Mischa Barton Is Alive: Mischa Barton

We were JUST TALKING about Mischa Barton yesterday, and LO AND BEHOLD here she is, like Beetlejuice. I don’t know what she’s been doing for the last couple of years, but she looks about ten years younger than she did the last time we saw her:

I mean. Her face looks great! You go, Glen Coco.

She may have been paying too much attention to her face, though, because while her head looks swell, her outfit isn’t going to make any of us all that happy:

Up to and including Mischa, I fear.

[Photos: WENN]

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Comments (34):

  1. Alma

    Was there a stapler involved in the construction of this dress?

    SHE looks great though, horray!

  2. nicole

    great face, great shoes, a dress I sewed onto my barbie doll in first grade in the middle

  3. Mia House

    Baby bump or bad dress construction? This needs to be a new Fug or Fab like poll. (though, as it might be taken in a mean light, perhaps we’re good as is).

    • Trent

      Seriously. Not body-snarking — I swear — but based on her gorgeous, and slender face that must be one of the MOST unflattering dresses ever made.

  4. Bottle Ginger

    And THAT, my dears, is why I held off on red lipstick for so many years.

    PS: Yup, a stapler for sure.

  5. witjunkie

    Yeah, not sure the lipstick is quite the thing. She looks great in the close up, though.

  6. theotherjennifer

    sweet dangling spiderwebs…. well, apparently she went up a size or 2 – totally fine. awesome shoes.. her hair looks awesome.

    stapler and perhaps a wee bit of duct tape?

  7. cathy

    i sometimes forget how pretty she really. her sartorial and life choices, on the other hand have always been questionable

  8. ok

    I don’t understand the crotch belt.

  9. MollySC

    This is like one of those kid’s toys, with three sections of pages, so you can put a cat’s head on a doctor’s coat, with a fish tail.
    Head: awesome, I want her skin. Legs/Shoes: ditto. Midsection: Ugh.

  10. Tiffany

    That is very unflattering. For someone as tall and thin as her, that has to be really poorly designed/constructed.

  11. Sara

    That dress is super unflattering. I’m glad she seems to look relatively sane, though.

  12. Miriam

    Has she gained 30 pounds or is that dress just REALLY unflattering?

    • Edith

      If she’s gained anything, it’s not showing in her arms. She’s always been unusually hippy for someone so slim, but this dress is hellaciously unflattering, and adding at least 20. (She may have gained a little bit, which resulted in her face looking healthier and more attractive than it has in ages.)

  13. Lynne

    Miriam, the dress is on crack. She could very well be human-sized now (as opposed to horrifyingly thin actress size) but the dress is just doing weird things to her shape.

    I really love that Mischa generally sticks with that hair color. It’s so flattering on her. I love that she’s resisting the temptation to go ultra blonde or something.

  14. cynicalsmirk

    I’m going to forgive that absolute disaster of a dress – this one time only – because I’ve always liked her, and here she looks happy and healthy, not strung-out, sad and bewildered like the last few times I’ve seen her. But just this once.

  15. Courtney

    Is this a weird camera angle too? Her feet just look so teeny tiny, unless that is an optical illusion produced by the dress alone. If only that belt (?) actually sat at the waist. Or didn’t exist at all.

    But she looks so glowy and happy. Yay Mischa!

  16. Denise

    She’s heavy on the hips, no?

  17. Chris P

    SHE looks great.

    She also looks like she’s about to go for a Fug Madness crown again. (Wait, she was runner-up to Aubrey O’Day, right? Or something. I don’t THINK she won a crown in her own right…)

    • Sara

      I think it was Taylor Momsen, right? There was a period right after The OC when I really feared for her health.

  18. Claire1

    BLAH to the “hips” comment. Women. Have.Hips.Some. More. Than. Others. GET OVER IT! and for shame!! ( and some of us would like to have a little more hip tyvm)
    She looks great. Her skin is amazing and her hair color is perfect and oh so shiny. Now please….someone take her shopping and don’t let her pick any of it!

  19. Tiffany

    I could almost handle the dress if it were just the weird netting thing stapled to the top, but that lowest piece of belt-strap looks like it’s coming straight out of her whoo-ha. Yikes!

  20. Anne B

    Mischa looks happy, healthy, and sober. Does a stapled dress really matter, when you’re finally standing on your own two feet?

    You GO, Happy Mischa. :)

  21. Aurora

    can we talk about faces? especially on older actresses…the one I noticed this week was Dana Delany on her reworked show, Body of Proof. Even when you look at the thumbnails for the shows at Hulu, you can see the differences…her face is as soft and glowing as a new bebe…what does that? bathing in virgin’s blood? those bloody facemask things that Kim K demonstrated?

    Misha here is also glowing, but to me it seems like good health and a tad bit of work.

    Any hints or ideas would be well appreciated; family wedding coming up!

    • Mongerel

      I recommend getting an appointment with a dermatologist. They treat skin diseases, yes, but they also have access to a cornucopia of state-of-the-art treatments for correction and beauty. I had remarkable results with Obaji, but that takes time. If you need results quicker, there will be something tailor made for you. They can be expensive though.

      My favorite everyday fix is Elta MD tinted sunscreen, SPF 41. It gives amazing coverage and works with a variety of skin tones. I buy it from my dermatologist, but they are generous with free samples, so ask for those too!

  22. Sajorina

    Her head does look GREAT! And I love her shoes!!!

  23. Brenna

    Oh wow, that dress is terrible! How can one dress make someone who is so slim look so wide?

    Those shoes are fantastic though. I want them ASAP.

  24. Aria

    Dress is horribly unflattering, but she looks so great that I give her a pass. I mean, the dress is ugly but nothing is showing that shouldn’t be, her shoes look pretty good, and her hair is finally back to its natural color instead of that hideous straw yellow she sported for a while, so good on her! Now, she just needs a stylist [or friend or better mirror] to get her in some good outfits.

  25. Helen

    Did everybody but me know she was a natural redhead? I had no idea. It’s nice! And she looks genuinely happy, so yay.

    To fashion choices, that lipstick is entirely the wrong shade for her, and the stapler dress isn’t helping.

  26. Jen P.

    This is one of those dresses that I’m sure looked really interesting on the hanger, and then she kept WANTING it to look good on her body. But it’s a big fail. Or a bigger fail for whomever was shopping with this poor girl and didn’t tell her. Kudos though for looking healthy and beautiful regardless of the sack.

  27. philippa

    I think she went dress shopping with Christina Hendricks and they accidentally switched bags on the way home.