Middletonly Played, Pippa Middleton

We admit it: We were avoiding the other Middleton sister because we had Pippa fatigue, ever since we woke up after the royal wedding all-nighter to find out that she’d basically been proclaimed Britain’s First Derriere and that her bum had its own Facebook page. In fact, I suspect Pippa herself had Pippa fatigue after a while, although I only feel that way because the idea of going for a jog along the Thames with cameramen documenting my every huff and puff seems really unappealing to me, and thus I am projecting my feelings. When in fact this might all be delighting her to no end, especially because it means Hot Harry has access to countless photos of her prodigious leg muscles, and maybe a girl doesn’t go running along the Thames if she’s England’s Most Famous Ass(et) unless she wants it documented. I don’t know. But anyway. Where was I? Right: ¬†After Kate’s big North American tour, we wondered if it was time to check in on what’s been up with Pippa since she had to return to regular life. The results? She has picked up her life much as she left it, except with more cameras. Let’s take a look — although sans jogging photos, because really, the girl might just have wanted to burn off a Cadbury’s Flake or two, so I’ll give her that much privacy at least. I’m so kind.

[Photos: Splash News, Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Annie E

    Bless her for walking places and only wearing flats or wedges while doing it.

  2. casey

    Yes Annie E! I was starting to think that I was the only woman who couldn’t stand to walk everywhere all day long in 4-inch heels – clearly, I look at too many magazines :) And man, that girl has got some leg muscles…jogging along the Thames, indeed!

  3. vandalfan

    A cart escalator, are you serious? I have to go to the next State over to see an ordinary escalator. I am as envious of you Target shoppers in populated areas as I am of Herself here.

  4. Fiona

    I adore that coat in the last frame, and I bet I would adore the dress that’s peeking out, as well. C’mon, Target!!

  5. marie

    @casey and annie e – after looking at too many pictures of actress and their street style, i was beginning to think as well i was the only person who cant stand to wear heels the whole day long..so cheers to Pippa and her sensible footwear.wonder though if she thinks of the papparazzi when she decides what to wear each morning. i would have loved to see pictures of her before the royal wedding.

  6. CHristy

    So does she even own pants?

  7. G

    Much as I like looking at her wardrobe, I wish the poor gal could do her shopping and buy her coffee without being chased by photographers.

  8. zah

    the walmart near me is 2 stories and has a cart escalator……i often wish my target was just as big.

  9. Amy

    I think her cute patterned dress from slide #10 is from Boden. I have a few of their pieces and love them, and they are reasonable. So, technically, Pippa & I shop together, right? Right?

  10. Cecily

    Oh my god, I fell out of my chair on the polterwang comment. That last coat is THE CUTEST! I want want want. Me me memememememe

  11. lane

    The trench coat in the last slide looks EXACTLY like one from The Limited last spring.

  12. Billie

    The celebrity world could learn a thing or two from the mature, sensible, and appropriate Middletons. I love that they just seem so, so normal. Kudos to those parents for raising them right.

  13. mhorv4

    She is super cute and I love that she is carting around several bags in most of the pictures. I can’t seem to leave the house without multiple bags (gymbag, purse, lunch) so I feel a kinship.

  14. wordphreak


  15. Liane

    I’m just all fascinated by the concept of a cart escalator. I’ve never seen one, is it like a big moving ramp, a stairless escalator?

  16. Emmy

    Does anyone know who makes the gray bag she’s carrying in the first slide (and several others)? I have no doubt it would cost several months’ worth of paychecks, but I love it. So classy and versatile.

  17. becca

    okay, here are my notes:
    1. love the randomness of the guy having a smoothie on his way to work in picture 5.
    2. picture 6 and 7 really make me mad. those damn leg muscles! so unfair. i work out five times a week people. i really do. do my legs look that that? no!!! damn dna. meme memememe!

    i love these kate an pippa extravaganza slide shows. these girls are seriously awesome, for no reason. i could seriously look at them all day.

    yes i had drinks at lunch.

  18. Katie

    I just got back from the Target near me, which also has a cart escalator. As I was walking up the stairs, some lady put her cart on the regular escalator. As might be expected, that didn’t work out so well. She ran down the stairs and had to wait at the bottom for all of her stuff to make it down while everybody stared at her.

  19. Ayelet

    I think the only difference between Pippa and Kate are that Kate is a bit taller and Pippa has a healthier BMI.

    Also, I wish Jennifer Garner would take a page from the Middletons’ book–they combine sensible and stylish so well, and generally without a whiff of try hard.

  20. Sarie

    @Emmy this is the bag
    It’s named after her, out of stock and I’ve been on the waiting list for months, so good luck to you. Isn’t it the cutest bag!

  21. Kristen from MA

    She has killer arms. If I were her, I’d practically live in that wrap dress.

  22. Sandra

    I have to add my name to the roll of the Middleton Sisters Fan Club. They always look pretty and appropriately dressed. Yeah, they were raised with money and went to fancy schools and all, but I bet they’d be wicked fun to knock back some margaritas with.

    As for Hot Harry: Philippa Charlotte, the women of the world are counting on you. Since we can’t be you, you’re going to have to live out our fantasies for us.

  23. Emily

    I am all over that Target collection idea. I love all of those coats and dresses (well, maybe not the maxi).

  24. Squirrel!

    Girlfriend has some awesome calves and ankles!

  25. Emmy

    Thanks, @Sarie!

  26. witjunkie

    The cart escalator is cool. You put the wheels of the cart in the grooves and it just pulls it up, like a funicular. It would be even cooler if you could sit in it and ride it up, but they don’t let you.

    I hugely in favor of the sleeves on these dresses and I heart that one with the dots. And the coat at the end I really need. No, I do. It rains here sometimes.

  27. Lina

    *boggles at what her handbag budget must be* I get that she doesn’t HAVE to limit herself to just one bag, but wow. Those purses are not cheap.

    She’s cute as can be, though, and I’m happy that she gives an impression of being as down to earth as could be reasonably expected, given the circumstances. I would like to see what she does with pants, though. Dresses are for Other People (who aren’t me, unless it’s that kind of laundry day). Pants and cute tops interest me! (Hear that, Target? Extend the Middleton knock-offs to a separates collection!)

  28. Elise

    All these outfits strike me as incredibly dull.

  29. Steph

    I’m torn between which is more awesome: the cart escalator or the black coat? Both have achieved levels of awesomeness seldom seen in the mortal world.

  30. Claire L

    I have three adorable day dresses from Target….so they know what do…time to copy!

    I want her legs! ( on me…not in some twisted manner…I save that for James Spader)

    I, too, wear flats. In spite of my love of a cute heel, they don’t love me…so I have adorable, interesting flats that I can slide an arch support in and feel like a girl. And for all her crazy…. Fergie’s gray flats with the ruffle are my absolute fave.http://www.famousfootwear.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=05955&pg=5147597 ( and are absolutely cuter in real life)

  31. Christine

    Polterwang is definitely the best word ever. Hysterical as always!

  32. val.

    Glad to hear that I am not the only one disenchanted with wrap dresses on my own body. Since I keep hearing that they should be flattering, I was feeling like a failure because they look terrible on me!

    I think Pippa’s clothes are cute, even though she doesn’t wear colors very often, does she? She and her sis definitely have the same style.

  33. jenny

    Heather, thank you for the wrap dress comment. This is something that I had just come to accept — that everyone says wrap dresses are universally flattering and they are unilaterally NEVER flattering on me. Random note: your slideshows all end with a mention of fan fiction…a bit odd?

  34. Amber

    Girl has got some LEGS. Makes me want to run out to the gym…or to the donut shop, as no matter how hard I try, my legs will never, ever look like that. Ever.
    I love the sisters Middleton, mostly because they are cute, but normal and they handle their fame with grace and style.
    And I agree with all of you on the heels thing–heels are beautiful and if I had millions of dollars, I would own a room full of gorgeous, designed heels. However, they would all remain in almost mint condition because I can only wear them for very short periods of time, and only if I’m going to be sitting for most of that time.

  35. brianinsanfran

    You’re totally right about Target.
    She’s so regular and cute. She has nice hair. and her shoes don’t look like they hurt her feet.

    Witjunkie – You said “funicular”. HA!

  36. Notbusy

    A few things:
    1. I like her, I do, but really she’s just wearing a bunch of average day dresses that look awesome on her because of her awesome body. I do like that she repeats and mixes & matches.

    2. While I do think she has a generally awesome body, what’s all the fascination with her bum? She’s no JLO, do they not have Puerto Ricans in the UK?

    3. Ok, she is making me wish I had more day dresses… and inspiring me to maybe work out a little more often

  37. annieb

    pippa = yawn

    those wedges that both sisters insist on wearing with EVERYTHING are foul.

    it should be a crime to wear covered in shoes with summer dresses. it just looks wrong, and like their feet would be really sweaty.

  38. Bilbo

    I have total middleton fatigue. It’s like every fashion publication is having this conversation with me.

    EFP: CHECK IT OUT! A middleton is wearing a coat!
    Me: What’s special about it?
    EFP: It’s a cheap brand which anybody can buy!
    Me: And?
    EFP: And they’re REALLY REALLY THIN!
    Me: And?
    EFP: Occaisionally they try something interesting and avant guard, and they totally miss the mark… but usually they wear ordinary clothes and look totally cute!
    Me: OK. Lets find something interesting.
    EFP: LOOK HERE! A middleton sister is wearing a skirt!

  39. Suman Bharti

    Every woman deserves a very special dresses for every special occasion. And special occasion dresses do just that. They give you that reassuring feeling of being a confident and pretty woman.

  40. thedipper

    Not Target, but not so far off:

    I was tremendously irritated when this showed up in my inbox last week. I’m not a huge Middleton fan to begin with, but the brazenness of it was a total turn off. It probably would have been less annoying if they had used different models, not just the Kate-wannabe. I can’t find the link anymore, but there even was a slideshow with all of the looks together, and a little narrative about the what it’s like to be a recently-married, much-admired princess on the go.

  41. Kit

    It may be in very poor taste to sell unauthorized knockoffs (Diary of a Princess? lame!), but I actually like almost everything in the NY&Co collection.

  42. Kimberli House

    I am really happy that I’m not the only one who gets excited about the cart escalator at Target.

  43. ThisIsMyFace

    @ Bilbo — yes, yes, yes.
    @ Wordphreak — yawn, yawn, yawn. The yawn-iest!

    I think the obsession here is that she doesn’t look like a trainwreck. So, bravo, I guess.

  44. neiges

    @Bilbo yup
    @wordphreak – ahahhha right on the money
    @this is my face – bravo indeed
    I don’t understand the interest in the royal family, nor in the Middletons sorry. Kate is in fact lovely and very smiley which is great for the few seconds you spend looking at a picture and that’s it. For me, nothing worth to spend the time I spent writing this … ohhh; I get it.. hum hum… embarrassed myself a little here:-)

  45. vandalfan

    So of course I had to Google images of Cart Escalator over the weekend. Neat-o!

  46. Jamee

    Why are women in their 20s who dress like they bought every single thing they own at Ann Taylor considered such “fashionistas”? wordphreak said it best: YAWN. Their clothes are just so painfully boring.

  47. Claire Zulkey

    Cute clothes but I really want to throw some big earrings or a chunky bracelet or a nifty necklace at her. Just a little something to punch/funk/luxe it up, as you see fit.

  48. Lily1214

    I like her.

  49. Emma

    “Buxom”? She has virtually no boobage whatsoever!