in a bandage dress?

    i also need to join a group: people against frosted lip gloss. PAFLG FOREVER!

  17. ortenzia

    ha! sorry geemee, just saw your comment… it’s not just me!

  18. Gina

    The dress looks like an undergarment designed to draconianly smooth those unsightly bulges and rolls. It needs to have a silk dress thrown over it, and then she needs a shoe-ectomy and a face wash. Go back to square one completely.

  19. Fawn

    I think if you ripped off the fringe, there might be a cute shoe under there. And she could spend about half an hour in the ladies’ room scrubbing her face… I know there’s a cute face under all that slap. But there is no saving that dress. Even when you go up a size, it’s still just an ugly Ace bandage

  20. TaraMisu

    This is just bad from head to toe. The make-up, the dress, THOSE HELL-HOOVES!!

    Her hair looks nice.

  21. Abe Gurko

    I thought Amanda Bynes was retiring from the business. I could have sworn she put out that press release. What’s with one big, long banana curl? And if one more starlet wears that Herve Leger dress. Max Azria can produce the film, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Hoochie Mama Dress.
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  22. TinyNewsome

    I actually really like the shoes. They add interest to an otherwise neutral-colored bandage dress. I have a problem with the bag and bracelet. Two boring neutrals that look a little cheap. She should’ve gone for gold or bronze metallics for the accessories.

  23. KK

    She doesn’t have a terrible body, but this outfit breaks it up into like 5 bad, stumpy pieces.

  24. Chaiaiai

    flashback to standardized test studying.

    vanilla snookie is to snookie as
    capuccino fuguleria is to vanilla snookie

  25. Willow

    I genuinely thought she was Miley Cyrus.

    I love the colour of the shoes but they are just hideous

  26. Halo

    I see Geemee beat me to the punch. I think Bynes owns this dress in black and beige and has been wearing nothing else for years. Time to change it up, Amanda.

  27. Sherri

    Perhaps to protect me, my computer refuses to load the bottom half of that picture, so I cannot see the shoes (even with refreshes – now shoes). However, I have another question – why is she wearing a one piece foundation garment (zips up the back and no bones!) in public?

  28. True_Blue

    Shoes are not the worst of it. The dress looks like a sausage casing. The hair is blah. She slathered on makeup to cover _something_ going on with her face (really, she looks different). And the shoes–it looks like the inspiration was “shoes” worn by Shelley Long in the caveman movie (with Ringo Starr). Sigh. I guess she wants to get a job, but this wasn’t the way to get attention from casting directors.

  29. Twez

    Maybe it’s just my fortyish feet seeing this and crying for her, but it appears that those shoes are twisting her big toes so that they are nearly at right angles to the rest of her foot. Bunions ahoy.

  30. Becca

    “lovechild of a Shetland Pony and a Tiffany’s box”

    I literally laughed out loud.

    Fantastic job ladies!

  31. Ann

    “the lovechild of a Shetland pony and a Tiffany’s box”!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! If there’s ever a poll on the most witty woman on Earth, you’ll get my vote!

  32. pc

    This is so sad. I wish she’d embrace her talented hilarious adorable self and stop starlet-ing so hard.

  33. Heather

    To me she no longer looks like Amanda Bynes, but some girl who dressed up as Amanda Bynes for a costume party.

  34. Fuh Ugh

    Dress, hair, makeup, bag, bracelets … SHOES. Every single aspect of this is worse than the one before, combining for a giant FUG.

  35. Kris

    Hahaha, True_Blue, it totally looks like sausage casing!

    Seriously, I loved her in She’s the Man, this makes me sad. There should be a Fug Segment on stars who could use a make-under.

  36. annmartina

    A good bra wouldn’t go amiss

  37. Annette

    @Heather you are so right couldn’t have said it better myself

    she’s so funny and cute (or was) i dont know what happened a couple years back but im still waiting for her to come back from all this and announce “hey y’all i’m cute again!” after shedding the unflattering blond, getting a nice haircut, and burning all her wrap dresses in the tanning booth she’s set on fire

    come back to us mandy!

  38. vandalfan

    I always loved Aman-Aman-Amanda; she is so talented and funny! This just makes me sad.

  39. Lynnie

    ortenzia: I think PAFLG would get confused with PFLAG!

  40. Anne B

    I’m with @liz and @Willow.

    Sure this isn’t Miley? Because, yeah. TOTES MILEY.

    Lotsa makeup + extensions (!!!) + short tight dress + hoof shoes + bad accessories + fake tan = Miley. Our girl Amanda (who used to have her own distinct personality, which I looooved) is one-half a SoGood Accessory Wall short of The Full Miley.

    Foot on the brake, Amanda!

  41. una

    Who the hell does her makeup? A twelve year old? Why is her face orange?

  42. mimi

    I am concerned about the weird puffiness of her face. Come back, Amanda Bynes of five years ago, come back!

  43. Canada Guy

    It would seem by most of the comments here that the posters are either female or gay. (Not that theres anything wrong with that). But the question here is…”Would you”? If the answer is “no”, please re read my first sentence.

  44. Sajorina

    OMG, I love Amanda Bynes, but this DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!! What a shame… she’s so cute!

  45. anny

    @Sherri: I <3 U

  46. Maddox

    Never mind about stopping, did she ever really start? What has she done for us lately besides butchering a cheap flapper dress from some random costume shop in West Hollywood and supergluing it to an even cheaper pair of shoes? That’s a run-on sentence from hell and I apologize…

  47. Lynsey
  48. Becky

    Why wear a spanx dress?? It’s like the shoes expanded (a little) up her legs and met in the middle and the dress split and shrunk down to her feet, it’s an alternate reality.

  49. jenny

    Makeunder, makeunder, please, please, puh-lease! I always liked her, but she seems to be insecure in her own skin lately. Just scrub off the tan, cut that hair, and stop trying to make your adorable round face and cute bod fit some crazy L.A. starlet mold. You’re cuter the way you are, kid.

  50. Boricua in texas

    I smell a Fug Madness entry.

  51. kerry

    She’s ORANGE. I mean, she is right? She’s actually orange.

  52. dee dum

    Orange.. why is she orange with pink lipstick?

  53. Alice

    @mimi I have been concerned with her weird puffy face for a while. It never used to look like that, I don’t know when it started… It looks like she’s having a continuous really bad allergic reaction to something.

    Also, she desperately needs to stand up straight. Posture, girl!

  54. corriner

    She looks like Jay Leno in drag.

  55. Miss Tam

    You are concerned about her shoes? What about what that dress is doing to her poor boobs?? I thought she was somebody from “Jersey Shore” when I saw the first picture. The second picture didn’t help that impression any.

  56. little.miss.m.5

    haha i swear when I first saw this photo yesterday I thought Shetland Pony as well! Altho I characterised it more as Shetland Pony meets Cher (who never met a tassel fringe she didn’t like)

  57. Mara

    Just how many of these damn bandage dresses does she own? It’s getting to be a style crutch. It’s time to move on.

  58. Kate

    Oh Amanda Bynes. You used to be so cute. But nothing – NOTHING! – about this get-up looks good. Earrings. I might like your earrings, if I could see them. Time to get back to basics, girly. Now you just look like interchangeable C-lister #117.

  59. Melody

    Actually, considering the rest of what’s going on here, the shoes are the best thing she’s got going on at this moment. The eyeliner, I concur, is absolutely HORRENDOUS. So tacky. So, so trashy. And the bandage dress…. eesh…. both the dress and the makeup are far worse than turquoise fringe booties.

  60. Marcie

    I am a devoted Amanda Bynes/What I Like About You lover, but I have to wonder what happened to her after the show. I’m disappointed she’s not more like “Holly” in real life. It’s sad when someone you love from afar plays a character better than she plays herself. She definitely needs to abandon all of her Herve bandage dresses and move on to something else…