Mostly Well Played, Leslie Mann


I have no real interest in This is 40 — despite being on the wrong side of 35 myself, the concept of having been in a very long-term marriage with a teenage kid at this point, complete with a giant house and a pool and a big-ass fantastic yard, doesn’t feel that relatable to me (obviously, plenty of 40 year old couples do have teenagers; I just don’t personally know any of them). It seems more like the movie should be called This Is What It’s Like for Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann at 40. Like, are you guys bored with each other in your fancy fancy house? Because that’s okay, but let’s just make it a Nancy Myers movie so I can get my house porn on and get it over with. And the last few Judd Apatow movies have left me sort of cold. HOWEVER! That being said, whoever is dressing Leslie lately is WORKING IT.

[Photos: WENN, Splash]

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  1. Margo

    I think it’s the same coat in slides 1 and 2?

    • Jessica

      Is it? The buttons seemed maybe different.

      • scone

        Yeah, I think it is the same coat. The lapels and the pocket on her right side seem to be the same to me. Plus, she’s wearing the same shoes! Despite not liking the shoes, I appreciate that it makes her seem like a normal person, wearing the hell out of her awesome coat that she loves.

  2. GigiNYC

    She looks fantastic in orange–she really should wear that color more often. I too, hate the beige pumps but they’re ubiquitous these days, so I’m resigned to them. As for Apatow, have never been a big fan of his movies. “Knocked Up” was funny but sexist and “Funny People” was just downright bad. And also, awfully pretentious.

  3. Rayna

    Not a big fan of the 2nd dress, but that’s just me. It is pretty good on her. And the updo is great.

    But day-um, girl can wear the hell out of orange (or at least that shade) and not many can. Kudos.

  4. Sandra

    She also gets to wear that face every day. I love that she looks like she’s having fun.

  5. Ranch

    She rocks the hell out of a smile! I want to be Brunch Biddies together, I would be the frownie yang to her smiley ying.

  6. Beth

    I saw This is 40 at a pre-screening and completely agree with you. There were some great one-liners but it just seemed whiney. Like, oh you have money problems? SELL YOUR BMW AND LEXUS. sigh…

    • Heather

      That was my problem with it. It wasn’t about them being bored with their fancy house and stuff; it was that the characters were a couple living beyond their means, and stagnated in other ways… except the WHOLE TIME everyone kept saying how broke they were and NOBODY DID ANYTHING ABOUT IT. We knew he missed a mortgage payment five minutes in, and yet HE NEVER PAID IT and nobody seemed to mind! Sell the BMW and drive a Honda! And please stop screeching at each other about how terrible you both are!

      • wildviolette

        AGREED! If I wanted to watch two people be horrible to each other, I would have stayed in my crappy marriage. It’s not funny. (Also, I am 40 and my one and only child is about to turn 21. So, yeah, not all that relevant for me.)

    • Sara

      THIS. I may watch it if it comes out on HBO but then I’ll just be yelling at the screen “your problems arent that bad!!!!”

    • Shanti

      This thread has convinced me never to watch this movie, and to burn it with fire if it ever comes near me. I am just over 40. My husband and I are both struggling to make ends meet and pay our mortgage every month. We both work two jobs, take what little luxuries we can afford, and accept that we can’t buy everything we’d like to buy. I think if I had to watch two pretty Hollywood people complain about money and never actually have to do anything about it, I’d throw something at the screen.

  7. Kathryn

    As someone who just turned 36, I believe we are on the right side of 35.

  8. Jules

    I think the movie looks pretty funny. I’m willing to see it just based on the scene where he asks if she wants to have sex and she says no because she just took a shower and doesn’t want to ruin it. I thought I was the only one who did that. At any rate, it’s giving me and my other 40 something friends a reason to hire a babysitter, go to the movies and then go dancing. Oh, and Leslie Mann does look fantastic in orange.

  9. Vandalfan

    I’m not one for such girlish hair hair hair flowing down to her boobs at that age. But I cut my waist-long mane when I turned 24. I kept it, one big thick blond braid, in case I ever need a wig due to chemotherapy or whatnot.

  10. Helen

    These are all fine. Appropriate, nice. Dull.

  11. Donna4Eva

    I hate those shoes. So much. They make her feet look like giant pointy mannequin hooves of death. God, I really hate them. Pretty face and pretty dresses though.

    I don’t actually dislike her or Judd Apatow, but I heard a radio interview with the two of them yesterday, and they came across as a couple of vapid, navel-gazing bimbos.

    • Katharine

      Kudos for “giant pointy mannequin hooves of death” : all else is elegant and unexceptionable until you get to her feet … UGH.

      From the trailer, This is 40 looks like another Apatow smugfest : my onetime crush on Paul Rudd is well and truly dissipated.

      • Alena

        “Smugfest” is a perfect way to describe most of Judd Apatow’s work. I’ve never cared for his films, but I’ve never found the right adjective to describe just exactly why I don’t like them. But I think you’ve just stated why he irritates the heck out of me.

        And I agree on Paul Rudd. He’s awesome and handsome and lovely, but I wish he’d do some more varied work.

  12. Kelly

    I just love how happy & fun she looks! Like, how fun does it seem like it would be to drink martinis with this woman???

  13. Nancy

    I hate extensions. Always. There, I finally said. it.

  14. Andersonic TK421

    This whole thread makes me happy.

    @ Katherine: “giant pointy mannequin hooves of death” YES “smugfest” YES YES

    The film NO. The only,marginally, positive thing that film has done for me is put George Harrison’s “What is Life” in my head. The negative things are myriad…

  15. Heather

    I could never wear that color of orange, but I love the silhouette. Anyone know who it’s by, and does it come in blue? Or green? Or some other color I could wear? :-)

  16. namidu

    On one hand, I agree with your take on the movie, but on the other hand, your argument is invalid because PAUL RUDD.

  17. MCNYC

    That s EXACTLY how I feel about that movie. Maybe you should add a section to this blog and call it “fug the film”. I would read that. Xo MC

  18. Lily1214

    Who is this??