Met Gala Well Played, Sarah Jessica Parker


In the vein of what I said about Madonna earlier, let’s talk about KNOWING YOUR AUDIENCE:

One does not wear a Philip Treacy Feather Mohawk Headpiece and velvet tartan thigh-high Louboutins and a crazy ballgown to, say, the premiere of I Don’t Know How She Does It or that time you presented the Nobel prize in chemistry or whatever. You wear it to a formal event where the theme is “punk,” and you REALLY wear it when you start to get to the point in your life when you’re trying to figure out how best to become more eccentric. Because OF COURSE this is eccentric. But it is also fun, and it’s almost on topic, and I really wish three-quarters of the other people who attended this event had called SPJ and asked her for some advice on how to put that off — because many of them just gave up. And no one likes a quitter. (I like to think that this entire monologue was also just delivered by the gesticulating dude standing behind her to his rather un-punk looking companions, Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence. [Yes! This IS Raf Simons, the Dior designer; I meant to check when I wrote this last night and totally spaced out; thanks, Fug Nation!])

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  1. llism

    That headpiece is TREMENDOUS.

  2. Stefanie

    Oh god. I just…I dont even know. I know the theme was punk but…I don’t know. The entire thing (event I mean, not just SJP) makes me want to lie down for a bit.

  3. Orange Clouds

    These Louboutins are divine.

  4. Maretha2

    I love this from mohawk headpiece all the way down to tartan plaid toe. She looks happy, comfortable, and fierce. I think this was the perfect look for her for this event. I like it so much better than the boring Dior models Jennifer Lawrence and Marion Cotillard (who of course are both beautiful women) who look like they could be strolling into a pre-Oscars luncheon instead of at the Met Ball gala with a punk theme.
    Teach the young ones how it’s done, Madge & SJP!

  5. Maggie

    This is EVERYTHING. The dress is beautiful, the hat (? fascinator? detachable mohawk) is intricate and gorgeous and so much fun, and the boots. The boots the boots the boots. They are fantastic and crazy and thematic and I know she isn’t actually Carrie Bradshaw, but don’t we expect SJP to be eccentrically shod at all times? They are so good. She looks so good. She looks SO GOOD.

  6. Charlotte

    I won’t lie: I always look forward to SJP’s Met Ball effort the most. (Remember when she wore that tartan dress? She probably could have just recycled it this year and STILL have have had one of the most punk outfits there.)

    Thank you for always bringing it, SJP.

  7. Chasmosaur

    Normally, I’m not a big SJP fan – for someone who is supposed to be so fashion-forward, I don’t think she gets there. (And for God’s sake woman – put your hair down. Your face looks so much prettier with your hair down. I hate when people talk about how horsey your face is because it’s rude and you only exaggerate the effect!…okay, breathe, stop ranting…)

    Anyway, THIS I loved. I was discussing over in the Madonna comments that this is about interpreting a theme. Like, the year it was Superheroes, we weren’t expecting them to be in capes and tights and stuff. THIS is a wonderful interpretation on Punk As Fashion. The hat is tremendous, the dress is an interesting cut and fabric, and those boots are fricking awesome. Beyonce must have been spitting nails when she saw them.

    She’s definitely in my top 3 of the night – I keep vacillating between her, Miley Cyrus and Christina Ricci looking fabulous in Vivienne Westwood.

    • Karen G

      Me too. Normally don’t really care for her, but this is exactly what she should have worn to this exact event. Way to go, SJP.

      • CakesOnAPlane

        so, I just want to ask: is Steam Punk considered a faction of Punk? Because I feel like SJP’s, and others, interpretations are more steam punk (especially the headpiece) and for me the two aesthetics vary greatly.

        • MG

          Steam punk is a literary movement that has morphed over into art, fashion, and style in general. It’s Victorian-goth with an emphasis on the achievements of the industrial revolution. And really sort of fun.:)

          • CakesOnAPlane

            right, but is it named such because of the subversive quality it shares with punk and therefore considered part of the aesthetic or do they really have nothing to do with one another? (PS I’m pretty sure they have nothing to do with one another but I’m trying to cut people some slack and justify some of these clothing choices!)

  8. Laurie

    I want those boots. I also want that headpiece. I also might be crazy but I’m very okay with that. She looks awesome.

  9. Sara

    That crazy betch. She’s owning this so bravo.

  10. Gine

    I love that she actually has FUN with these things.

    • pidget

      Absolutely! She wins with great posture and a sense of humour. In for a penny, in for a pound – there’s no halfway faffing about with her. Bring it, with a giggle.

      • Edith

        THIS. She looks so HAPPY; she seemed to lose that sense of fun somewhere in the past couple of years, and here? She owns this so thoroughly, and is having such a ball! Love this.

  11. Charlotte

    I’m sure that dude is in fact Raf Simons, so he is the one responsible for allowing Cotillard and Lawrence to turn up looking so snoozefest. I’m all kinds of CAPSY about most of the (extremely lacklustre) attendees, and whilst I actively hate the boots and dress, I do love SJP’s hat and her visible effort to at least nod to the genre!!

  12. Brenna

    Love it! She embraced the theme and she looks happy and fab. The headpiece is perfection.

  13. Stacie

    I considering standing up at my desk and giving SJP a slow clap ovation. This. is. fab.

  14. mazzy

    She just looks so happy. I really love her and she went for it.

  15. IB

    A magpie does not a punk make. She just looks ridicilous. Like a pile of a fabric cut-outs from a taylor of a queen with glittery tastes, that has magically come alive (or however you spell this).

  16. Eliza

    LOVED this look. It was so fun and she clearly was having fun with it. Perfect. Did you see the fun picture of Jennifer Lawrence laughing while feeling the headpiece? So cute. (

    I hope pictures of SJP’s fabulous date Hammish Bowles are forthcoming*. I hated that he was cut off during his red carpet interview while he was explaining about all his lapel pins. Don’t cut off Hammish!

    *apologies in advance it that sounds demanding. I know you have lots of pictures to get through and it’s tons of work. I just love Mr. Bowles and he looks so fabulous.

    • Kat

      Oh I love that picture – such a great shot! Thanks for posting the link.

      • Helen

        Seconded! They are adorable together. I found a nice side shot and had intended to post that, but this is far better.

  17. Cat

    I love this. And I especially love those Louboutins. I covet them.

  18. Lucille Ausero

    You go, Glen Coco. Er, I mean, SJP. You go!!

  19. Nancy

    I just don’t get it. It doesn’t look punk, nothing remotely matches, SJP is old enough to have lived in the punk era, she should know punk. Since when is looking like a bag lady who found a fancy gown, wacky headpiece and a fisherman’s hip boots in the dumpster punk? She is looking more like Blanche DuBois playing dress up before Stanley comes back to violate her.

    It makes no sense at all, except that she wanted to be as strange as possible. Mission accomplished, then. But punk? Just no.

  20. Kathryn

    I loved everything about this.

  21.  karacocoa

    SJP won it for me. And that headpiece was everything.

  22.  LT1

    I didn’t like the look so much when I was going through the initial slideshow but I’ve since changed my mind. I think the spattered effect on the dress (I thought it was floral until I zoomed in) is what sold me. A stronger lip would be the only change for me.

    • amys

      Yes, what is up with the pale lips? I find that shade so unflattering. Of course, she’s wearing a giant black feather duster on her head so who really cares, huh?

  23. Andrew S.

    I’m not 100% on board with this one but it’s steadily growing on me.

  24.  foo

    Echoing the love for this.

    She looks great. The Scot in me loves those damn boots. The Empress Nympho in me says “YES” to that headpiece. (And then has a servant steal it and stick it on James Purefoy’s as Marc Antony- season 1- head) Dress is fab, too.

    Way to go, SJP!

  25. Danielle

    I thought she was wearing Giles Deacon (the dress)? Loved her look. So over the top, so perfect for the theme (punk: from chaos to couture). This is fashion.

  26. TL

    I wish I could find it now – perhaps it was from zap2it – there was a photo of SJP where she is hiking up the skirt and you can see all the way to her panties. It was a good photo fo the boots though and I so wish I had the link. If I run across it again, I’ll post it.

  27. Vivelafat

    It would’ve been REALLY punk if she’d worn the same Alexander McQueen tartan she wore to the 2006 Met Gala. Recycling for the BIGGEST fashion event of the year and paying homage to a legend: PUNK.

  28. Esme

    She looks like a slutty chicken who by some spell was turned into a human for one night and allowed to go to a ball.

  29. Jenny

    I love it. It’s fun, over the top, crazy, and she’s owning it. I thought Madonna took hers too far and it became a costume, but SJP’s is still a ball gown.

    I do want to know how she got into a car with that headpiece on, though.

  30. Bella

    This does not compute. Not at all.

  31. NCY

    The headdress screams “VEGAS SHOWGIRL” to me, not punk. Love the boots.

  32. Sarah Oehmler

    Love the outfit, but isn’t anyone confused about the print on the boots? I’m not saying they should be matchy matchy, but coordinated somehow? It looks clashing to me. Is that the point?

  33. ohmygodGO

    I love these boots so much that I have to keep telling myself custom-made over-the-knee Louboutins would easily cost $5000 – which is possible more than I’m currently worth (well, w/o raiding IRA’s/403B’s). I’ve been repeating it all day and it’s barely working. LOVE THEM. WANT THEM.

  34. TonyG

    Definitely one of my faves of the night!

  35. Claire1http://gofugy

    The boots are SO ON the nose….and the rest is the “oh we’re so punk but really we’re not because we have far too much money and assumed class”…..and it is a perfect little wink and a nudge to the whole thing. She is having FUN with it. Everyone else, except Miley, missed the boat.
    I love how “Punk of Ages: you thought we killed your favorites in the last one” musical theater it is.

  36. Sajorina

    YES!!! Well Done, Sarah Jessica! THIS is how you do it… GO BIG! So bold! Love it! And I COVET her Louboutin boots, plus Jennifer’s & Marion’s stilettos!

  37. CC

    I don’t know if anyone else could pull this off, but she does. She seems to truly derive joy in fantastic fashion and supporting designers she loves.

  38. mepe

    SJP for the win!!! She nailed it! I hope everyone else at last night’s event took notes for next year on how to bring it!

  39. HUNTED

    Headpiece looks like Miss G Designs: , right?

  40. jules

    I just love her FULL STOP. Those boots need to be in my wardrobe, but never will be due to the fact I don’t have her money. I probably would have preferred a ball gown in darker colours but kudos for making such an effort when everyone else was so blerg about it all.
    Sometimes I think they should send all of us here to the Met Ball. At least we would have fun.

  41. JonesyGirl

    horrible. cracked out unicorn is not my go.

  42. Michael

    Finally, someone shares my exact thoughts about her gorgeous ensemble! This was my absolute favorite along with Jessica Biel (minus that fake nose ring) & Christina Ricci SJP was dead on though, it was punk & glamorous.

  43. coco

    Wow. I don’t know. I actually logged on here today to see what horrible thing you would say about the way she looks. Maybe her look is right but I think she looks absolutely dreadful. Awful. Scary awful.

  44. 'Mela

    A formal event and the theme is punk?

    ’2, 3, 4 I’m livin’ in a caaaaaar!”

    This concept reminds me of the guy watching “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” on his small black and white portable tv using a twisted coat hanger as an antenna, responding to Robin Leach’s commentary with “I can relate”…

    “Punk” themes for wealthy over 40′s, need a “Holiday in Cambodia.”

  45. Lily1214

    This is so over-the-top it just keeps going. Sometimes she looks great and sometimes not so.

  46. Kristin

    Her delighted expression, while not strictly punk, makes the look. Imagine her with Kristen Stewart’s scowl (shudder). Now imagine K-Stew with SJP’s cheerful grin and maybe that lacy blood clot could have been saved.