Mostly Well Played, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield


“I’m going to set Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield,” I told Heather. “AKA, the celebrity Will and Kate.” Which I meant only in the sense that they’re very cute together and also that Fug Nation really enjoys them as a pair and likes talking about them. But then I saw that they’re PLANTING TREES on a school visit, and the analogy became yet more apt. ANYWAY. News you can use: her dress is very cute, but her shoes are terrible even for grubby outdoors-y chores (wear Converse like your boyfriend, Emma!) and Andrew has shaved his head. DISCUSS.

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  1. Jules

    He looks better with that hair than I would have guessed.

    • JJPP

      I agree! I like it.

      These pictures are SO CUTE. Love the one with mini-Spidey!!

    •  Big Noise

      I’ve posted it here before, but it bears repeating; to me, he looks a lot like a young Tony Perkins (especially in Photo 4).

  2. Jenny

    I like the shoes, but I am a sucker for a cute pink ballet flat. They might not be the most practical for digging in the dirt, but they matched the pink print on her very cute dress. I give Emma a Well Played!

    •  Alyssa

      I agree, ballet flats forever!

    •  Another Katie

      It looks more nude on my screen, which I figured was Jessica’s complaint. Otherwise, I don’t see the problem? I’ve gardened in ballet flats before. Not in what I assume are expensive leather ballet flats, but still.

      I do think Fug Nation by and large would have had a collective stroke if she had shown up in that dress with sneakers.

  3. Alicia F

    He shaved and trimmed his hair! Very good move!

  4.  Brenna

    I can barely see her shoes in that first photo, so I’ll let it slide. I NEED that dress though.

    • tigers4us

      Is there a better shot of Emma’s shoes? They look OK to me, and the dress is lovely.

      • Rachael

        I am crazy about this dress. It looks so easy-breezy comfortable, but still polished and cute. I cannot tell about the shoes, because I can’t really see them. I would cut someone for those sunglasses (or possibly just spend a lot of money). Can anyone tell the brand? I am in the market for a new pair.

  5. LT1

    The spring shaving-of-the-head has been quite the thing around my office this week.

    I like all the clothing in this slideshow, especially all the little Spideys surrounding them.

  6.  nichole

    Jessica – not sure why I noticed this, but the date/time stamps on the individual slides are all wonky. Unless you’re posting from Bora Bora or something close to the international date line. Not that it matters, just wanted to point it out.

    • Jessica

      The time and dates on the slides always are from when the slides were written — I did this yesterday afternoon.

  7.  Shannon

    These kids brought their spidey-swag. That child in the first image has some great makeup on!
    Too cute.

  8.  martinipie

    I was unaware how much of my attraction to Andrew Garfield depended upon his swooshy hair until it was gone. Womp womp.

  9. Annelie

    *wails* his hair! his lovely, floopy hair! Noooooooo!

    Is anyone else getting Charley from Girls?

  10. Marnie

    What is the brand and name of this dress because I NEED IT.

  11. Lai

    He looks like an overgrown 8 year old, which I believe is how all men under 40 look after a haircut.

  12.  Ashley

    They still look great but I agree, white tennis shoes would have been adorable and way more appropriate.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I was picturing navy. But either way, yes, tennis shoes! Or sneakers. I’m not sure if there’s a difference.

      •  Ashley

        I’m not either! In my mind, sneakers are any sort of athletic footwear, and tennis shoes are a specific kind of lightweight canvas sneakers, like Keds. But that distinction might very well exist only in my mind :)

        •  HelenBackAgain

          That’s how I think of them, too! And Keds would be perfect here.

  13. Lori

    That is what a celebrity wears to dig in the garden? She looks better than I do now sitting in my office. Perhaps I was just meant to be a peasant.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      You and me both, doll.

    • Rachael

      Well, more like this is what she wears to “dig in a garden” as part of a promotional appearance. Don’t despair. I’m certain if/when she was actually planning to dig in a garden, she’d wear ratty jeans and a bummy t-shirt like the rest of us peasants (I hope).

  14. Rachael

    I very much enjoy the shorter hair. Imagine how nice it would be to run your hand over his scalp… *ahem* Anyway. Yes, it looks good on him, I think.

  15.  Fawn

    Andrew Garfield with tiny Spideys is one of my favorite things.

  16.  Courtney

    I think Emma looks cute head to toe, but I soooooooo mourn Andrew’s hair. I hope it’s a temporary summer look!

  17. swingbird

    Gasp! I like Andrew better with a buzz cut! who’d have thunk it?
    Emma I think looks great. Easy breezy and appropriate, right down to her shoes.

  18.  Stacey

    I like the dress but I don’t understand why she didn’t wear jeans. She looks perfectly cute in jeans and they would have been appropriate and solved the shoe problem.

  19. Kelly

    I think I own those flats in black and gold…or at least the cheap version of those flats (Steve Madden), these are mostly likely the expensive version (Chloe). I do enjoy that they are all worn out like she went – “What shoes can I ruin? Oh I’ll just wear these.” Which I do as well. In MY OWN YARD AT HOME.

  20. Trina

    I like the shoes…but then again I live in NY & here we wear flat shoes like it’s our job. TEAM FLATS!

  21. Sajorina

    Love it! The clothes, the attitudes, the planting, the working with kids… FAB!

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